10 of the Romance Movies in New Orleans (or Close to)!


Mardi Gras begins today, and while the appeal of the lavish event isn’t something that interests me, I decided to take a look at some of the romance movies set in the city. I discovered I’ve actually seen a few New Orleans romance movies set in New Orleans or close to (aka somewhere in Louisiana), and there’s one or two I haven’t yet seen that I’d like to.

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There’s a mix of “everything,” from strict angsty romance to more of a romantic-comedy (with action!), and then I do include a couple that aren’t in New Orleans proper, but are set in Louisiana (because variety). Without further ado, let’s have a look.


1: Forever My Girl

This is one of the films not set in New Orleans, but in small town Louisiana, but it’s one of my favorites. Despite its critical response, I find it darling and an easy to enjoy romance of second chances.

Content: This one is PG-13 including some innuendo, and adult situations, but nothing graphic

2: Home by Spring

A Hallmark original, this one has that clean and wholesome romance going for it, and prior to creating this list, I had just been thinking about it. If my memory serves me, it was one of my favorites. Watch for this one to re-air on Hallmark

This one is a “clean romance”

3: The Lucky One

Zac Efron plays leading man in this Nicholas Sparks adaptation about a former soldier who seeks out a woman whose photo, which he finds while in a battle zone, becomes his lucky charm.

Content: This one is PG-13 adult romance including some sexual content and tense moments

4: Mardi Gras (1958)

I mean, could there be a more perfect title for this list? Pat Boone stars as one of the military cadets who enters a contest to win a date with the “Queen of the Madri Gras” parade. Sounds like a recipe for a mad cap rom-com.

Content unknown

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5: Midnight Bayou

new orleans romance movies

Based on the novel by Nora Roberts, this film deals in reincarnation, and is one of my least favorite of the Lifetime adaptations inspired by her works. Still, if you’re into angsty romance, you might like this one. new orleans romance movies

Content: This one is PG-13 adult romance including some sexual content and thematic elements (like reincarnation)

6: Remember Sunday

Remember Sunday

While I adore this movie, to be honest, I don’t remember it being a Louisiana set film. We see Zachary Levi (Chuck) as a man who has a rare brain disorder that causes him to forget everything that happens the day before. Alexis Beldel (Gilmore Girls) plays the girl who steals his heart every day. According to Hallmark, this is directed Jeff Bleckner and “was filmed on location in New Orleans.”

Content: this one is TV-PG clean (and the only thing, other than a more “mature” subject matter in general, to mention is one use of da*n)

7: Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Set on Louisiana, this one is just hilarious. It’s about a trio of former best girl friends, who reunite for the wedding of fourth “mean girl” member of their gang.

Content: Some crude humor or innuendo, this one has a TV-14 rating

8: Tall Girl

A Netflix original I have not seen, but the Google powers that be spoke and say this one is set in New Orleans. Either way, this one sounds sweet, so I should watch it… just have to hit “play.” The plot is about a high school girl who’s an outcast because of her height. Find on Netflix

Content: the film is TV-14, which I sure will mean some typical romantic-comedy antics

9: The Toast of New Orleans

new orleans romance movies

This is an oldie 1950 movie that I’d never heard of until I was seeking out movies set in New Orleans (or Louisiana). It features Katheryn Grayson of Showboat and Kiss Me Kate, and tells the story of an opera singer who falls for another crooner with raw operatic talent. Sounds cute, right?

Content unknown

10: Undercover Blues

new orleans romance movies

This one is a little bit different in that it’s more of a slapstick-like comedy than anything, but it is hilarious. It stars Dennis Quaid as a secret-agent (of some sort!), and his wife (also a secret-something) as they vacation in New Orleans with their baby daughter. Not only is it a funny rom-com, it also features the city pretty predominately. new orleans romance movies

Content: This one has some sexual innuendo, and other suggestive remarks. There’s some profanity and crude humor as well, but it keeps within its PG-13 rating

How about you; do you have any favorite New Orleans movies? Have you seen any of these? Which ones should I make time for? Comment all of your thoughts in the comment section!

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