A Few of the Best TV Ships | 2020 Edition


Like 90% – or is it perhaps more? – of this space consists of, one of the things I fangirl most over is TV shows. More specifically the TV ships that result from these television tomes. As I planned some content to center around Valentine’s Day, one of the publications on my list was favorite bookish couples, which I decided to shelve for now. (Yet another title in my memory folder of “future publications.”) Instead, though my at-the-time reasoning escapes me, I opted for a 2020 favorite TV ships list!

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Perhaps this is because the last time a version of this appeared here was back in 2016 (!!!) and said list is kinda’ pitiful. So now seems as good a time as any to curate one such new list.

Some on this list may be a bit obscure, some break up more than they’re together (can we ask why??); and others are better known and loved, and some you may wonder, why do you like them? But that’s ok. The one thing that is for certain is, they’re all favorites of mind. Then there are some that I really want to add because I love ‘em so much, but well, I’ve already feature them, so I’m trying to focus on others. Let’s now meet them, shall we?

A Few of the Best TV Ships | 2020 Edition

1: Dr. Lucian Blake and Jean Beasley (The Doctor Blake Mysteries)

These two. There’s been so many solid obstacles in their path. Even after an engagement, the actors do such a good job of creating that “tension” of longing between their characters. It works, and I love it, flawed characters and all.

2: Lady Mary Crawley and Henry Talbot (Downton Abbey)

downton abbey (2019) movie

While I will always adore Mary with Matthew, I also grew to really like and appreciate the arrival of Matthew Goode’s Henry Talbot. Their primary love story is in the final season of the ITV series, but their (brief!) scene together in the major motion picture (from 2019) convinces me all the more they’re a good match.

3: Jessica Day and Nick Miller (New Girl)

New Girl, Season One and Two

Jess is so darn likable, and while I didn’t “see” it in the beginning, the burgeoning romance that develops between her and her irresponsible (but good guy) roommate is too cute to dislike.

4: Detective Marty Deeks and Special Agent Kensi Blye (NCIS: LA)

Love these two, and that’s all I have to say.

5: Nancy Drew and Ned (Nancy Drew) – with reservations!

2020 TV ships

I don’t feel as though adding these two is quite fair – yet. You see, I haven’t watched enough of this show to be convinced that I REALLY ship them. But as Ned is the original character (albeit with some modern changes in personality, as likely everyone undergoes), I feel like he’ll be the “long term end goal,” even if there are some break ups here and there.

6: Louisa Durrell and Spiro (The Durrells in Corfu) – SPOILERS!

These two have MANY obstacles, and sometimes we feel as though we cannot fully root them on as a result, but at the end of the day, the actors play these characters so well, it’s tough not to hope for the best, a “best” that doesn’t exactly end in happy.

7: Melinda Monroe and Jack Sheridan (Virgin River)

This romance is extremely well written… up until the final 2 (or maybe 3) episodes when writers decide to put something in that feels cliché and a little bit too “convenient.” That said, I’m still going to hope these two make things work because I’ve already fallen in love with them. Find on Netflix

ALSO!! What do we think of Preacher’s romance?? I really like the guy, so I’m all for this one ending happily (even if it’s looking grim).

8: Abby O’Brien and Trace Riley (Chesapeake Shores)

Chesapeake Shores: Season Two

Most fans are over shipping these two. I am not. I still remember season one Trace, who was settled, and happily willing to make a life with Abbey, despite some complications. It’s my hope that a new season (should it be renewed) will allow them to recapture some elements from their relationship.

9: Kevin and Sarah O’Brien (Chesapeake Shores)

Chesapeake Shores, Season 3

Kevin is the noble good guy who’s also a veteran. Sarah is the tomboy girl who grew up in a house of brothers and now serves as a firefighter. In the aftermath of disappointments in their respective lives, they meet, and help one another move on – and are stronger and better for it. In short, these two are wonderful.

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10:  Greg and Katie Otto (American Housewife)

2020 TV ships
2020 TV ships

Adding these two is unusual for me simply because I don’t watch comedies, generally. But over the last two years (less?), I’ve added some to my rotating list of TV shows, and these two are just… fun. I get a kick out of their relationship (how they handle things, have rough patches, but still unite), Katie’s no-nonsense parenting, and just the show in general. Plus, right or wrong, I have to admit I also ship (100%) Taylor and Tripp; they’re just so darn cute.

11: Mary Phinney and Jed Foster (Mercy Street)

It’s been way too long since I watched these but I remember being enthralled by their connection, and feeling kind of let down that it’s cute short.

12: Jamie Reagan & Eddie Janko (Blue Bloods)

2020 TV Ships

They may be partners on the job (and now with the added complication of Jamie being Eddie’s boss…!) wearing NYPD blue, but these two are also life partners. From their slow-burn romance over some odd five seasons (Eddie comes in at a later point in the show), the way their relationship evolves is beautiful because it’s so unlike the normal TV romance. Plus, these two just fit and make sense.


13: Oliver Queen and Felicity (Arrow)

2020 tv ships

Pretty sure I add these two on every (??) TV ship list I create. I just love them so darn much. Haven’t finished the now concluded series, but I know I’ll be SAD to see some of the story directions the final season takes, but hopefully when I do actually see it (vs reading about it), I’ll be OK with the end.

14: Agatha Raisin and James Lacey (Agatha Raisin) – SPOILERS!

I feel like I’m putting characters on this list who don’t necessarily get their happy ending, and that makes me worried… you see, I’m 100% a happy end story kind of girl, so I’m wondering, where is this coming from? I’ll lay blame on the writers who make us fall for these ships (HARD!) and then break our hearts. That seems fair, right?

15: Bill Wong and Toni Glimour (Agatha Raisin)

I mean, is there a couple any cuter than these two could-be (or is it will-be?) shippers? I’ve adored Bill from day one, but Toni comes in a close second in terms of likeable characters.

BONUS! Lara Jean Covey and Peter

Best of 2018 at the Box Office

Technically these two are in a 90-some minute movie on Netflix, but I think Netflix originals gets shelves in the “TV” category, right? I don’t know. Either way, I love these two.

A Few of the Best TV Ships | 2020 Edition. Fangirl-ing over 15 favorite 2020 TV ships! Who are your favorite TV OTPs?? Text © Rissi JC

Tell me, do you know anyone on this list? Do you root for any of them? I know there are plenty I’ve forgotten or haven’t met yet, so tell me about your favorite TV ships! I look forward to chatting with you in the comment section; see you there!


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