Back in the day (seriously, I think it’s been three years now?), I curated a list of wholesome romance movies that to this day, is always one of Finding Wonderland’s most popular views. For months (or is it weeks?) now I’ve intended to create a Wholesome Romance Movies Part 2 list, and alas have not. But as winter continues its hold over us, and Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought now is as good a time as any to finally create and publish this list. Besides, it’s never a burden to talk about romantic comedies, right?


Ok, to be honest, I do need to revise my statement… a little bit. Writing this is a bit of a challenge because I had already started work on this list (and guys, lists are time consuming!), but then I completely LOST the entirety of a year’s (maybe more) worth of work. Yeah. As you can imagine, that wasn’t my best week. That said, I’m always all about good rom-coms (or more serious romance), and so, any day is a good day to write about the genre.

Like our part one list, I will say, everyone’s definition of “wholesome” is different, and so I’m going to leave my same thoughts, which I still believe, from that previous publication, which is as follows. Also, one last disclaimer. This is not an all-inclusive list. Because of this, I have chosen to eliminate from consideration the following subgenres: Hallmark, and classics. Long story short, this mostly features what we’d coin “box office” or feature films. If this post does well enough or if anyone is interested (or depending on how much fun this blogger has putting this together *smile*), there may be future lists.

That out of the way, let’s get to looking at what makes this list!


Listed from a-z

1: After the Storm

after the storm

Part of a series of Harlequin novels to TV adaptations, this film is a lower-budget title that is about a woman who loses everything in a severe storm. Of course, living in a small town, she finds people willing to help, including her annoying (but handsome!) a crush turned next door neighbor. The film is PG

2: Barefoot

barefoot (2014) movie

Loosely inspired by the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, this contemporary film is darling in multiple ways. It’s about a woman in a mental facility, and the can’t-get-his-life-together man who, quite inadvertently causes her to break out. Thus begins their story in which she pretends to be his girlfriend for a family wedding. The film is PG-13, and does contain adult themes (vague implication of an attempted assault); there is mention of wanting to have sex, but nothing terrible and in the film’s opening, a “morning after” scene with a woman lying in bed

3: The Beautician and the Beast

Another fairy tale inspired comedy, this 90s film features Timothy Dalton as a staunch president of a country in need of a nanny for his children. Fran Dresher plays the woman who not only connects with his children, but maybe the man himself. The film is PG for some innuendo (a girl asks an older woman about sex, not graphic; and a boy tries to come onto an older woman)

4: Betting on the Bride

Watched this one a while ago, and so I cannot remember specifics, but guys, this is like a cleaner version of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! It’s fun and Karissa Lee Staples is cute in the leading lady role plus Peter Mooney now in Burden of Truth co-stars. The film is TV-PG

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5: Blueprint to the Heart

‘Blueprint to the Heart’: UPtv's Charming Comedy Romance. A review of the 2020 TV film with Laura Mitchell. All text © Rissi JC

This film, which aired on UPtv is ALL KINDS of cute! It’s a last minute add since I only saw it recently, but it’s worth it. The film follows a woman who hosts a successful home makeover show, only to be told her ratings are dipping. This inspires her boss to make some changes, which includes finding the perfect subject to “remake.” The film is TV-PG and contains nothing to note

6: Dear Viola

Kellie Martin plays a kind of advice communist who’s never found love on her own. The film is TV-PG

7: Ever After

A costume drama fairy tale, this classic has Drew Barrymore playing Danielle in a Cinderella re-telling that’s all charm. The film is PG for some thematic elements and suggestive comments

8: Falling Inn Love

MORE CLEAN AND WHOLESOME ROMANCE MOVIES, PART 2. What makes YOUR list? Talking through 20+ titles in this curated list. Text © Rissi JC

This Netflix original surprised me in all the good ways! It’s charming despite its common plot about a woman who wins a quaint inn (all the way in Australia!) only to discover upon her arrival, the place is anything but charming. The film is PG

9: Faith, Hope and Love

A low budget film, this follows a widower who ends up learning dance and competing in a competition all while falling for his partner. Dancing with the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd co-stars in this film about faith… and love. The film is PG

10: Forever My Girl

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

It’s been a while since I watched this film, but I remember it being lovely. It’s a redemption story about a wealthy country music star who becomes tired of his life, and returns to the small hometown where he left his fiancée, little realizing the unexpected surprise that awaits him. The film is PG-13 for adult themes and some suggestive content

11: Home Sweet Home

Natasha Bure (daughter of Candace Cameron Bure) stars in this streaming film about a wealthy, spoiled girl who decides to become a volunteer in order to impress the one guy immune to her charms. The film is PG wholesome romance movies part 2

12: In-Lawfully Yours

This is one of those hidden gem films that makes me laugh SO much. The plot is a bit unconventional (a woman on the verge of divorce discovers faith and true happiness through her husband’s former brother-in-law and her mother-in-law). The humor is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters. The film is “unrated”

