‘Remember Sunday’ (2013): A Quiet, but Beautiful Story of True Love


Love stories that challenge what is normal are the most precious. Sometimes films should slow down and compel us into the realization, sometimes love is a choice. Quality like this rarely comes along. remember sunday

Remember Sunday (2013) Hallmark Hall of Fame Review

Brilliant beyond his years, Gus (Zachary Levi) is on the verge of a major cosmology breakthrough after years of research. A part of  NASA programs with prestigious college educations, his work and life in LA was his dream. Then one fateful day, everything changes. A rupture in his brain causes an aneurysm which prevents him from remembering anything in his short-term memory. Every day is brand new, unless it’s inside his pre-aneurysm memory. His sister, Lucy moves him back to New Orleans to give him familiarity. Gus now copes. Then he meets Molly (Alexis Bledel).

Remember Sunday

Molly permanently places her life on “pause.” She barely ekes by on a waitress salary while going to night classes. But she’s never met anyone like Gus. She’s forever falling for the guy who turns out to be a loser. Gus is different. Now, Molly’s days are spontaneous…and  somehow, perfect.  

Ambiguous at its worst, beautiful at its best, Remember Sunday is the kind of romantic drama that only comes along once in a million years. Is this statement too dramatic? Maybe. But I cannot help all the feels as the credits roll, and wish more stories leave me feeling as this one does. There is a kind of unique charm that cinematic endeavors should capture. Whether it’s the small screen or the big, the true meaning of how story-telling is meant to be is a lost art. Remember Sunday is the epitome of this.

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In most telefilms the cast is either hit or miss, but this one gets it right. Seeing Alexis Bledel in a role again is delightful. As always, she personifies the best in a girl-next-door character – here, in Molly she is memorable. Whether it was her support of Gus or her interesting sense of fashion, she’s the sort of kind-hearted character we feel as if we could be best friends with. Then there is Gus. I loved Zachary Levi in this role. He isn’t an actor whom I’ve seen in much and yet, how he plays the role is impressive. It “feels” real, and as if we experience the fears mixing with acceptance right along with him. It’s a role Levi plays well.

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Remember Sunday

Between his genuine worry over wanting to be able to remember Molly (this may make you cry) and the charming first date he and Molly have (I dare you not to smile in this scene), there is much to be admired in Gus. The frustration he experiences is one I cannot possibly imagine; on one end of the spectrum, Gus is grateful to be alive, and have a second chance. Then there is the part of him who longs for “normal,” the part of him who worries what else he’ll forget. This “little things” story and the romance that surrounds it, is beautiful.

Mirroring a Hollywood rom-com, the script for Remember Sunday takes a softer, more realistic approach to this concept. The results is 90 minutes of bliss. Instead of the musical score reunion trope, these two have more serious complications to surmount. I cannot say everyone will appreciate – or like, the end, but it’s pleasant and satisfying. Most of us won’t likely have to make the choice that Molly does. Nor will we have to wake up each morning fighting to remember our past. Instead of a lifetime of yesterdays, Gus has a lifetime of each day being brand-new and the gift of falling in love with Molly anew.

If we face a similar dilemma, it would be in how we choose to deal with that situation that would be the real test of true love: that is the scary part. What we do with our days is up to us. For me, fiction or no, this is a beautiful reality. ♥

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Content: The film is rated TVPG and the only thing other than a more “mature” subject matter in general is one use of da*n.

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  1. Zachary Levi? Ever since {ahem} falling in love with Flynn Ryder from Tangled, I've wanted to see this guy actually act in a movie! Now I've got one to look up! *five minutes later* Oh no…it's only just aired so I can't get it. This is tragic. They'd better release it either online or on dvd before I die of impatience! :D

    1. I know, right!? He's also in one of the "chipmunk" movies. Love Tangled so much. :)

      If you have access to the Hallmark channel, you can catch re-airings of this one on their line-up this coming week, Kellie or yes, it will be on DVD May 1st – I know this because well, I will likely own it! It was one of my fave Hallmarks. :) So touching and sweet even if the reality of it seems very hard. Hope you can see it soon – and be sure to let me know your conclusions.

