How I Rank the 2019 – 2020 Lifetime Christmas Romance


Hey, hey! Last week we went through the Hallmark films I’ve seen (at the time) and got in the rankings. On this day we have to give the Lifetime titles the same consideration. So here we are with a Lifetime 2020 Christmas movie rankings list.

LIST | The 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance: How I Rank Them (So Far)

A few of these are “leftovers” from 2019 that I actually watched in 2019, but saw post the 2019 Lifetime rankings publication. (Did that make any sense?) Let’s take a look at all the titles I’m ranking today (which is below), and there are a lot. After this, I’ll actually rank them from, as is the usual, least to most favorite. Let’s set to work since we have over ten to rank.

Movies I Rank Below Include:

1: Christmas on Ice (2020) | 2: The Christmas Listing (2020) | 3: Christmas Stars (2019) | 4: The Christmas Temp (2019) | 5: Christmas Unwrapped | 6: The Christmas Yule Blog (2020) | 7: A Crafty Christmas Romance (2020) | 8: Feliz NaviDAD (2020) | 9: Forever Christmas (2020) | 10: Homemade Christmas | 11: Matchmaker Christmas (2019) | 12: The Santa Squad (2020) | 13: A Taste of Christmas (2020) | 14: Too Close for Christmas (2020) | 15: A Very Charming Christmas Town (2020)

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16: The Christmas Listing (2020)

This one is my least favorite. The concept is cute, and I do like the dude in the lead role (don’t think I’ve seen him in anything other than this), but the acting and direction just isn’t good. I do like the dude though, so there’s that. lifetime 2020 christmas movie rankings

15: A Taste of Christmas (2020)

This film has potential, but it pretty much fails. It’s not bad (although the whole pining thing in the end feels weird since the romance doesn’t really develop), but it’s not particularly memorable either. This one is also known as ‘Christmas a la Dente’; also if you want a foodie Christmas rom-com, ‘A Christmas Recipe for Romance’ is cuter.

14: A Crafty Christmas Romance (2020)

I freely admit that most Christmas movies are sappy, but that’s part of their charm. Still, this one takes sappy to a new level, and while the idea is sweet (a woman tries to return an old letter to Santa and the coin inside to its rightful owner), the title really isn’t indicative of the plot.

13: Christmas Stars (2019)
How I Rank the 2019 – 2020 Lifetime Christmas Romance

There’s really nothing wrong with this one, it’s just a “meh” movie for me, and that makes it kind of unforgettable. lifetime 2020 christmas movie rankings

12: Feliz NaviDAD (2020)

This one had its shining moments (really, there ARE some sweet scenes), but then would kind of flounder or just in general, fail.

11: Forever Christmas (2020)

Also known as Mr. 365, this is one that filmed 1-2 years ago, and aired in 2020 as part of Lifetime’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime’ movie line-up. It’s fine, and there’s really nothing wrong with it, but I only saw part of it, and never got back to watching it; and I’m really not too bothered by that.

10: Matchmaker Christmas (2019)

The second Christmas movie Corey Servier starred in last year, this is definitely my least favorite of the two. The first I saw him in during 2019’s lineup is Grounded for Christmas, which I think is superior all around. Still, if you like Christmas romance, and Jane Austen (this is a loose re-telling of Persuasion), it could be fun.

9: A Very Charming Christmas Town (2020)
How I Rank the 2019 – 2020 Lifetime Christmas Romance. Talking through my annual Lifetime 2020 Christmas movie rankings. © Rissi JC

Imperfect though this one is, it’s is (as its title suggests) pretty charming. There’s something about it that’s just sweet. lifetime 2020 christmas movie rankings

8: Homemade Christmas (2020)

This one is just… cute. Nothing grand about it, but I thought the characters were fun, and I got the biggest laugh out of the whole mistaken identity bit.

7: The Christmas Temp (2019)

Since I saw this one last year, and don’t have a review for it, I could be totally “off” in putting this one up so high on this ranking list, but it does seem like I did like this one. I know that, at minimum, I do like its leading lady, Sara Canning.

6: The Christmas Yule Blog (2020)

I actually really liked this one. Is it full of tropes? Of course. But which of these aren’t? I liked the easy-going nature of the plot, and of course, again the leading lady is Sara Canning who I already said I quite like. MOVIE TRIVIA! As reader Heather points out (thanks, Heather!), Zak is also from Signed, Sealed, Delivered as the over-the-top, but likable Ramon.

5: The Santa Squad (2020)

This one is really quite cute, and to be honest I’m tempted to place it up a bit higher on the list. The thing holding me back is the super awkward audience kiss, which is never something I like, but can sometimes tolerate. lifetime 2020 christmas movie rankings

4: Christmas Unwrapped (2020)

This one has as kind of secret Santa/Good Samaritan plot; and it’s a pretty good one. I remember liking Netflix’s Good Sam, and this one has the same kind of direction.

3: Too Close for Christmas (2020)
‘TOO CLOSE FOR CHRISTMAS’: A FUN ENEMIES TO MORE ROMANCE. Jessica Lowndes and Chad Michael Murray co-star in this rom-com! © Rissi JC

Lots of my fellow TV movie addicts do not care for this one (and in fact put it as a DNF), so I suspect my enjoying it means it’s not generally liked. That said, Chad Michael Murray is still CMM (he’s always been a laid-back kind of actor) and Jessica Lowndes is a familiar face to many. I thought their I-hate-you banter was fun, despite the ridiculous we-cannot-be-together moment.

2: Inn Love by Christmas (2020)

This one is just an easy-going, pleasant watch. I appreciate that the couple is “normal” and look as though they might be our next-door neighbor, and I thought the whole reunion scene (PJs always win!) is cute.

1: Christmas on Ice (2020)

This is likely the first 2-5 of the Christmas titles I saw this year, and I still like it. Funny thing is, I watched it so early because I didn’t think I would. It helps that the leading dude is from last year’s Christmas a la Mode, which I also enjoyed.

Your turn! How would you order the Lifetime 2020 Christmas movie rankings? Do they differ greatly from these? Do you like or dislike any I mention today? Which ones do I *need* to watch yet? Comment all of your thoughts below.


How I Rank the 2019 – 2020 Lifetime Christmas Romance. Talking through my annual Lifetime 2020 Christmas movie rankings. © Rissi JC

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  1. I loved seeing Zac Santiago as the male lead in The Christmas Yule Blog. He is so funny as Ramon in Signed, Sealed, Delivered but this brought out a whole new side of him. I thought the movie was very sweet and just what a Christmas movie should be. I don’t have access to Lifetime, but I did purchase this movie so I could watch it again.

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