Best of 2018 at the Box Office: Heroes, Romance and More!


Every year, we here at Finding Wonderland like to make a bit of a ta-do about our favorites of 2018. Today we start with a kind of “part one” of said list with our favorite movies (and TV shows!) of this past year. So here we go with a “Best of 2018 At the Box Office” list.

Below you will find some on this list (as is always true) that you probably will laugh at or wonder why in the world I place them on this list. The answer is a simple one: I genuinely liked it. I’m a simple girl when it comes to entertainment choices and the stories they tell. If I’m being entertained and the story is making me feel something, then chances are I’ll like it forever. If it makes me forget the world for 2 hours and leaves me with a goofy grin, then it’s all the better.

Best of 2018 | 13 of My Favorite Reads of the Year!

Today I talk about just a few films and TV shows that have accomplished this during the past year. Let’s have a look. *Also, I notice the “small screen” favorite picks were easier to stack up. What does this mean do we think!?

Best of 2018 at the Box Office: Heroes, Romance and More!

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Best of 2018 At the Box Office (and Small Screen)

1: Ant Man and the Wasp

Why I didn’t watch this one sooner is a mystery to me. But then, this seems to be my luck with Marvel films. Either way, it’s fun though not quite as good as its prequel. Find on Amazon

2: Avengers: Infinity War

Again, here’s another one I delayed seeing. Or I think I did. It’s yet again an impressive feat from Marvel. It’s long, but it doesn’t feel overlong which I love. Find on Amazon

3: Christopher Robin

This is the kind of movie childhood dreams are made of. In my movie going opinion, it’s one of Disney’s best.

4: Crazy Rich Asians

Though I have no warm fuzzies for the book (sadly I DNF’d it), I did really enjoy the film. It’s bright and breezy, with plenty of romance. Find on Amazon

5: Forever My Girl

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

A sweet and simple film, this love story is also one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s just so good – and quite underrated. Find on Amazon

6: The Greatest Showman

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

Yes, I finally watched this one this past year. Though it’s a way-behind-the-times experience, it’s one I quite enjoyed. Find on Amazon

7: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Adding this on to the big-screen releases since it technically opened at the cinema in the U.K. before Netflix earned the U.S. distribution rights. No matter where you classify it, this one is a gem. Find on (Region 2, aka the U.K. region) Amazon

8: I Feel Pretty

Silly, but fun, this one made me smile and so, it earns a plan on this list. Find on Amazon

9: Mary Poppins Returns

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

This Disney masterpiece is a bit of magic, and that’s enough said. Find it on (preorder) Amazon

10: Megan Leavey

Emotional is the word for this one! It’s not a typical drama, but it’s still a complex and really well done film.Find on Amazon

11: Mission: Impossible Fallout

I actually saw this one before 2018 ends, and that’s an accomplishment. Loved its high-stakes action, and the romance (subtle though it is, I love that it feels as if it has the potential for “depth” in all its complexities), but I don’t know that it’s my favorite of those I’ve seen. Find it on Amazon

12: The Nutcracker

To be honest, much as I did enjoy this one, I don’t think it’s my favorite from Disney. Still, it earns a place because it is beautiful to look at and I the cast is amazing. Find on Amazon

13: Peter Rabbit

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

Yes, I’m adulating hard with this addition. What can I say? It’s way too cute not to include. Find on Amazon

14: Second Act

This one is very different than I anticipated it being, but it’s fantastic. Much deeper that I’d given it credit for complete with lots of heart.

15: Thor: Ragnarok 

Yay for third time with Marvel. Apparently the gang was super popular at my house this past year! Find on Amazon

Of course, as is the case each year, there are a few films I plan to still see in 2018, but haven’t yet. One of these includes Instant Family, but it will have to wait until 2019. I also rediscovered favorites like While You Were Sleeping and Runaway Bride (neither of which I’d seen in a long time), and Little Women (1994).


1: Date My Dad

Randomly watched this one on Amazon Video this past year; it’s adorable in all the best ways! Find on Amazon

2: FBI (CBS)

Like with each of the new shows on this list, I’m not current with this one, but what I saw was really very good. Still I reserve the right to change my mind. Find on Amazon

3: The Frankie Drake Mysteries (CBC)

If you miss ‘Miss Fisher,’ these might be an excellent replacement! They’re cute, and from the creators of Murdoch Mysteries. Find on Amazon

4: The Good Cop (Netflix)

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

I watched an episode of this a while back, and thought it was fun, and then my mom and I binged it this week. It’s a bit slower, but the “lighter” feel is welcome for a cop drama. It earns a place because of its approach to the genre.

5: Howard’s End (Starz / Amazon)

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

With its a-list cast, this production impresses me beyond my expectations. Going in, I didn’t remember a great deal about the Emma Thompson adaptation, but recall enough to know this one is far and away the better production. Find on Amazon

6: The Last Post (BBC / Amazon)

Watched this one because it’s a period drama, and its setting was something unlike any I’d seen before. Unfortunately it’s been cancelled after only a lone season. Find digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD

7: Little Women (PBS / Masterpiece)

Though this one disappoints me a little bit, I still enjoyed it. It’s sweet and features a talented cast list. Find on Amazon

8: Magnum P.I.(CBS)

Call me sappy, but I love this re-boot. And yes, I did watch the original in all its costume cheesiness. Find on Amazon

9: Manifest (NBC)

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

Didn’t know what to expect from this one, but for a few weeks I kept current with it, and found it to be really good. Plus, fun trivia fact: Josh Dallas (from Once Upon a Time) features in the lead. Find on Amazon

10: Ordeal by Innocence (Amazon)

Of the more recent Agatha Christmas adaptations, this one is far and away my favorite of the group. The cast is brilliant and I like that this story ultimately has a kind of ironic form of “justice.” Especially since it’s so different from the Christie adaptations I’ve seen. Find on Amazon

11: The Princess Switch (Netflix)

I’m an easy-to-please girl when it comes to Christmas movies, so yes, this Netflix seasonal film is making my list.

12: The Rookie (ABC)

If you’re missing Nathan Fillion from Castle, ABC has a new show for you to check out! This time, Nathan plays a rookie cop, who’s 40-years-old, and a prime candidate for ribbing from fellow rookies, and censure from the higher ups. Find on Amazon

13: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Netflix)

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

To express how much I loved this Netflix original would be impossible. Everything about it is brilliant.

14: Set It Up (Netflix)

Another Netflix original that surprises. Needless to say this is another of 2018’s best romantic-comedies. At least in my movie-watching world.

Bonus! Heartland

Discovered this Canadian show this year after years of hearing about it. It’s a gem of a show that’s easy to fall into and play when you want something with a lighter feeling (although this does deal with poignant issues, especially in the early episodes). Find on Amazon

Though I would like to, I exclude anything from Hallmark or Lifetime that I see because there are so many. That said, this year I did film a video in which I rank the 2018 Hallmark originals (or those I’d seen!).

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What 2018 films and/or TV premieres charmed you? Did you find anything that really stands out? Or did you think 2018 was kind of a lackluster year? Tell me about your “Best of 2018 at the Box Office”; share all your thoughts below! I’d love to converse with you.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland

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