‘Forever in My Heart’ is a Beautiful Irish Hallmark Romance


When you realize that Hallmark produced a film (or actually more than one) set in Ireland that you never watched, you don’t sit around and stall. Instead, you hit play, settle in with a cup of tea, and discover Forever in My Heart.

Forever in My Heart (2019) Hallmark Review

Working at a family owned hotel in Ireland has been the most incredible year for Jenna (Merritt Patterson). Not only has she learned a great deal, which will hopefully lead to bigger things, she’s also fallen in love with the hotel owners son, Charlie O’Hanlon (Jack Tuner). But with an internship opportunity in her future and an on the road band show in his, the two part ways determined to make things work.

Five years later, Jenna is successfully working at a luxury American hotel chain where she’s worked her way up the ranks. Next on her list of tasks is a trip when her fiancé sends her to Dublin for business, he also surprises her with a stop in the small village she called home for many months. While there, she reunites with good friends, and must confront the past when, unexpectedly, she finds Charlie too is back home.

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When I was trying to shift through romances set in Ireland for an “Irish romance” list, one of the films I found is Forever in My Heart. So taking my own advice, I decided to start watching this one, and found it as delightful as the network proves to be time and again. This one is equally sweet with its second chance reunion that may be a second chance love story.

The plot is interesting (hotel industry) and I appreciate that the relationship isn’t some dramatic break or takeaway (in the beginning) but is instead something the couple works through in their present, and finds more reasonable solutions. What is easy to track is the series of events that lead to Jenna’s being “needed” during this visit with her friends. Nonetheless, in no way does this dismiss the film as a good time romantic-comedy.

It’s nice to see Merritt Patterson anytime in one of these originals, and I’ve liked British actor Jack Turner since seeing him in My Summer Prince. They’re do fine together, and share some lovely scenes, especially against the beauty that is this Ireland scenery; and from my research, it does appear that this did film in Ireland, making this an actual destination rom-com. The entire film evokes a warm quality that only this sort of story (a wholesome, quality romance) can.

If you’re looking for something sweet and happy, check out Forever in My Heart. It’s an armchair adventure that you’ll be lost to, in the best possible way.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.
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