One thing the content of this space will tell any reader is I love a good romance. There are some tropes I’m not into, and others that leave me a little bit slaphappy. One of my favorite tropes is the letter writing theme. This goes through a wide range of possibilities in its interpretation. Some are actual letters, and others to stay in touch with modern times are emails or some other form of communication. However the methods romance movies about love letters is one an old fashioned trope that is still new.


Today we look at contemporary movies with this trope as well as ones set back in the period where love letters were one of the only ways to express yourself.


1: Bottled with Love
Bottled With Love

This is a charming and sweet Hallmark romance (clean, too) about a woman who places a letter into a bottle. Of course someone finds it, and the rest, as they say, is history!

2: A Cinderella Story

This one is “old school” teen comedy complete with flip phones, and horrendous fashion. That said, it’s also all kinds of NOSTALGIA for me and so, I cannot discount its adorable. Hilary Duff plays a girl in a romance with a dude who gets her, but she’s never met.

3: Dear John

Haven’t given this one a watch for years, but at the time I remember liking it despite feeling as though John deserves better than Savannah. The film is PG-13 for sexual content, language and some war violence.

4: Forever My Girl
Best of 2018 at the Box Office

I adore this film. SO. MUCH. The main plot doesn’t send letters back and forth, but there is a kind of letter (it’s a voice mail, but guys, I’m making it work) that plays an important role, especially near the end.

5: The Lake House        

Set in a two years apart time span, Sandra Bullock finds she can send letters through a mailbox with a future owner of her house. movies about love letters

6: Letter Never Sent
16 ROMANCE MOVIES ABOUT FALLING IN LOVE THROUGH LETTERS. Sharing a collection of "romance movies about Love Letters." Text © Rissi JC

This one chronicles the misfortune of a man who writes a love letter to the girl he’s loved for years, only to learn the letter ends up in the hands of her boyfriend.

7: Letters to Juliet

Love this charming little about a woman who discovers a tradition while visiting Italy that involves women writing to Juliet. While there, she discovers a love letter so beautiful that she determines to reply, never realizing what kind of journey this will lead her on.

8: The Longest Ride

This film, also a Nicholas Sparks adaptation, features a time slip love story about a man who recounts his love story to a young couple struggling in contemporary times.

The film is PG-13 for sexual content, profanity, thematic elements (tense moments like a car crash or a near fatal bull riding accident)

9: The Love Letter

A Hallmark Hall of Fame production, this film is one I used to watch frequently and quite loved. It has Campbell Scott as a contemporary who buys a vintage antique desk. Inside he finds letters from a woman living in the Civil War only to find through this desk, they can communicate.

10: The Love Letter (1999)

I don’t think I’ve seen this one but it follows a small town group of characters who find an unsigned love letter, and try to work out who it’s for and from.

The film is PG-13

11: My Secret Valentine

“I was secretly hoping it was you all along.”

Don’t remember all of the specifics of this charming Hallmark film, but do remember that I was unexpectedly charmed by the “notes” the leading couple leaves for each other.

12: The Other End of the Line

Okay, this one stretches things a little bit, but I LOVE this movie. It’s about an American business man who forms a connection (through phone conversations) with his customer service rep who he makes plans to meet when he visits what he believes is her city, San Francisco. Trouble is, she actually lives in India! movies about love letters

13: P.S. I Love You

An Irish romance about a widow who receives a series of letters in the aftermath of her husband’s death. Pretty sure this one is based on a novel, and it features Hillary Swank.

The film is PG-13 for sexual content, profanity

14: Sincerely, Yours Truly
‘SINCERELY, YOURS, TRULY’ IS A SERIES OF SWEET LOVE LETTERS. A review of the UPtv premiere with Natalie Hall. Text © Rissi JC

This follows a woman vying for a grant for her non-profit, only to discover she has competition. Meanwhile, she and her best friend find a box of love letters, and she ends up forming a bond with the letter writer.

15: The Shop Around the Corner

The film that inspires the pop culture classic You’ve Got Mail, this 40s film features Jimmy Stewart.

16: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I mean, you guys, you KNOW I would absolutely have to include Lara Jean and her letter writing personality? Girl writes five love letters to her crushes only to maybe end up with the one most unlikely to suit her. Find on Netflix

The film is PG-13 for sexual content (i.e. innuendo), some crude humor and profanity

What about you? Which romance movies about love letters do you like? Did I miss your favorite? Do you have a favorite? Which ones do I need to make time for? Comment all of your thoughts below! I’d love to chat.


16 ROMANCE MOVIES ABOUT FALLING IN LOVE THROUGH LETTERS. Sharing a collection of "romance movies about Love Letters." Text © Rissi JC

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  1. I love both The Lake House and A Cinderella Story. I requested Letters to Juliet from the library, and some of these others look fun as well. I miss the days of letter writing and love watching movies that revolve around that. Thanks!

    1. YES! Same here, Becky. These old fashion ideals are missing from our movies today. Hope you enjoy “Letters to Juliet.” :) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you for this list. My friend is about to be separated from her fiance, while he’s deployed. I sent the list to her to inspire/encourage her to write him while he’s away.

    1. I hope your friend finds some fun hobbies or things to enjoy and that the time goes fast while separated. <3 That's tough. Thank you for the kind comment and for stopping by.

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