10 of the Fun Books I Like, but Rarely Talk About


The world is full of books and the stories inside them that take us on a kind of adventure. We haven’t even begun to read all of the books that relish these adventures, but then there are also those that we have read that we never talk about. Or very rarely.

BOOK REVIEW | ‘What I Like About You’ – A Perfect Kind of YA RomCom

To be honest, I’m not sure if my list is an accurate depiction of this because I feel as those all of the fun books, or those I give 5-stars without hesitation, earn plenty of page time around here, but I did try to look at my bookshelves and pick books I don’t think I talk about as much. But as I said, whether or not this is true is entirely up in the air.

I get points for trying though, right?

Let’s take a look.

Books I Like But Don’t Talk About

1: If I Run by Terri Blackstock

This is a solid mystery that’s not the “norm” when it comes to contemporary romance. It’s a bit slower paced, but it keeps one guessing which is, in part, why I like it. The other is how well the three books (in the series) cover design look together. #CoverSnob Amazon | Goodreads

2: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

This one surprises me, but I did end up liking it as a solid YA read, albeit one that’s a bit angsty. Amazon | Goodreads

3: [Anything by] Irene Hannon

As I looked through archives of past reviews, I realized I don’t must talk about the novels I read by Irene Hannon. Perhaps this is because I haven’t (at least until recently when I read one for the INSPYs) read anything by her for quite some time. But whether it’s Tangled Webs, or Thin Ice, there’s been quite a few I enjoy by her. Find the author on Goodreads

10 of the Fun Books I Like, but Rarely Talk About. Sharing some of the books I like but don't talk about. Question is, why? Text © Rissi JC
4: Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauk

I was bookworm obsessed with this novel. It was one of my most favorite reads of its publication year, and I think, even if only for nostalgia purposes, it remains a favorite. Amazon | Goodreads

5: There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones

To be honest I probably do talk about this one “enough,” but with its eventual movie adaptation (coming next year, maybe?), the excitement level for this one is real. Amazon | Goodreads

6: What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter

Yes I did just recently talk ab out this one because I reviewed it, but as it released last week I don’t think I’ve talked about it too much yet, and guys, this book, it’s all kinds of adorable. It’s like a love letter to us bookworms. Amazon | Goodreads

7: Raptor 6 by Ronie Kendig

Ronie’s books are high-action, and full of detail. Some delve into history along with military pinning’s whereas others are more straight military fiction. Though it’s been a long time since I read a new book by the author, her books always give off good reading experiences. Plus, I’m a softie for any good military depiction. Amazon | Goodreads

10 of the Fun Books I Like, but Rarely Talk About. Sharing some of the books I like but don't talk about. Question is, why? Text © Rissi JC
8: The Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill

Read this one quite some time about and my memory of it is fond. Not sure what I liked best about it though which makes me want to add this to my list of must-revise reviews (a task I’ve been undertaking since my Blogger transfer to WordPress messes up the margins) soon so I can read my at-the-time thoughts. Amazon | Goodreads

9: [Anything by] Katherine Reay

Pretty much anything by Katherine Reay is brilliant, but I don’t know, do I talk about her books already? Maybe I do, but it’s all good. We get it, right? Find the author on Goodreads

10: The Princess by Lori Wick

It’s been years since I read this one, but it’s probably one of the first contemporaries I first fell in love with. Amazon | Goodreads

Your turn! Which books (or authors!) do you enjoy but rarely talk about? Have you read any I mention? Comment down below with all of your thoughts; I’d love to circle back to your blogs and visit, so drop those links below, too.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland

10 of the Fun Books I Like, but Rarely Talk About. Sharing some of the books I like but don't talk about. Question is, why? #TopTenTuesday #BookishLove #BookNerd #MustRead Click To Tweet


10 of the Fun Books I Like, but Rarely Talk About. Sharing some of the books I like but don't talk about. Question is, why? Text © Rissi JC

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    1. I think it’s a pretty solid read! In fact I didn’t anticipate liking it nearly as well as I did, so that’s always a plus in my reader book. :) Thanks for the visit, Anne.

  1. I did the same thing. :) I tried to pick books I don’t talk about much but I suspect a couple or so don’t really fall into that category lol. Oh well! I think What I Like About You sounds good.

    1. Oh well, indeed! Sometimes we cannot help ourselves in the repeat “offenders” on our Top Ten lists, right!? :) Thanks for the visit, Greg.

  2. What I Like About You was one of my anticipated reads for this year and I still haven’t read it yet, but I am so glad you loved it!
    Now I’m even more excited to read it, if that were possible! XD
    I haven’t heard of Katherine Reay before but that cover for The Printed Letter Bookshop is so cute. I need it!
    Great list! Happy Reading! <3

    Lin @ The Reader of a Thousand Stars recently posted: Books I Enjoyed But Rarely SQUEEE About
    1. Hope you enjoy What I Like About You, Lin. It’s so sweet.

      RIGHT!? Gotta love a good cover design – and all of Katherine’s books are worth looking at. :) Thanks for the visit.

  3. I’m afraid I haven’t read any of these books, but I like your valiant effort to share books you don’t think you talk about. I wasn’t 100% how to tackle this topic myself, but in the end decided to share 10 thrillers books I enjoyed, because I feel that is a genre I overlook a bit on my blog. Here’s my post: https://thebookwormchronicles.wordpress.com/2020/04/14/top-ten-tuesday-14th-april-2020/ ?

    jessicabookworm recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday | 14th April 2020
    1. Excellent idea, Jessica! I could have rounded up ten historical novels I like or something since I don’t read much beyond contemporary fiction. Ah, well! Ideas for another day, right? :) Thanks for the visit.

    1. I know this feeling ALL too well, Susan. Having books on my shelf that I’ve intended to read and haven’t gotten to is something I need to improve on. But someday.. right?! :) Enjoy If I Stay is you read it.

    1. YES! I liked If I Stay way more than anticipated, too, and here that’s that’s to be the census, which is pretty darn cool. :) Hope you enjoy What I Like About You. It’s quite cute.

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