Why I Like the Festive Favorite ‘Snow Bride’ Romance


Years ago, I finally saw the Hallmark romantic-comedy Snow Bride. For quite some time prior to this I can remember fellow TV movie fans calling it a favorite, but it wasn’t until the DVD release came around that I got in on the fun. The plot if one of the fake dating trope between a tabloid reporter named Greta Kaine (played by Arrow’s Katrina Law) and her subject, Ben Tannenhill (Jordan Belfi). Only the catch is, Ben doesn’t know this! What he believes is that Greta is a runaway bride!

(To understand how this comes about, you simply have to watch this one.)

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Given the fact that I did finally re-watch this one (this year!), I couldn’t resist sharing a few reasons why I still like this nostalgic favorite.

[The] Elegant Ball and High-Class Fashion

I mean is it really a legit Christmas movie without a pretty room with twinkle lights and a dance scene? I think not! Plus, who doesn’t love to attend a ball (even if only vicariously through the characters), and of course the pretty fashion they wear to attend. snow bride

Fake Dating

This is a frequent guest in the world of TV film plots, but it’s also one I find myself liking quite a lot. It’s fun and if it’s your things, they usually have a good dose of romanticism because of the “longing” the couple develops as they get to know one another.  Plus, I also just really wanted to mention this in case I didn’t say how much I like this plot…

[The] Really Fun Plot

True this kind of walks hand in hand with my last point, but this is more of an expended statement. I quite like this plot; it’s so very different (the tabloid angle) than most, and even since its 2013 premiere, I still don’t think I’ve seen one like this.

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snow bride

[A] Spontaneous First Kiss

This scene is so freaking cute, and the fact that it plays against the perpetually always-interrupted almost first kiss makes it even more of a gem in an A+ golden sort of way. Well done, writers. snow bride

[The] Surprisingly Good Hero

Ben is a hero who is so easy to like, which then means it’s not hard to understand Greta’s complicated feelings for him, and how easily she falls head over heels for the dude.

Have you seen Snow Bride? Did you like or dislike this one? What’s your favorite thing about it? Comment all of your thoughts below!

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Why I Like the Festive Favorite ‘Snow Bride’ Romance. Talking about the 2013 Hallmark rom-com with Katrina Law. Text © Rissi JC

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  1. I can’t believe I left this movie out of my top 10 list. I would say it definitely should be at least #11 or #12. Or maybe higher. I always loved this movie. That’s the hard thing about doing favorite lists. You always leave at least one out!!

    1. I know the feeling all too well, Ruth! I constantly leave favorites off lists. *sigh* Guess that’s the trouble with having so many favorites! :D

  2. This is one of my personal faves. It’s so cute without being too cheesy or cloying. Ben is the best! And I love how matter of fact and cool his mother is.

    1. LOVE this one, too, Brittaney. I forgot how much until I finally re-watched it. It’s really one of Hallmark’s best. Ben is just… an ideal hero, and I like the different career the heroine has. Oh gosh, yes! I should have mentioned the mother too. She’s one cool character. :)

  3. (EDIT: Reply to comment that was deleted from author request because it was written too long after post published.)

    Definitely a fun one! One of these days I should re-watch it because it does have a good cast. :)

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