In Which I Share 3 Unpopular Opinions. A Top Ten Tuesday List


Hello, fellow readers and friends. It’s Tuesday, and on Finding Wonderland, this means another edition of the famous bookworm-Tuesday-meme. Sort of. Instead of being formal about today’s topic, I’m only sharing three of my unpopular book opinions. One reason is that I feel like I’ve done something like this before, and secondly, I guess I don’t feel as if I have that many unpopular opinions?? Or maybe I do, but I don’t really know what they are just yet? I don’t know. I think I’m pretty open about sharing said unpopular opinions, so I don’t think that’s a legit reason why I don’t have a grocery list of opinions to share.

Either way, while this is a little more informal of a Top Ten Tuesday, we’ll still join in this ‘unpopular opinion’ prompt. Only in our own way. Here’s a look at the official ask:

That Artsy Reader Girl | Top Ten Tuesday June 11: Unpopular Bookish Opinions (submitted by Kaitlin Galvan @ Somehow I Manage Blog)

Unpopular Book Opinions

Fun as it is, I’m taking an easy (aka lazy) route and sharing a mere three things that most people who call “unpopular” opinions. Or my observation is that they do. With no further rambling, let’s take a look-see.

In Which I Share 3 Unpopular Book Opinions

1: Content | Yep, I’ve shared this before. I’m SO OVER material in a book that’s there just because it can be; i.e., because its genres says it can or the genre says it won’t sell if you don’t add x, y and z. To me, these instances take me out of the story rather than draw me in. Do we need crude conversations every other paragraph? Nope! Add in content when it has something to add to the story, and beyond that, please leave it off the page.

(I recently read a couple books in which this was a problem, and it lessens the story value so much.)

2: Cover Art with Models (Book to Film Adaptation Covers) | Contrary to what I read about, readers don’t like models on cover designs. I’m the oddball who does. Can’t put my finger on “why,” but if done right, I think it’s wonderful, and depending on the genre, it can be the best kind of romantic or all kinds of cute. Some of my favorites include the following:

Serious Moonlight The Lady and the Lionheart | 10 Blind Dates

The Saturday Night Supper Club Falling for You Maybe This Time

Oh, yeah, and because I’m a rebel I also like a well-done “decapitated” head cover. (Some are perfect, some are horrible.) Plus, film cover art. unpopular book opinions

3: Standalones Rule! | OK, so maybe this one isn’t unpopular? I don’t know. Much as I love being able to hang out with favorite characters for multiple stories, when it comes to trilogies I’m terrible about remembering what happens in prior novels. Especially anything that has an imaginary world. 

This is why I adore a good standalone. The best author can write a solid standalone that makes us want more of the story/characters, but also leaves us happy to see them where they are at in that last page. Three of my favorites include – plus I add three I hope to like:

The Geography of Lost Things | Jane of Austin | Dear Mr. Knightley

The Blue Castle | Where’d You Go Bernadette | The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

(Pretty sure you all already knew all of this about me. *shrugs* It was still fun. Happy Tuesday, friends!)

Tell me, what are some of your unpopular book opinions when it comes to reading? I want to know what you like, dislike and love-to-hate when it comes to books; do you “hide” any unpopular opinions?

If you joined Top Ten Tuesday – or have a blog, please introduce yourself below. I’d be glad to visit your bookish spaces, too.

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  1. Hallo, Hallo Rissi,

    :) I was smiling throughout your ENTIRE post because I happen to feel a lot of my own personal quirks as a reader not only became highlighted through being a book blogger but perhaps helped me define my quirks better as I’ve become better engaged with other discerning readers as a blogger!? If that makes sense!? Speaking of which, I happen to think I might have a collection of truths befitting this particular topic!! I haven’t participated in TTT in half of forever… I meant to do a series of special topics in May for #WyrdAndWonder but that went out the window with 5x migraines! Aye. Maybe I should figure this meme out again over the Summer,…

    Genre additions and/or anything that seems to be ‘forced’. As a hybrid reader (ie. mainstream & INSPY) one thing I notice is how inclusive vulgarity can become added if for no other purpose than the genre demanded it and/or the context of the story wasn’t seen as strong w/o it. Ironic or not, half the time (if not moreso) I call out a book for this, the narrative voice & styling was so dearly strong w/o it, I thoroughly questioned the inclusion!

    I don’t mind models either – what I do mind is if the cover art is so blatantly unrelated to the character(s), setting, story-line and/or just seems to be thrown together ‘last minute’. That’s as much as a turn-off as any other for me! :(

    I might have a particular preference for serial fiction but like you, if I find a wicked good SA title, I’m going to champion it to the moon!! :) Lovely said! Speaking of which, most of your SA choices are on my own personal TBR!! lol

    Hide my opinions!? You must be *joking!* (smirks into a grin) I think everyone who visits me knows I’m very up front and earnestly honest (perhaps to a fault?) about my impressions of the stories I am reading. I never back down from sharing a concern, a complaint or whichever turnt me off from a book – however, at the same time I’m quite a chatterbox when it comes to things I *love!* about a book, too!

    Great topic and I liked how you broke it down!

    PS: My newest book turnoff is whenever I pick up a novel and it feels like the author hasn’t spent enough time in their world. Where you feel like the edges aren’t fully fleshed together and where the rhythm of the story is decidedly ‘off’ because this world your reading still hasn’t developed its voice. This and the fact that I’m nearly at the point I need to ‘quite’ reading war dramas set in WWII. As much as I love them, their just crushing my soul… a bit too hard.

