A Few of the Reasons Why ‘Agatha Raisin,’ Series 3 is Fun!


No matter how many times I sit down to do a write up on an Acorn TV cozy mystery, I’m again reminded of the high quality of their programming. Agatha Raisin, series three is set to return with the gang of familiar faces, and as always, the wish there’d be more than a mere three mysteries. We meet up with Agatha (Ashley Jensen) as she and her newly banded team of crack private investigators becomes entangled in the passionate world of dance – a world in which Agatha is not exactly a novice.

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The case, brought to her by her friend, Sir. Charles Fraith (Jason Merrells), takes a more sinister turn when a shot, intended for her client, nearly finds its mark. But as she, along with her eager assistant Toni (Jodie Tyack), her best friend Roy (Matthew Horne), and their police friend, Bill (Matt McCooey), try to make the connections, Agatha also finds her relationship with James (Jamie Glover) becoming strained, an unexpected side effect that may or may not be healed by James’ plans to go on a book tour…

A Few of the Reasons Why ‘Agatha Raisin,’ Series 3 is Fun!

Now that we know the general plot, and players of where series three starts, let’s talk about a few of the reasons why Agatha Raisin, series three is a must-watch (and one disappointment from the season). There will be some evasive spoilers in the next to final bullet point.

+ Like any prior installment or episode of Agatha Raisin, this new set of three 90-minute mysteries is fabulous, sassy, stylish and simply, fun. These mysteries keep the ‘cozy mystery vibe present, but also never take the writing too seriously.

+ The band of characters in this series is impossible not to like. Whether it’s the adorable will-they-or-won’t they potential love story, or the characterization of the titular character (Ashley Jensen has the capacity to make Agatha colorful and bold, but all with a sense of brilliant humor), this show has no shortage of wit and brilliance. Or as The Times UK put it, this is “A fun cross between Bridget Jones and Midsomer Murders.” Along with those I mention, Sarah and DCI Wilkes also return to complete this fun group.

agatha raisin, series three

+ Almost as if it’s a character onto itself, then we have the colorful and boldly patterned costume design. What makes it more fun is that the mismatched pieces that don’t (but somehow do) go together are so perfectly Agatha.

+ If there is one thing that does disappoint, it’s the exit of one character. While things are very amicable, it doesn’t make the departure easier, especially after rooting for said character for the past two seasons (and loving the cute relationship in ‘The Haunted House’).

+ Like anything from Acorn TV, the production quality is top-notch. From the acting to the costumes, to the writing (which is always magnificent) to the structure of each mystery, this is the kind of TV show that deserves awards. Because of the short series (by comparison to American TV), these are so easy to binge, and each installment leaves you watching to watch “just one more,” which in my estimation is the BEST kind of story.

As I close, my hope is this isn’t the last mystery we’ve solved with Agatha Raisin and Co.

Agatha Raisin, series three consists of: Dance of Death | Love from Hell | As the Pig Turns

Catch the return of Agatha Raisin, series three on Acorn TV Monday February 10 or on Amazon Video.

A Few of the Reasons Why ‘Agatha Raisin,’ Series 3 is Fun! A review of Agatha Raisin, Series Three from Acorn TV. #AgathaRaisin #AcornTV @AcornTV Click To Tweet
A Few of the Reasons Why ‘Agatha Raisin,’ Series 3 is Fun! A review of Agatha Raisin, Series Three from Acorn TV. All text © Rissi JC

Do you watch Agatha Raisin? Do you like or dislike these cozy mysteries? Comment all of your thoughts below!

Sincere thanks to Acorn for the chance to view these screeners; all opinions are my own.

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