This is the Music I’m Loving on My iPod Playlist


For months now I’ve been plotting a blog post in which I would write an updated “music on my iPod playlist” kind of playlist piece. Clearly that plan never quite came to fruition. The fact remains there are numerous songs I’m obsessed with and adore. Basically I have those songs that I skip over (on repeat) on my iPod, and those that play (on repeat) on the ‘pod.’

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Music is a powerful complexity that can make the listener stop in their tracks and feel a strong connection. It can also have the opposite effect and lift a mood that is maybe mediocre, which can take us from moody to happy in the span of a 2-some minute bit of creative uplifting.

I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to the music I like. Or at least I am for a while after I buy a song. The only artist whose songs I consistently listen to (whether they’re a year old or multiple years) is Taylor Swift. Why I cannot say (especially since I don’t really relate per se to her songs as they aren’t always situations I’ve been through), but this holds true after all these years. Still, now and again I find singles that get their share of play time.

Today we take a look at these “on repeat” songs. (Which I’m realizing are more bittersweet ballads this time around. Hm… wondering why this is?)

Music on My iPod Playlist

1: ‘Head Above Water’ | Tiffany Alvord

A cover song by a popular cover artist, I love this song, though I must admit I’m not sure I’ve listened to the original.

2: ‘Red Ribbon’ | Madilyn Bailey

music on my ipod

She may have changed her name to simply Madilyn, but this song was released under a first and surname initially, and it took the music world by storm. I only recently bought it, and do enjoy its sad melodic sound.

A heart that been broken is a heart that’s been loved – Red Ribbon

3: ‘First Man’ | Camila Cabello

This song… it’s so sweet; it’s a ballad about a girl and her father, and the introduction of the man who captures the heart of the daughter.

4: ‘Wordless’ | Lauren Daigle

Haven’t listed to this song as much, and in fact, I’m pretty sure this is the only song by this artist I own (or have really heard?), but this one is pretty good.

5: ‘Lose You to Love Me’ | Selena Gomez

music on my ipod playlist

This feels like a departure from most of Gomez’s music, and because of this, it’s more vulnerable than most of her upbeat, hip-hop, “club” vibe music. It’s not a song I relate to, but it still is affecting.

6&7: ‘Ocean’ and ‘What If I Never Get Over You’ | Lady Antebellum

I adore both of these songs, though I don’t know why since they’re both kind of sad romance ballads. Still… I cannot help it; they’re lovely.

8: ‘Miss You Sometimes’ | Courtney Shields

music on my ipod

This is sadly, a song that’s message of healing is universally understood by us all. It’s beautiful despite its sorrow.

I only miss you sometimes. …Monday through Sunday but it ain’t that bad. …I only miss you sometimes. – Miss you Sometimes

9: ‘You are the Reason’ (Cover) | Reagan Strange

This is one of my favorite “random” purchases. For some reason I was looking at The Voice performances on iTunes once (because is there a better way to fritter away ones time than browsing?) and this is one of the new songs I bought.

10&11: ‘Delicate’ and ‘New Year’s Day’ | Taylor Swift

Both tunes from the Reputation era, I still listen to this one (and really, most of the album) a lot.

12&13: ‘Cornelia Street’ and ‘London Boy’ | Taylor Swift

These songs are both among my most favorites from the Lover album era; one is a sad, but still really lovely romance ballad, the other upbeat and just plain fun.

And I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
That’s the kind of heartbreak time could never mend – Cornelia Street

lover album

14: Lover (Album) | Taylor Swift

With exception to a few songs, I adore this album, including that beautiful titular track. Yes, I still had to include the entire album despite mentioned a song or two previous to this.

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What about you; what music are you loving right now? Which songs do you play on repeat? Which songs should I add to my ‘music on my iPod playlist’? Comment all of your musical thoughts down below.

This is the Music I'm Loving on My iPod Playlist. Talking some of music on my iPod. What songs are on "repeat" for you? Text © Rissi JC

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  1. First of, I have to say I completely love and agree with the preponderance of Taylor Swift on this list!!

    Second, both my parents are HUGE Lauren Daigle fans, so her songs have gotten a very healthy amount of repetition at our house… and I have to say, I’ve grown to really enjoy her songs as well, particularly ‘Rescue’, which I would definitely recommend everyone listen to at least once. For King & Country’s also very popular, with ‘Burn the Ships’, ‘Joy’ & ‘Pioneers’ particular favourites.

    And third, while I too love ‘What If I Never Get Over You’, my favourite off Lady Antebellum’s latest album actually has to be ‘On a Night Like This’. ‘Seasons’ by Jodi Pederson (which I first heard courtesy of ‘The Perfect Bride’; thank you Hallmark, haha), & ‘To Have You Stay’ from the TV film Country Crush are also ones I consistently find myself listening to over and over as well :)

    Kirsty recently posted: A Romance Book Tag
    1. Right? Gotta’ have all the Taylor Swift songs. ;)

      Ooo! I need to listen to more of For King & Country. I heard one of theirs a while back and did like it, but haven’t bought more. Also, will have to listen to ‘Rescue,’ so thanks!!

      I think I like ‘Night’ from Lady A, too. Makes me want to go listen to their album again. Aww. Both of the songs you mention sound lovely. I’ll have to look them up. :) Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!!

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