    1. Hi Jorie!! Thanks so much for making time to visit here. Haven’t chatted with you for a while, but do hope you’re doing well.

      So sorry about your migraines. Those must be awful. I never like to have a headache, so I cannot even imagine how debilitating migraines are. Hope you’re better. (And I sympathize about not getting some blog plans done.)

      I’ve seen some covers as you mention – and it’s so true! It’s often OBVIOUS that it’s been thrown together. Not a good look.

      YAY for shared standalone favorites. They’re the best. :)

      I’m always up for chatting about a book, but I do tey to be sensitive/careful about what I say about a book. That said, I’m always honest about my feelings when I write a review. I feel like some of the books I reviewed way back when are rated higher than I’d rate them today, but at the time they were my honest opinion. Still, I’m always up for talking books whether they’re favorites or ones that disappointed as long as its a good, constructive and honest convo instead of a conversation that bashes a book just because.

      Thank you for visiting – and I agree. If a genre is making you unhappy, it’s best to step away. There’s too many other books to discover! :)

  2. I agree with you so much about content. A lot of times it does seem like x or y was added just because they “could”, or to be edgy or whatever. Only add it if it serves the story- I agree.

    1. I like that; to be edgy! I can see that applying to many books, too. I think too often it fails, but there can be a time and place that “feels” right. Most the time, it doesn’t.

      Thanks for visiting, Greg!! :)

    1. SAME! Plus, when it’s a trilogy, there’s SO much time that comes between releases. I forget by the sequel’s release! Thanks for visiting, Chrissi. :)

  3. Agree on all these. I don’t love models on covers usually but I do think it’s genre dependent. I would hate it on a fantasy novel but I am totally ok with it on a cute contemporary/romantic novel. Just depends if it suits it or not. Great list.

    1. Well said, Melanie. Models do work best for the cute/fun reads. I think there’s a few fantasy books I like the design with models, but most may be more of a “shadowed” model than a recognizable face.

      Appreciate your visit! :)

  4. I prefer stand-alones, too. And I am miffed if I am reading a book that I didn’t know was the first of a series until it is too late to not finish it. But I rarely go on and read the next book in the series.
    BTW- check your link on the LINKY for this week. I got an error message. Had to find you through the back door. My TTT Bookish Opinions

    1. That is indeed a book pet peeve. I think most of the time when that’s happened to me, I’ve known its not the first book, but it does take away some of the interest to read book one.

      Thanks for letting my know about the blog link. I appreciate this – and your visit. :)

  5. I like standalones, too. Sometimes the series goes on longer than it was originally intended and the books start feeling like filler.

    1. YES!! Hooray for all the standalone love. I like I too would prefer duos over trilogy. Less time to wait for the story to complete. Or that’d be the idea. :) I read that a lot about the middle book too; it’s often less about furthering the characters, and more about being “there” just for the sake of having a third book. :) Thanks for the visit, Jess!

    1. YES! Sometimes if it’s well written, it’s nice to enjoy a book that’s beginning has a neat end without the teaser of “what’s next.” Thanks for visiting!! :)

  6. Ha, ha, decapitated heads, I actually like those covers. I feel the same way about models on a cover as I do love triangles – I like them if they are well done.

    As for content, I completely agree. I’ve read a few Jenn Bennett novels in the past week, and I want to love them, but some of the content is just too much for me in a YA novel. I want to be able to focus on the characters without all the other distraction of language, unnecessary sexuality and cultural issues. I know some people like that, but reading is my escape hatch. I see enough of those things in real life.

    1. I like them too… when they’re done well. I cannot think of specific examples now (well done vs not), but some just don’t work.

      YES! The content in Jenn Bennett novels is a bit overkill for YA. I did really enjoy ‘Alex,’ but her newest? I don’t know… it just didn’t work for me. The story COULD have been amazing. Alas, for me, the content meant I couldn’t enjoy it as much because it wasn’t necessary to a good plot. *HIGH FIVE* Your last two sentences = ME! That’s why I read too, and once upon a time it’s what I loved so much about Twitter. Now it’s become SO political.

      Thanks for visiting!

  7. I loved this! I like the decapitated heads on covers when done right. You’re so right on that. And I never thought of the standalones like that. Like if it’s written so well that you want more but are happy with how it ended, then it’s still a good standalone. I guess it’s just me wanting to know what else happens in their lives without having me write the fanfiction for it lol. I’m not a pro at that lol.

    Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: Unpopular Bookish Opinions
    1. SAME! If done right, the decapitated heads look can be artsy and fantastically imagined. YES! Gotta’ love a good, solid standalone. I think the books that leave us wanting more, but also happy are THE best. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Leelynn. :)

    1. YES! It’s so fun to see a solid standalone get all the love. :) I just plain and simple forget between the release dates. It’s a problem. ;)

      Thanks for visiting, Alicia – as always.

    1. YES! I would appreciate this and respect authors if they started to do this. It’s actually sad to me to think they might just use it because they can, or they think that’s the only way anyone will read it or take notice.

      Thanks for visiting, Lydia.

  8. I completely agree with you about content. It can totally take me out of the story and turn something great into something that’s just so-so.

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