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Hello readers and friends. After a week off (sort of) from this wonderful list meme, today’s post is again set to join another fun meme. On this first Tuesday in April, we participate (sort of) in Top Ten Tuesday April 2:

That Artsy Reader Girl | April 2: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

Ok, so right up front I’m going to say this topic seems like such a fun one. I love the idea of talking about what draws us to a book especially since I suspect we’ll have lots of different reasons that I’ve never even thought of! I do think I’ve talked about many things that draw me to a book before (in a discussion post), which wasn’t that long ago. Admittedly the post I reference is a little off topic, but I’m making it work. You see, in this post I talk more about the things that help me to define what I like so that the things that “make” me pick up a book (cover art, hype, etc.) will hopefully lead to less mishaps.

As a result of this I’m taking the lazy route and re-copying those reasons/answers below. (You can read the full post here, and yes, it’s freshly re-edited so the Blogger-to-Wordpress margins aren’t a mess!!) Plus, to be honest, all of these reasons still hold true, and since I cannot seem to resist the chance to talk about all the bookish things, I decided re-sharing was bookworm-okay.

Top Ten Tuesday April 2*

*sort of

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1: KNOW your Reading Preferences | Of course this goes hand in hand with today’s topic. But it’s so helpful once you “learn” what type of book you best love. There are millions (billions?) of books in this world, and of those books, a very small percentage (in the scope of the books out there) will be your kind of read. No one needs this permission, but this is okay.

There’s nothing wrong with clinging only to the reads you like.

My Stubborn Heart, repackage | AmazonGoodreads

Sometimes this means I turn down review offers, and there’s no shame in this. Just as there’s no shame in not signing up for all the book tours or opportunities that pop up in our inbox. Once upon a time this was a real struggle for me, and one I don’t feel I struggle with nearly as much today. To pace ourselves (for the sake of our blogs and our sanity) is a good thing.

Knowing what genre you like best is THE best bookworm feeling. Whatever it is, it’s OK not to like all the genres. For example, I adore contemporary fiction. Most people don’t. They want a fantasy novel or a historical read. No matter what your genre is, own it and love it.

2: The Genre & the Details | This one is definitely a personal measure by which I judge a book’s likability. Another way that helps me make judgments is the publishing house. Yes, publishing house. I find if a book is published by a publisher I’ve read a lot from, I’m more likely to click that little “add to cart” button.

(Coral, from Thomas Nelson Publishers; Seconds to Live from Bethany House Publishers; and Now and Then and Always from Indie author Melissa Tagg.)

AmazonGoodreads | AmazonGoodreads | AmazonGoodreads

Publishers I often trust [and are therefore inclined to buy from] are Bethany House, Blink, HarperCollins (and its divisions), Random House, Revell, and Simon Teen. Under these publisher emblems I’ve often discovered books that suit my reading preferences so well.

Of course, I also consider the genre.

3: KNOW what Makes You Happy | Just living life has challenges, which is why my philosophy is to read what makes me happy. I’m not against philosophical, biographies or books about Christian living (at all), but I also live life and I know about its challenges because I’m living it.


Right or wrong, this is why I read what makes me smile, laugh, and yes, experience that HEA [anything – so far – by Kasie West is, for example, an author whose stories make me happy]. Life’s too short to force one’s shelf through a book you a: aren’t enjoying or b: cannot connect with. I’ve been there, done that. It’s not worth it.

PS: because I’m a weirdo fangirl, here are a few recent-ish cover arts that definitely draw me to the book; because I’m 100% a shallow cover snob. Also, let’s face it, this is the number one thing that draws me to a book.

AmazonGoodreads | AmazonGoodreads | AmazonGoodreads | AmazonGoodreads | AmazonGoodreads | AmazonGoodreads 


*no video this week; channel linked above

Your turn! What draws you to a book? Is it cover art? An author? Plot and genre? Share all of your thoughts down below. I look forward to reading your comments and talking with you all.

If you joined Top Ten Tuesday – or have a blog, please introduce yourself below. I’d be glad to visit your bookish spaces, too.

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  1. I’m so glad that you added that you know your taste. I always wonder how some readers rate everything like two stars, it seems like most of us figure out how tastes after awhile *shrug* I mean I still pick up stuff that ends up being disappointing but I have a pretty good grasp on the stuff I like at this point. Great post.

    1. I think it really helps if we can know – or work to know, what we like. Makes the reading experience better. Also, who has time to read books we just don’t care for!? ;) Of course, as you say, I also have some books that disappoint me too. That’s just the way it goes sometimes! Thanks so much for the visit, Melanie.

      Rissi JC recently posted: Movie News! 'Downton Abbey' Returns
  2. Certain publishers or imprints definitely can make me more likely to try a book. And I’m all for going with stuff I know I like. While I do like to branch out sometimes, the familiarity of knowing what I like is nice too. :)

  3. Great list! Reading what makes you happy, whether it’s contemporary romance or grimdark fantasy, is so important. I feel like there are still readers out there who read what they feel like they ‘should’ be reading, especially a lot of the hyped YA releases, but if that’s not your thing then why spend your time and money on it? When I first started blogging I read books I wasn’t all that interested in because everyone was talking about them, and now I know myself better and I’m a much happier reader.

    1. *HIGH FIVE* I agree, Jess. If it’s not our type of read, we should move on. There’s too many other books that do suit us, and that’s where we should spend our reading time. :) I’m glad you too know your reader preferences better; I think when we “get” that, it makes the “job” of reviewing all the easier.

      Appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Jess.

  4. I definitely know what I like and want in a book, and what makes me happy and it 100% helps because even when everyone is talking about a book, if it doesn’t fit my personal preferences, I won’t pick it up.

    Jo recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #205
  5. Love your first point – so obvious yet so many of us feel we have to read as many genres as possible. It’s good to see it written it down and explained so gently. At my age, I long ago stopped reading what didn’t interest me yet there are times I find myself teetering on the edge, thinking maybe I ‘should’. Then I come to my senses and spend my money on what I actually want :)

    1. Thank you for reading, Joy; it was fun to write this. Most bloggers feel like they have to read all the books across genres when they’re popular. Or that’s the impression I get. I do wander into new genres (or ones I don’t read much from) once in a while, but for the most part, I stick with what I love, and it works well. :) Thanks so much for reading and for the visit! I appreciate it.

  6. Ahh, yesss! Perfect list. I am nodding my head, like I’m listening to a catchy pop tune, at all three of these things. BUT, I think one of the biggest draws for me, personally, is magic. I don’t necessarily mean full-on magic–I mean all kinds of it. Magical settings and elements, yes, but also something that feels like magic. If I read a synopsis and something just hits a specific note to me, it’s automatically magic to me. THAT SOUNDS NONSENSICAL. In my defense, I’m running on three hours of sleep and a few cups of coffee to substitute that lack of sleep. BASICALLY, GREAT POST. SORRY FOR BABBLING.

  7. I feel like I’m constantly figure out what my reading tastes are? They keep evolving. I know a lot of the things that I like, and I definitely pick up books along those lines, but I also just keep picking up stuff that’s out of my regular comfort zone too.

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