‘Dead Over Diamonds’: Enjoy Another Fun and “Perfect” Mystery!


Real-life marrieds Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega return as the fictional mystery-solving duo (one happily, the other reluctantly) Allie Adams and Sam Acosta in Picture Perfect Mysteries Dead Over Diamonds. A photographer studio owner, Allie’s latest job is photographing a prominent gallery event. While there, the event is burglarized, which means the police are called. This then opens the door for Detective Sam Acosta to investigate the mysterious happening.

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This reunites Allie and Sam, but as Allie persists in investigating (again!), Sam pushes back. But she was at the event, and even without her natural curiosity, she may be able to help. Turns out, Sam isn’t too keen on this idea, but despite his resistance, Allie determines to be a part of the mystery. Only question is, what will the truth be when they find the answers?

Picture Perfect Mysteries: Dead Over Diamonds (2020) Hallmark Mysteries Review

The follow up to ‘Newlywed and Dead,’ this is one of the newer series (comparatively) to the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries signature line that really impresses. What I like most about it, so far, is the path the writer is putting these two characters on. I like that it’s more than just a dance around feelings. The script plays in some natural chemistry between Allie and Sam, and as a result, we’re seeing a genuine interest between them that leads to coffee dates, whereas most series just tease with no forward momentum. Of course, like anything, this will come with ups and downs, but right now, the writing for them is quite good. picture perfect mysteries dead over diamonds

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Another reason this probably works so well is they’re played by a real-life couple, which is not only fun, but makes the relationship easier to see as a genuine one; likely this progression is, in part, their vision, and it’s working. Alexa and Carlos are good in their roles though Alexa has been in the movie business for longer than her husband. The supporting cast is equally good, and makes for a fun group of sleuths to partner with. A few faces from the first film are missing, but if future installments are in the works, I suspect we may yet see them return.

The mystery is fun, and of course, while the good guys puzzle through the pieces, there are other characters who turn out to be suspicious. If you’re into cozy mysteries (it goes without saying this is ideal for Hallmark viewers), then ‘Picture Perfect Mysteries Dead Over Diamonds’ is a fun little story. It’s familiar if you have seen any of these mysteries, but is a new whodunit that progresses the tentative would-be love story, and all of it is a great deal of fun.

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Content: This is clean, like anything from this network, but is TV-PG because it handles murder and other minor “adult topics.”

‘Dead Over Diamonds’: Enjoy Another Fun and “Perfect” Mystery! A review of the Picture Perfect Mysteries Dead Over Diamonds movie. Text © Rissi JC

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