‘Grounded for Christmas’ Unexpected Delay Makes Happy Holiday


No matter the genre of story, sometimes going into one blind nets the best results. Lifetime’s line up of Christmas movies includes Grounded for Christmas, a story that is tropey, yes, but also quite good.

Grounded for Christmas (2019) Lifetime Review

Not the sentimental type, Nina (Julianna Guill) has the perfect annual escape from being with family over Christmas. As a pilot, she’s always busy with work this time of year. This year is no different, but what her parents don’t know is that after her last flight, she and her best girl friend have beach vacation plans.

Her plans change when a snowstorm grounds air travel and somehow she ends up bringing home her handsome co-worker, Brady (Cory Sevier). To cause greater uproar, by way of explanation, she introduces Brady as her new boyfriend, which makes everything even more complicated!

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Often the seasonal movies I don’t know anything about or those I expect little from are the ones I rank highest. This is one rule that also applies to Grounded for Christmas.

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Like the rest of its 2019 class, this title has flaws and features heaps of tropes, but that’s kind of why we love these, right? They’re reliable and at the end of the day, no matter which we count as favorites, we know they will make us smile.

If there is one thing I’d change about this one, it’d be the whole “snow queen” (or is it a princess…?) thing. It’s a bit too “tween” movie-like, but I do get the point is to create a mood and image of romance. The scene it happens inside isn’t bad, it’s just the notion of it, and the idea that someone like Nina would really care as she does about the tradition.

Beyond this, the memory of this one makes me smile. The fake dating trope is fun, and I like the cast. Julianna is a likable heroines and it’s fun to see Corey in something  more current; plus, as a bonus, they’re cute together, too! Any classic TV watched will also recognize Cheryl Ladd from Charlie’s Angels. The title may suggest a negative element, but the story is anything but. The character rediscovers family life and the joy of celebrating traditions, all of which makes the characters better, and puts the viewers in a feel good mood.

‘Grounded for Christmas’ Unexpected Delay Makes Happy Holiday. Review of the Lifetime original with Corey Sevier. Text © Rissi JC

Content: there may be some minor suggestive content, but nothing that rises to a PG-13 romcom level.

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