‘Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House’ is the Fun New Adventure!


There’s something about the return of favorite characters, especially those who make 90 minutes with them seem more like 10 minutes, which never ceases to make me smile. One of these characters is Agatha Raisin. A sassy, modern woman, she returns in Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House, a kind of teaser of what may be to come when she returns with new adventures in 2020!

Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House (2019) Acorn TV Review

Life is pretty much perfect for Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen). She’s happily back with her lover and partner in crime, James Lacey (Jamie Glover), and to complete her happiness, she’s just passed the test to work as a licensed P.I. This inspires her to open her own firm where she lets her best friend, Roy (Matthew Horne) have the freedom to decorate (something that gets a tiny bit out of hand). Hours tick by and no one comes knocking which inspires Agatha, James and Roy to seek a case themselves.

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The answer comes when a newspaper story about a haunted mansion gets their attention. This sends Agatha and James to the house where they learn ghost-like figures and sounds haunt the house at precisely the same time each night. Thus begins an all-night stakeout, and a case of mysterious new clues to follow.

agatha raisin and the haunted house

Like usual, this new adventure is one of the best little mysteries I’ve seen. If you like cozy mysteries, this character and story is the way to go. Each series is undeniably short, but in part that’s what makes the few new installments that filter in so special. This is like the precursor to more Agatha Raisin and Co. adventures to come in early 2020, and given when this one arrives, it’s the perfect lead in to the All Hallows Eve day. agatha raisin and the haunted house

The quaint setting of this series adds to its “cozy” factor, and everything about the setting is one of those that you might imagine on an idyllic post card. Not to mention, Agatha’s cottage is quite adorable, too, and makes you want to visit to see its cuteness in real life. Plus, this quiet, sleepy place helps to balance the boldness of Agatha’s new offices. There’s the return of fan favorite supporting characters like Charles, Roy, Bill (he’s still adorable!), and Sarah, but along with everyone we already know and love, we also meet the newbie Toni. She’s adorable in a clumsy sort of way, and someone who I see fitting quite nicely into the Agatha and Co. world (at least I assume she’ll return given the ending).

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Toni fits seamlessly into the team, and though he likes to pretend he isn’t, I love that Bill (Matt McCooey) continues to be (almost) like a co-conspirator in their hijinks. It’s fun to see James and Agatha finally together after a series two full of longing looks, and at times hurtful barbs. Either way, we fans knew they were “meant to be,” and I hope they remain this way. There isn’t a lot of romance in this installment, but nonetheless, it’s just fun to see James finally embrace this investigation thing, and pair up with Agatha. agatha raisin and the haunted house

In the end, what all of this comes down to is an entertaining mystery that’s perfect for an All Hallows Eve viewing party. The production is high quality as all of the Acorn shows are, and the script is likewise memorable; Agatha’s wit is all a part of what makes her an ideal character. At the risk of repeating myself (which I do on a regular basis), it’s good fun, and feels like reuniting with a group of your best friends because these characters are just that cool.

Catch the debut of Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House on Acorn TV’s streaming service.

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‘Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House’ is the Fun New Adventure! Review of the Acorn mystery with Ashley Jensen. Text © Rissi JC

Content: there is some “scary” moments, but all is more for fun than a fright factor. There’s some innuendo, and perhaps a mild profanity or two. The show is TV-PG or 14 depending on the installment.

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