Partners in Crime – How to Find Spies Over Tea!

June 9, 2019 No Comments

Partners in Crime – How to Find Spies Over Tea!

June 9, 2019 No Comments
Partners in Crime

Though it’s now been several years since its premiere, I haven’t grown wearisome of Agatha Christie adaptations. Though they might not be her most famous “detectives,” one cannot deny that her married partners in crime are always fun to spend an evening in with.

Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime (2015) Miniseries Review

Life for Tuppence Beresford (Jessica Raine) is a little too complacent. She’s looking for a bit more excitement than her husband, Tommy (David Walliams) seems to be. He’s happy to be making an entrepreneurial jump into beekeeping. Meanwhile, the practical Tuppence knows they need a way to bring in some money – quickly. Because of this, she smartens Tommy up, and sends him to meet his uncle, Major Carter (James Fleet). A high ranking member in the espionage world, Carter politely turns Tommy away. You see, he just isn’t what they need.

But through no fault of their own, the couple stumbles upon a mystery. It’s a case that could lead them into more danger than they bargain for. But with the help of Tommy’s old friend, Albert (Matthew Steer), this unlikely crime-fighting duo just may stop a dangerous spy!

No matter the characters, I’m always “all in” for a new Agatha Christie mystery. I’ve never read any of her novels, so I base all of these opinions solely on the TV adaptations from the likes of BBC or Acorn. While stories like And Then There Were None are good, it’s really these more cozy-mystery leaning stories that work the best.

TV FILM REVIEW | Crooked House (2018) – Underrated and Dark Agatha Christie Adaptation

Partners in Crime

They blend the two genres (mystery and comedy) well, and makes the story that much more entertaining. That’s not to say there aren’t some dark moments in this six-part series. In fact, there are; more so than I anticipated. Still, those of us who associate the Miss Marple character with Agatha Christie will enjoy Tuppence and Tommy Beresford. They both find themselves in more than one potentially fatal situations, but somehow, things always work out in the end.

Set during the 1950s, everything about this series is top-notch. Every one of the sets and period appropriate knick-knacks or appliances is perfection as is the costumes. The cast also helps this work as a successful drama. Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) is a talent I wish I’d see in more period dramas, and though I don’t remember seeing him in anything else, Walliams is perfect as Tommy. Their quite different these two characters, and I love that no matter how many times he tries, Tommy can never quite fool his wife.

A miniseries with six installments that separates into two 3-part stories, this Acorn original isn’t long enough. It’s the type of drama I wish had gotten another set of episodes, but also something I know I’ll enjoy seeing more than once. It’s entertaining, and still manages to work in some serious emotional issues, along with a pulse-racing moment or two.

Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime is a good time for anyone who likes a solid mystery.

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You can purchase Partners in Crime digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD.

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Content: There’s some tense situations, murder and some minor innuendo. Nothing graphic, though the series is best suited for older viewers.

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