In the Netflix Queue: The Fun New Things I’m Watching


One of my favorite things to do on a lazy night is a good Netflix binge. There’s so many things to potentially get lost in on the streaming service but sometimes I don’t trust my Netflix homepage because, well, despite their claim that I’d like title X because “you watched…” I often find these “recommendations” so far from what I actually like (or want to watch). But I’m all about a good Netflix queue binge. Let’s talk about what I am watching on Netflix.

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A few years ago I made a little list of things in my Netflix queue or “what I’m watching.” This is why it seems like it’s the best time to create a new list for that Netflix queue binge. Here’s what I’m currently watching on Netflix.

In the Netflix Queue: The Fun New Things I’m Watching on Netflix

1: Battle Creek

About: An FBI agent who seems to be “perfect” with his many accolades, and an old-school detective who is a little leery of a new investigator stepping on his investigative territory.

This one has Josh Duhamal in it, and while I had seen it around back when it debuted on TV, I’d never paid any mind to it. I finally watched a couple episodes and while the short-lived show isn’t an instant favorite, I do enjoy it. The show is TV-14 and contains the typical content, based on episode one.

2: Good Girls

About: Three women with children are pulled into a life of crime.

Good Girls, season two. Photo: NBC | Watching on Netflix

To be honest I am now all caught up on this show, but I was glad to see the second season show up here after bringing the first season. The show is TV-14 for many different adult topics including sexual content, rape, and some profanity; plus just the moral question of right vs wrong.

3: Heartland

About: When her mother dies in an accident, Amy Flemming must pick up the pieces on their grandfather’s horse ranch.

Canadian show, Heartland can be seen on Netflix

This Canadian show is one that’s really grown on me. I liked it from the start (what I began to watch it on DVD), but since I’ve picked it up again on Netflix, I’ve been reminded how entertaining the show is and how likable characters. This is TV-PG, and is for the most part (what I’ve seen), a clean show.

4: Hinterland

About: Follows a DCI (Richard Harrington) who’s arrival to a new station in the aftermath of a tragedy that leaves him emotionally broken.

hinterland netflix mystery
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This British show set in Wales, and while it’s darker than British mysteries like Midsomer Murders or certainly Agatha Raisin. But in terms of production, it’s impressive. TV-14 comes with some adult content including sexual and some darker themes along with scenes of crimes (blood, talk of how a person died, etc.).

5: Republic of Doyle

About: A father and son duo investigate cases as Private Detectives.

This show is hilarious; and while the hero is flawed, it’s one of those shows that shows a good character arc growth. Plus there’s a fun little romance between a titular character and a police detective. This one is TV-14, but remains pretty “clean” with exception to a few episodes that discuss adult situations; and Jake is made out to be a womanizer.

6: Virgin River

About: A woman with tragic recent past comes to a small town to start afresh.

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Again, I’ve long ago binged this one (like so fast), but it’s totally bingeable; and I love that it has a little bit of everything. Oh, and there’s a really solid romance to root on as well. TV-14 is this Netflix originals rating; but surprisingly, it keeps things (most of the time) more PG.

All of these can be found on Netflix at time of publication.

Tell me, what are YOU watching on Netflix? Have you seen any of these? Do you like any of these? What would you recommend on Netflix? Comment all of your thoughts down below.

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In the Netflix Queue [The Fun New Things I’m Watching]. Talking about what I'm watching on Netflix! Send me YOUR recommendations. Text © Rissi JC

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