    2. Hooray for the pre-order rule! I will, in all likelihood, be taking advantage of that also, Kellie – because it's one I'll enjoy watching more than once.

      Looking forward to your conclusions. :)

  2. Awwww…this sounds SO good!! So is this out in theaters, released, on Netflix…?

    By the way, I JUST noticed that you had my button under your 'lovely scribblings' tab…thank you so much! <3

    1. It was, Raquel! (And, yes, May 1st this one releases to DVD and this coming week, it will re-air on Hallmark Channel if you have access to that.) If or when you see it, I'd be curious to get your feedback – the ending is a bit abrupt which has made some viewers unsure of their final impressions.

      Oh, it was my pleasure, Raquel – I enjoy your blog very much! Always appreciate when you stop in here also. :)

    2. Oh yes! I have the Hallmark Channel. I should watch it on there. Thank you for letting me know! And yes, we should talk about it after I see it:)

      Aww, you're such a dear! I really enjoy YOUR blog, hun. Keep up the good work!

    3. Way cool, Raquel! Sounds like fun. Will look forward to your conclusions.

      Thanks for the Twitter mention this weekend – the feeling is mutual. :) Keep up encouraging us with your lovely blog!

  3. Great review! We PVR'd this movie and watched it last night. It was really sweet. Hallmark always puts out such nice movies. :)

    I love that Zachary Levi is a Christian. My daughter read an article about how he has Bible studies at his home. So cool. And he had a great interview with Relevant Magazine where he talks about his faith.

    I also love Alexis Bledel. I agree she does a great job in this movie as the girl next door.

    It's refreshing to watch movies like this. Glad you wrote about this one. :)

    1. It is refreshing to see movies like this, Cathy! Wholeheartedly agree! (Hallmark, in particular are delightful, yes.) I always like Hallmark Channel movies also but have to rely on production companies releasing them to DVD since my family doesn't have any form of "cable" television. Movies such as Remember Sunday are a "breath of fresh" air and I appreciate them all the more. :)

      A friend and my cousin mentioned that Zachary was a Christian – I hadn't read that. That is AWESOME! I like to "support" actors who are Christians in Hollywood and finding out that he is one, makes this movie all the more "quality" entertainment. :)

      Glad you and your family enjoyed this one – what'd you think of the ending?

    2. Honestly, we thought it ended a bit abruptly. We didn't want it to end so soon! My daughters were like, 'is that it, that's the end?" I won't say to much more, cuz I don't want to ruin the ending for anyone else. :)

    3. Totally understand – my biggest thought for improvement would have been a better lead-in so that it was "softened" a bit instead of just… ending. :)

    1. It was so good, Juju! The ending is "abrupt" and that doesn't set well with every viewer, however I saw it as "perfect" and don't know how else it could have ended – all it lacked was being "softened," meaning it could have had a better lead-in. Hope you like it if you see the movie.

      Zachary and Alexis are both wonderful in their respective roles. :)

      Thank you for reading!

  4. I thought Zachary and Alexis were great, but the ambiguity of the movie irritated me. In spite of its originality it still seemed slightly cliche. I know I'm a little slow when it comes to "getting" everything right away, but I didn't feel this movie explained Gus's problem well enough. Anyway, Molly was absolutely adorable, and the story was really cute.

    1. That they were, Hannah – and yes, Alexis' Molly was an adorable character. :)

      Oh, I am sorry that the movie confused you. That is never fun – grasping at straws makes entertainment (books or films) less pleasurable so I understand your frustration. Did you watch the entire film? The only reason I ask is because I believe halfway through – maybe more, there is a conversation between Lucy and Molly about Gus' condition and what it all means.

      I felt satisfied in knowing all that had happened to him (and the consequences of it), however everyone interprets things differently and it is annoying if a viewer doesn't feel as if all their questions were answered.

