‘After the Storm’: A Romance about Hope that Rebuilds


In the aftermath of a devastating storm, Lauren (Madeline Leon) finds her family’s home is inhabitable. The one thing still standing in the barn where Lauren determines she’ll live while she alone rebuilds her home. But the trouble is, Colin (Bo Yokely) says something different about her plans. You see, as a neighbor of Lauren’s, they had to take shelter together during the storm, and while Lauren once had quite the crush on Colin, it would seem the feeling isn’t mutual. Now, she’s annoyed that it has to be Colin who sees her devastation.

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For as long as he can remember, Colin has been interested in Lauren, but with his past, he’s just not good enough for the pretty and stubborn woman Lauren became. As they work together to rebuild lives and their small town, both are reminded why they do what they do… and wonder if they may have a future.

After the Storm (2019) UpTV Review

Sweet romances are forever and always something I enjoy. This one isn’t (for once) a Hallmark original, but it does practice some of the same elements as they do. What is different about this one is the production quality, which seems a bit underwhelming. The script feels stilted to important moment, which then makes the actors come across as such, and the story itself has a few things that just don’t feel authentic. Like most stories do, I think this one irons out some of its flubs the further in things go. In the end, at its heart, there’s a nice little story to enjoy.

after the storm

It tells a romance, yes, but the script also follows community of people who find hope when optimism seems lost. There’s camaraderie, and the “passage of time” sequences of Lauren fixing up her house help makes things light, fun and a little bit more romantic. There’s a zany cast of supporting characters (even if we are on occasion confused about their relation to the main two), and a solid story idea.

To be honest, the end also seems a bit disingenuous, but as any good romcom does, it asks us to suspend some sense of belief. While After the Storm is imperfect, if you want something cute and satisfying, this is your ticket. Based on a Harlequin novel (and thankfully re-titled), After the Storm is a nice story to end your day, especially if you want something simple to enjoy.

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