All of the Festive Nostalgia of ‘Christmas in Connecticut’


Growing up, I watched quite a few classic cinema Christmas films (B&W), everything from It’s a Wonderful Life to Miracle on 34th Street. But as an adult that tradition feels foreign. Still, one of the two classics I seem to continue to make time for is Christmas in Connecticut.

As I watched it this year, what strikes me about it is its impractical charm. If ever we should wonder where contemporaries glean inspiration, it’s from this era of zany romcom. The plot follows a city girl (played by Barbara Stanwyck) who masquerades as a country wife and mother while writing a popular column. christmas in connecticut

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Her lies catch up to her when she’s asked to host a veteran over Christmas. She manages to find a country house, husband and baby, but the surprise is when she falls for her guest…!

Reasons I Love ‘Christmas in Connecticut’


Barbara Stanwyck’s wardrobe is a stunning thing to see, and she wears everything the costume designer puts in her well, too. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate that a country-set romantic-comedy can still manage to work in some formal evening wear.


Thanks to the character of uncle Felix, this movie has some witty one-liners. All of which continue to make me giggle every time. A story that isn’t “new” (to me) yet can continue to do this always makes it an automatic keeper. christmas in Connecticut


Where this one most shines (at least for me) is the plot. It’s hilarious, but also really sweet. Everything about how it all comes together is like a little piece of Christmas movie magic. It’s a bit over-the-top (as is this era of film-making) and sometimes completely unrealistic, but there’s also a balance to everything that brings it full circle, and for me, it’s all of the good reasons why this one is a personal nostalgic favorite.

Do you have any classic movie traditions? Reasons you do – or don’t! – like Christmas in Connecticut? What’s your favorite about it or favorite black and white Christmas romantic-comedy? Comment all of your thoughts down below.

All of the Festive Nostalgia of ‘Christmas in Connecticut.’ Talking about a *few* of the reasons why I still love this 40s romcom. Text © Rissi JC

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  1. This has always been a favorite of mine too. Uncle Felix is a scene stealer and Barbara Stanwyck is phenomenal in any movie she’s in. Plus, who ever heard of naming a cow Mecushla?

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