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Hey, friends! After taking a week off from the fun that is the Top Ten Tuesday meme, Finding Wonderland is back in the popular meme game – and ready to talk about the subject of popularity. Talking Books that Live Up to the Hype with That Artsy Reader Girl July 31: Popular Books that Lived Up to the Hype.

Books that Live up to the Hip, Hip, Hooray Hype! What books live up to the hype for you? Text © Rissi JC /

As I looked at this topic my first impression of it was that I wouldn’t be able to come up with enough books to create a ten-book list. Turns out that’s right. The reason for this is that I haven’t read so many of the books that fit into this category. Books written by authors like Sarah J. Maas, Diana Gabaldon, or Janet Evanovich. But the favorite authors and books I do read are all worth
celebrating I think. Plus, I have read a few books by author’s who’s books make it onto best-seller lists.  

Below you’ll find a few books that I have read and seem to receive lots of hype in my bookish world. Then a few that I’ve not read, but seem to be highly praised. Let’s have a look at what they are.  

Part 1: Top Ten Tuesday | Books that Live up to the Hype!  

Books that Live up to the Hip, Hip, Hooray Hype! #fromthearchives Click To Tweet

1: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer | Recently read this one as a read-along (shout-out to everyone who joined, and apologies I dropped off the convos in the end!) in anticipation of the film. It’s a lovely and bittersweet story that’s surprising, but also delightful. Goodreads  

2: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han | Finally, I read this charmer. Anyone whose read posts here for a while knows I talk about this book (in an anticipatory manner) a lot. It can finally be checked as a “read” book on Goodreads! Goodreads

Books that Live up to the Hip, Hip, Hooray Hype! What books live up to the hype for you? Text © Rissi JC /

3: Warcross by Marie Lu | Such a fun albeit way-outside-my-comfort-zone read. Goodreads   

4: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins | I don’t know if a re-read would yield the same results, but my first read of this novel was all the bookish feels. Suffice to say, this book was exactly what I hoped it’d be and then some. Goodreads  

5: Kasie West | Yes, I am adding an author at the bottom of “part one” rather than a specific book. Having now read several books by her, I now get why she’s so popular and her books receive all the good vibes. There are too many adorable Kasie West novels to choose from, and I feel like though I have favorites. The two I read most recently were P.S. I Like You and Love, Life and the List. Goodreads

Part 2: Books that I hope Live up to the Hype!  

1: Fawkes by Nadine Brandes | This one is receiving so much hype. From bloggers and trusted endorsers alike. It’s outside of my typical reader wheelhouse (I don’t read much fantasy), but I’m certainly curious. Have you read this one? Goodreads  

2: The Map from Here to There by Emery Lord | There’s zero information for this one, and as such this is a kind of preemptive add, but seeing as it’s the sequel to The Start of Me and You, I’m 100% here for this 2019 release! Goodreads  

3: Austenland by Shannon Hale | Given how much I adore the film, I’d like to think the book can put a “fresh” perspective on the story in a way that allows the reader to fall in love with the story anew. Goodreads

4: Save the Date by Morgan Matson | Once upon a time I read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the story, it wasn’t my most favorite contemporary which I attribute not to the characters or writing, but the “road trip” plot. (One that isn’t my most favorite.) Still, this one seems like an ideal “me read,” and it’s getting some good reviews, which makes me super excited! Goodreads  

5: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne | I know very little about this one. The reason I have a copy is owing to the fact that someone else’s Book Outlet order was shipped to me by mistake (and I was told to keep the order). One of the books was this one, and though I might not have otherwise picked this one up, given how cute it sounds and the hype, I may give this one a chance. Plus, it’s recently been optioned to film! Goodreads

There’s some of the books that did – and I hope do, live up to the hype expectations. Have you read any I mention? Do you want to? What authors or books did you feature today!? Tell me all about the hyped books – good or bad – that you’ve read!  

If you joined today’s meme, make sure and leave your Top Ten Tuesday links below so I can visit – or simply introduce your blog. I’d be glad to visit your bookish spaces.  

Thank you for visiting! Come back soon.

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    1. Thanks for sharing, Anne!! I'm all about reading what others thought. I have seen the film and though it's silly, it's one of my favorite guilty pleasure watches (plus that ending!! So swoony). Let me know if you see the film.

      Thanks for making Finding Wonderland a Top Ten stop. :)

    1. I haven't read any of Shannon's books, but this one sounds cuuute, and now you've made me want to look up her other books. Yay for another Warcross fan. Thanks, as always, for visiting, Greg. :)

  1. I put off reading the Guernsey book until recently too, mostly because of how much hype it received. But thankfully I loved it. I also really enjoyed The Hating Game. And I totally agree with you about Kasie West!

    1. You read The Hating Game? This I didn't realize, and am now more curious. I'm glad you found it enjoyable, and three cheers for Kasie West. Her books are forever favorites.

      Seeing the 'Guernsey' movie is one of the things I'm most anticipating for August. I'm all about the simple joys. ;)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Brittaney.

  2. Okay I'm probably going to have to pick up Save the Date… I'm not a huge reader of contemporaries but I've hear super good things from everyone I know who's read it.

    1. Doesn't Morgan's look delightful? I'm hoping inside these pages rests a story as fun as the cover would suggest! :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Kelly.

    1. Isn't the movie fun? It's one of my "happy place" movies, and I take the silliness as it was meant to be enjoyed. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting!

    1. I only recently read To All the Boys I've Loved Before because of the Netflix film, but I loved it. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Jaymi.

    1. I'm the same when it came to Warcross. In this case, I'm pleased to be proven wrong. :)

      …YAY! Glad to meet another fan of Jenny Han's – are you also excited for the movie!?

      Thanks for visiting, Isabelle.

  3. I really need to read Warcross. It's in my TBR pile, but I just haven't found the time to read it. I definitely need to remedy that.

    Fawkes was amazing! It was so interesting the way history and fantasy were mixed together. I can't say enough good things about Nadine's books.

    1. Hope you enjoy Warcross, Ashley. I thought it was super entertaining. Plus, if you read it in the next month or so, you can simply jump right into the sequel. :)

      YAY! Glad to know Fawkes is good. That's one I'd like to give a chance. For reasons. :D

      Thanks so much for visiting, Ashley.

  4. I'm hoping Save the Date lives up to the hype when I finally read it, too. I've never read Morgan Matson, but I see a lot of other bloggers raving about her, so I have high hopes.

    1. Me too, Angela. I did read 'Amy & Roger' by Morgan, and liked it. Not my favorite contemporary, which I attribute to the fact that I'm not a big road trip trope girl. Hope we both enjoy Save the Date. :)

      Appreciate you visiting.

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