      Glad, regardless of the reservations you had that you liked pieces of it, Hannah. :)

  5. Looks like I'll have to check this movie out! I'm genreally a little skeptical about romantic movies (they all seem the same – predictable and annoying;) but your review of this one definitely has me intrigued:)

    1. This one was delightful, Jovita. I hope you enjoy if/when you see it. I think in a way, Remember Sunday was unique even when it did fall into cliché traps. However the character's made up for any flaws. :)

  6. Wasn't it a sweet story? I cannot even begin to imagine actually dealing with that in real life. Forgetting everything and starting new every single day? That would be perfectly awful. Zachary did an excellent job at conveying his frustration along with his reality that it wasn't going to change. He's just so likeable! Plus it doesn't hurt that he's rather handsome to boot. ;)

    After it was over Sunday evening, I tried to decide how I felt about it. The ending was nice yet ambiguous. The romance was sweet and felt very real. I really did enjoy it. I decided that it was very lovely and sweet. Kind of old school hollywood or some such. I don't know. But it was certainly compelling, as you said! Probably the only thing I couldn't figure out was the significance of the title. What's your take on that, Rissi?

    1. That is was, Kara. Leading up to it, I saw promos for it two weeks in advance and knew immediately it would be one I'd love. I wasn't let down. Heavens! I cannot even begin to fathom what it'd be like to live as Gus did. It'd be frustrating beyond anything. Zachary (he IS likable – I found out how much while watching this, he's got a kind of unique charisma) did a superb job of conveying this – I'd agree. As a viewer, I "felt" his fear and frustration. Countering that are some lighter moments like Gus forgetting his friends divorcé (that was HILARIOUS – forgot to mention it though :D) or he and Molly's date (I mean, 'Dancing Queen' played!).

      I think this is a movie that inspires thought once it's over – and that is good. I believe the "Sunday" reference was a reference to the date that they had to do-over after Gus forgets. Molly comes to his apartment (oh, maybe it's when they are talking under the stars…) and dashes out asking him to "remember Sunday." I think. Could be mistaken. Either way, I thought it suited the movie and if that is the "right" sequence of events I am thinking of, the shot of Gus' face in the moment is particularly compelling since he was beginning to like Molly and felt desperate to… well, remember.

      Anyway… I don't know if I've made any sense but there's my ramble. :)

    1. Honestly? Depends on how a viewer thinks of "happy," Charity. From my perspective, yes. For someone else, maybe not. You could compare it to Dear John (in terms of the ambiguity) or The Vow. My dad doesn't like an ending that isn't set in stone, me I don't mind one that asks the viewer to "read into" it. That latter is how this one ends.

      I think your mom would like it…

      Would be happy to send you a quick email with the details. :)

  7. When I heard about this movie I was so excited! I think the casting for this movie was perfect!
    I liked that it was realistic too!!!

    1. It was, Ella – and I was super excited also. The acting was excellent and I liked the characters also. All in all, it was a memorable film that I am going to enjoying re-visiting. :)

      Glad you enjoyed it as well.

  8. I can't even tell you how upset I am that I missed this!!!!!!! I missed OUaT that night too but thankfully ABC posts those episodes online the next day. I so wish they did that for these movies. :-( I always love the HHoF presentations.

    1. Oh, noes! Renee, I'm sorry you missed this one. :/ Makes me sad. If you have cable, it will be re-airing on Hallmark Channel this coming week – maybe even Saturday or Sunday night. If not, it comes to DVD May first which will be a MUST in my collection. ;)

      You and I both – these "Hall of Fame" flicks are delightful, wholesome and inspiring. Plus with this one, the cast is wonderful! Enjoy – would love your take if you get a chance to see it. :)

  9. Finally had a chance to watch this tonight. I've been dying to see it…I was/am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, so seeing "Rory" (Alexis Bledel) again was fun. And I also liked the TV series Chuck (though obviously it had some content issues), so it was also fun to see Zachary Levi in something again.

