‘When We First Met’: Netflix Makes a Repeat Every Day Romance


Unless it looks to be inappropriate beyond the common standard, anytime I spy a new romantic-comedy, its click bait. This is true of the comedy, When We First Met. With a bright cast and catching premise, this one does entertain. Let’s talk about why and how it does.

When We First Met

When We First Met (2018) Netflix Review

Three years ago, everything changed for Noah (Adam Devine). On this Halloween night, he met the girl of his dreams. Today, Avery (Alexandra Daddario) is happier than she’s ever been and about to marry, Ethan (Robbie Amell). Perfect in every way, Ethan is everything Noah is not. But three years ago, as Noah fell in love with Avery, she unceremoniously “friended” him. So for the past three years, he’s been the best guy friend Avery has ever had… all without saying a word to his dream girl.

Then a twist of fate and an old school photo booth changes his present. Noah, along with Avery’s snarky best friend, Carrie (Shelley Henning), has the chance to change the past.

Comedies with a romantic angle are my bread and butter. Much as I enjoy a solid drama with heart, when I want to unplug and enjoy something without having to use much brain power, it’s the romcom I seek out. One of my recent discoveries came about thanks to that monthly (aka addictive) subscription known as Netflix. One of the most popular things just now is services creating original content. Whether it’s the veteran Hallmark Channel, Amazon Prime or now Netflix, any number of brands release originals under their banner. One of Netflix’s latest is the subject of today’s review, When We First Met.

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Other than its genre, I’m really not sure why I settled in to watch this one. The reason I say this is a simple one. Its premise is a kind of Groundhog Day-esque story, which
has never been a favorite story of mine. In fact, I watched the first half of this one late one night, and while I thought it was cute, I turned it off when the hour grew too late. Days passed, and I still hadn’t finished the movie, usually a sure indicator I’m really not that into it. But finally I did decide to watch the latter half, and my opinion did a 180. In the end, this story somehow endears itself. Whether it’s just because I needed a good laugh, or I found something new to love about the characters, this film is something I could thoroughly enjoy.

With a cast who isn’t burdeded by stereotype casting (because they’re mainly newcomers), and a script that keeps the story moving forward (despite the repeat days), When We First Met is comedy cute. Is it brilliant filmmaking? No, but then I don’t think it aspires to be. Instead it’s exactly what you’d think it’d be – entertainment. With a great cast, fun characters and some fun scenarios, this Netflix original is a comedy I’m glad to have spent the time to enjoy. It makes me laugh, and oftentimes, this is all something needs to accomplish to win over this girl.

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'When We First Met' (2018): Netflix Makes a Repeat Every Day Romance. A review of the Netflix original. All text © Rissi JC

Content: There is sexual innuendo/some crude humor, and a suggestive scene that involves removal of clothing before cutting to the “morning after” scene. There’s also some minor profanity. The film is appropriately TV14, which equates to a PG13 rating.

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  1. This was already on my TBW list and no even more so – being a fan of Pitch Perfect I am keen to see if Adam is as entertaining here as he was there!

    **Stopped in courtesy of Saturday Situation**

    1. Pitch Perfect is SUCH a FUN series, Emma. Hope if/when you decide to see this one, you enjoy…

      Thank you so much for visiting from Saturday Situation. Really appreciate you stopping by – visit anytime. :)

  2. OK, for some reason I thought this was a TV show, and I thought the concept would get old quickly. But it's a movie?!? *Queueing up Netflix now*

    1. YAY!! I'm so glad you ended up enjoying this one, Becky. I too hoped it end the way it did – everything was just perfect. :)

  3. This is not a movie I'd usually watch, but I really like Robbie Amell (& Italia Ricci), so I might give it a chance. :)

    Lovely review, Rissi! <3

  4. I'm not the biggest fan of Alexandra Daddario, but I really like Robbie Amell (& Italia Ricci), so I might give this movie a try. It sounds like a light-hearted and fun movie to relax to. :)

    1. I get that feeling, Lily – I will debate watching something too if it doesn't really look like or sound like something I'd like. I do hope if/when you watch it, you find it entertaining and relaxing!! This is exactly what I liked about this one. :)

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