‘Prescription for Love’ is a Hallmark-Like Romance


Anytime there’s a new “wholesome” or “clean” romance movie option that I find on Amazon or Netflix, I’m curious. One of the more recent finds I discovered is Prescription for Love, a fun little romantic-comedy that is, as its subtitle suggests, a contemporary Cinderella fairy tale.

Prescription for Love: A Cinderella Story (2019) TV Review

Working hard is second nature for Claire Abbott (Jillian Murray). She put in the work to earn her nursing degree, and as a result she doesn’t respect “mean girl” nurses who put off their care (work) on her, and try to place her in a bad light with the bosses. Things seem to take a positive turn when, while caught in an elevator that malfunctions, she meets a man who she feels a connection with. But in the hubbub of their rescue, the pair becomes separated and Claire never expects to see him again.

Soon afterwards, Claire meets the new doctor, Luke Taylor (Trevor Donovan) and is surprised when she realizes it’s the man she spent hours talking to in that elevator. But what’s most devastating is that he doesn’t want to talk to Claire or hear what she has to say. Business minded, Luke just wants to do the best job he can and though impossible, he hopes to reconnect with the girl from the elevator, little realizing she’s closer than he knows.

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‘Prescription for Love’ is a Hallmark-Like Romance. A review of the 2018 romance with Trevor Donovan. #CleanRomance #Romance #AmazonPrime Click To Tweet

We’ve seen the Cinderella fable time and again, yet if the scripts that go to production are an indication we’re far from weary of them. This story is one I wasn’t familiar with until recently, but once I discovered it, I decided it was worth a second look. Recognizing the leading man (from various Hallmark productions), I sat down one weekday afternoon (a rarity for me) and pressed play. prescription for love

The plot isn’t revolutionary, but the way it works out is really very well done. I like that there’s glimpses of the fairy tale fable, but nothing is “too obvious,” if that makes sense. There’s the overview of the Cinderella story without the precise story cues. For example, there’s a a girl running away in a pretty dress, but no lost glass slipper. While its meant to represent the stepmother and her dim-witted daughters, I do feel as though the “mean girl” plot goes a little overboard; especially in making us pause and wonder whether or not their reaction to patients care has a ring of truth!

Back on the light-hearted end of things, if you enjoy Hallmark movies, you’ll certainly enjoy this darling romance. I like the cast, and would enjoy seeing Murray in similar features; she has the right affect and plays a good Cinderella. Similarly, I like how the characters are written, and, though a good guy, that the Prince is far from perfect. Makes the story all the more authentic, and gives us a more realistic approach to storytelling.

‘Prescription for Love’ is a Hallmark-Like Romance. A review of the 2018 romance with Trevor Donovan. All review text © Rissi JC

Content: This one is clean without anything to make Hallmark viewers question enjoying Prescription for Love.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. Since I lost my Hallmark channel due to changing cable providers, I’ve really missed the clean, romantic movie options.

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