13: Late Bloomer (2016)

Cute and fun, this romance features a once nerdy high school girl who, after exotic travels, returns to help her mother sell her childhood home. While back she meets up again with her crush, who tries to make amends for the prank he once played on her. The film is TV-PG

14: Love, Guaranteed

Racheal Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr. are SO FUN in this Netflix original. Cook plays an attorney hired by Damon’s character to sue a dating app company. The film is TV-PG

15: Midnight at the Magnolia

‘Midnight at the Magnolia’: Best Friends Get New Year’s Kiss. A review (+content guide) of the film (on Netflix) with Natalie Hall. © Rissi JC

Though this does center on the New Year holiday, this film is CUTE! I love how sassy it is, the hilarious “first kiss” and of course, the best friends trope. It’s one of the best ways I’ve seen this common story done, and it’s fantastic. Natalie Hall, a frequent Hallmark star, plays the lead. The film is PG

You can find Midnight at the Magnolia exclusively on Netflix

16: Monte Carlo

This is an oldie almost “tween” (do they even use this term anymore?) comedy, but it’s still cute! Pop star Selena Gomez plays an ordinary Texas girl, who while travelling after her senior year with her bestie and straight-laced almost stepsister, is mistaken for a wealthy heiress. The film is PG

17: Mirror Mirror

Like Ever After, this is a fairy tale re-make of the Snow White legend. Only this one takes a slapstick, comical approach and uses LOTS of bright colors. It’s a fun way to pass an evening. The film is PG

18: The Perfect Date

This isn’t the cleanest of the Netflix originals, but it’s still pretty cute. It’s about a high schooler who invents an app where girls can hire him to be a date for the night, and he’ll be whoever they need him to be (obnoxious, perfect, etc.). The film is TV-14 for innuendo, teen parties and minor profanity

You can find The Perfect Date exclusively on Netflix

19: Prescription for Love

prescription for love

A contemporary Cinderella like story, this is one of those clean romances that goes unnoticed. Trevor Donovan plays a doctor searching for a woman he met while stuck in a malfunctioning elevator, but little does he know, she’s closer than he realizes. The film is PG

20: Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement

Much as I adore The Princess Diaries, this one feels more like a romance whereas the first film is more of a coming of age story. But Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine are HILARIOUS together. The film is PG

21: Return to Me

Minnie Driver plays a recent heart transplant recipient who doesn’t realize the man she is falling for has a connection to her. The film is PG wholesome romance movies part 2

22: Road Less Travelled

Lauren Alania plays the lead in this hometown family romance about a woman, about to marry, who must return home to get permission to wear a family wedding dress. When back she reunites with old friends, her roots and maybe an ex, all in a film that doesn’t end at all how you’d predict. What is fun about this is that it has lots of Sweet Home Alabama vibes. The film is “unrated,” but doesn’t contain anything terrible

23: Runaway Bride

MORE CLEAN AND WHOLESOME ROMANCE MOVIES, PART 2. What makes YOUR list? Talking through 20+ titles in this curated list. Text © Rissi JC

Another “classic” Julia Roberts film that re-pairs her with her former co-star Richard Gere, and their former director Garry Marshall. This one casts Roberts as a skittish bride unable to commit, and Gere as a reporter who does a story on her. The film is PG with some minor profanity and suggestive comments

24: Runaway Romance

Saw this one on a whim a while back and it’s sweet. It’s about a star who, caught up in her reality TV life, doesn’t realize her boyfriend doesn’t really care about her. This inspires her to leave everything behind and disappear where she discovers what friendship and real love could be. Plus frequent hallmark star Trevor Donovan stars! The film is PG, and contains very little content, if anything just a minor innuendo or two

25: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

I simply had to include this book-to-screen adaptation otherwise this wouldn’t feel complete. This teen romance follows a girl whose love letters to five boys accidentally get mailed to the subject of the letters. The film is TV-14 for suggestive comments

You can find To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before exclusively on Netflix

26: We Love You, Sally Carmichael

If you watched Covert Affairs, you’ll recognize Christopher Goram in this role. He plays a male author who’s been masquerading as a female author. It’s a kind of mistaken identity rom-com that’s offbeat and quirky, but kind of fun, too. The film is PG, which nothing to note

27: You’re So Cupid

To be honest, I don’t remember much about this film, but was reminded about it when looking up one of the others on this list. It’s one that is geared as being family friendly, features Lauren Holly, and has that adorable parent trap trope. This film is G.

What about you! What are some of the “clean” or which on this list of wholesome romance movies, part 2 have you seen? Do you like or dislike any of these? Which additional films do you like not on this list (because I’m already sensing a part three will be in order!)? Comment all of your thoughts below.


MORE CLEAN AND WHOLESOME ROMANCE MOVIES, PART 2. What makes YOUR list? Talking through 20+ titles in this curated list. Text © Rissi JC

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