    I found the movie very sweet, and despite the somewhat heavy subject matter it really has a "feel good" type of vibe. Zachary's character was just sooooo sweet, I just loved him! He played the role perfectly. Alexis did a good job as well, but her character didn't stand out to me quite as much. Perhaps because she is forever "Rory" in my mind.

    I wasn't thrilled with the ending, but honestly, it seems like half the movies I watch end kind of strangely! It definitely could have been better, but it also could have been worse….and overall I really enjoyed the movie, so that is ultimately what matters.

    I love Hallmark's movies. Some people think they're cheesy, but I can't help enjoying them! :) The Hall of Fame presentations are definitely some of their best work, and I think "Remember Sunday" is actually one of the best films they've put out recently. Really enjoyed it!

    1. Yes! Glad you saw this, Valerie. And that you shared your conclusions – loved to read this comment.

      This was definitely one of the sweetest movies I've ever seen (and done much better than 50 First Dates which is riddled with innuendoes). Gus (Levi) was insanely likable! I fell in love with him over the two hours, time and again (no pun intended! :D), and was charmed by the story beyond just the character’s. Also liked and admired Molly (Bledel) for staying with him and making a go of their relationship. The ending could have had a better lead-in (or be “softened” a bit – it was terribly sudden) but otherwise, it was precious – I chose to believe and surmise, "they got back together." (It certainly does have that "open to interpretation" stamp on it.)

      Bad endings do seem to be a trend today – even in books! It seems like after a dynamic story, the ending sort of falls flat. That's sad. However, on the bright side, yes, they could always be worse!

      100% agree: Hallmark Hall of Fame produce some of the BEST and this movie in particular was one of THE best in the series. :)

      Happy you liked Remember Sunday as well!


    *sniff sniff* I've now seen this twice in the past 48 hours, once by myself and then again with my sister and friends. What a lovely story, albeit a somewhat sad one, too! The part of me that wants a complete and full "happy ending" wishes that they could have ended it with him getting his memory back…but then again, the reality of him NOT being able to get it back was also really true, too. And Zachary Levi was steller. I've officially decided to marry him. :)

    Although, I have to say…what was up with the whole random "I'm his old fiance" thing towards the end?? That played absolutely NO part to the story, in fact, it created the most GLARING hole in the story line and I don't know how the writers missed it. Because if he and that blond girl were engaged WHEN he had the aneurism, then every single morning he'd wake up being "in love" with her, since they were in love when his brain died. Yet, for all apparent reasons, he doesn't remember her? Never mentions her? So, not only did that part add a hole in the story, it was so…random and was never followed up on. It didn't even "fit" in the flow of the story. Anyways…that's my bone to pick with it.

    But despite that, I loved it!! Thanks for the review and the recommendation, Rissi!

    1. Uh, oh! This recommendation made you cry – I'll have to stop doing that to you, my friend. It's becoming a habit. My bad.

      That ending was a "tough" one. On one hand I admire it like crazy because it'd fall into a "happy-ever-after" trap had they changed his medical diagnosis. This way, it's more unexpected and writers should take us aback and by surprise. Then the part of me that craves happily-ever-after wouldn't have mind the alternative. Having said that, I was very satisfied with the ending. True the lead up could have been "softer" and more gradual as opposed to that "sudden" fade to black but… otherwise, it was precious.

      And oh-my-yes! Zachary *was* stellar! Totally adored him in this role. ;)

      As out of left field as it was for Molly to come face-to-face with the ex, I think it was done to further re-enforce her "leaving." For her story (creating more angst/confusion), it made "sense." Between being confronted by the fiancée and coming back to the conversation with Gus' sister, it was "easier" for her to walk away. As for the part it'd play in Gus' mind, you are quite correct! I don't remember (no pun intended!): did he forget some things that were in his most recent past leading up to the aneurysm? I didn't think he did but now I am unsure…

      Anyway, I am delighted you enjoyed it! It made me smile to see your lovely follow-up comment, Kellie – since I loved it so well also, I am anxious to watch it again. :)

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