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If there’s one thing moviegoers and TV bingers like more than our OTP, it’s a great friendship. Tomorrow marks one of those fun “holidays” that is National Friendship Day – who among us can keep up with these? Fortunately for me, I’ve had this list in the works for a while, and had already put this on my editorial calendar for today! This means, it’s as good an excuse as any to talk about some favorite on-screen friendships, though let’s be honest, it’s not like we need an excuse to talk about favorite friendships, right? I’d bet on this we’d agree.

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I’m trying hard to think of all of my favorites, but I have to be honest, sometimes these things just don’t “click” into place, and that’s the case with this particular collection today. It seems as though on the days you want the mind to engage, it simply won’t. Still, I’m putting forth my best effort today and trying to think of all the besties who have made me laugh and cheer on their friendship over the years of TV binge watching. One thing I try (though cannot promise to avoid all together) to steer clear of is friendships that also act as romances. I wanted to stay only with platonic friendship because, well, I love a solid and memorable friendship in my movie or TV show favorites.

Nonetheless, we’ll jump into the list-ing process, and hope as I go, I’m reminded of all of the friendships I love.

Favorite Friendships: On TV and in Film

1: Agatha Raisin and Roy [and the rest of Agatha and Co.]

From: Acorn TV’s Agatha Raisin (Season One Review)

Why I Like Them: They’re just “fun” together. I don’t know that they have anything “special” in comparison to some friendship duos, but sometimes all we need is a friendship duo that makes us laugh.

2: Anne Shirley and Diana Berry

From: L.M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables (aka the Kevin Sullivan adaptations)

Why I Like Them: I mean I’m pretty sure no matter how many lists of favorite friends I may create, these two will always have to be on it. They’re “classic.”

3: Aurora Teagarden and Sally

From: Hallmark’s Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series

Why I Like Them: Again, I’m not sure I’ve seen any kind of “defining” moment between these two, but seeing them play sleuths together always makes for a good time.

4: The Avengers

avengers: endgame

From: MCU’s Avengers (Review)

Why I Like Them: I mean, it’s Team Avengers. Need I say more?

*I also really like Steven and Falcon as a favorite on-screen friendship duo!

5: Emma Woodhouse and Miss Taylor

From: Jane Austen’s Emma

Why I Like Them: Perhaps this is my oddest pair on this list as Miss Taylor is really more of a mother to Emma (in the sense she’s her governess) than friend. That said, as Emma grows to adulthood, their bond and relationship, naturally, changes. In the end, it’s good because while Emma learns a great deal from this woman, Emma is also able to be there for Miss Taylor (later Mrs. Weston) and it’s sweet.

6: Frankie Drake and Trudie Clark

From: Frankie Drake Mysteries

Why I Like Them: Another duo who make me laugh, and another detective pair, too! This Canadian series showcases strong female friendships and a group of great acting form all those involved, so it’s really a solid story all the way around.

7: Hailey Dean and Fincher Garland

From: Hallmark’s Hailey Dean Mysteries

Hailey Dean: Death on Duty

Why I Like Them: I’ve liked these two from the get-go. They are probably my favorite friends duo on these mystery series, and I appreciate that Fincher is protective of Hailey while still

8: Judy Hobbs and Nick Wilde

From: Disney’s Zootopia (Review)

Why I Like Them: Because, adorable! Also, surprisingly, Judy is able to help Nick see something he never before imagined, and he is able to give her a reality check when she forgets her core principle.

9: Lola Buckley and Chelsea

From: Netflix’s Wanted

On Netflix: The Most ‘Wanted’ in Australia. Talking about my latest Netflix watch ("on Netflix Wanted") and what it's all about. Text © Rissi JC

Why I Like Them: Really these two have more of a mother-daughter relationship as Lola is the caregiver that Chelsea never had. That said, there is also the strength of friendship here as these two come to be willing to do anything for each other.

10: Lorelai Gilmore and Sookie St. James

From: Gilmore Girls

Why I Like Them: Really, I just like Sookie. She’s hilarious. But in all seriousness, these two do share some great story threads in which one is there for the other when the circumstances call for it, even if that means speaking a truth the person doesn’t want to hear.

11: Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke

From: USA Network’s White Collar

White Collar Season Three

Why I Like Them: This is an interesting friendship because Neal is the “criminal” who receives leniency in exchange for working for the FBI, and he also picks up the careful watch of the by-the-book FBI agent Peter Burke. There’s always a sense of distrust between them, but I really felt as though the end changed this between them.

12: New Girl and Company

From: Fox’s New Girl

Why I Like Them: Who doesn’t love these characters?

13: Oliver Queen and John Diggle

From: CW’s Arrow

Looking at some of our most favorite friendships from TV shows and such.

Why I Like Them: These two have a really strong friendship even in season one, though as this show progresses, and the darker it becomes (still haven’t finished the last two – I think – seasons yet) so does their friendship encounter strife. Still, I have hope all will end well between them. Plus, I think Diggle is just, all around a great friend, as he proves to be to all of Team Arrow.

14: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

From: CBS’ Elementary and BBC’s Sherlock

Why I Like Them: I like these two in both of the more recent TV adaptations from America and British studios. In CBS’ version, Watson is a woman while BBC’s opts for the consulting male detecting duo, but either way, these friends are a favorite. I like that Watson pushes Sherlock to be the best version of human he can be.

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15: [She-Wolf Trio] DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy

From: Netflix’s Fuller House

Looking at some of our most favorite friendships from TV shows and such.

Why I Like Them: If I ever watched an episode of the 90s sitcom Full House, I don’t’ remember it, but a while back I did start to watch some of Fuller House (the Netflix revival), and it’s really cute. Especially the themes of friendship, which show the good and bad (in a comical way) side of living with a bestie. favorite friendships

16: The Sweet Magnolias

From: Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias

Why I Like Them: The friendships on this book-to-Netflix adaptation are so strong. I haven’t quite finished this show… yet, but so far, it’s wonderful. I love the deep-seated respect and solid friendships it portrays between its three leads.

17: Tammy and Sebastian Lund

From: CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans

Why I Like Them: These two very different people (she a call-it-like-it-is-temper-at-the-ready agent, and he a geek-turned-agent) somehow get along, and eventually, become roommates, which in my opinion is not played up enough on this show. We need more of Sebastian trying to get Tammy to do her dishes…!

18: Thomas Magnum, T.C. and Rick [and Higgns, too!]

From: CBS’ Magnum P.I. (2019) (Season One Review)

Why I Like Them: These three are bonded through the horrors of a war, and I love that, even though Thomas annoys them (a lot!) with his queries for favors, T.C. and Rick are there for their friend, no matter the circumstance.

19: Veronica Mars and Wallace

From: Veronica Mars (2014 Film Review)

Why I Like Them: These two! I love them. Of course, there’s also Mac who makes the rest of a friendship trio, but it’s really Veronica and Wallace that I best love. He’s so supportive of Veronica, and I love that their friendship stands all the time.

Which friendships do you like most? Do you have any favorite on-screen friendships that are underrated? Have you met any of these besties? Comment all of your thoughts below.


Some of the Best On-Screen Friendships. Talking some favorite friendships, on the big and small screen! Text © Rissi JC

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  1. Red and Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption. This should be number 1. The entire movie was about how they saved each other.

  2. Great picks! I love Anne and Diana and their kindred spiritness. Lorelai and Sookie are great too! Some that came to mind are Kathleen and Birdie in You’ve Got Mail, the boys in The Sandlot, Jo and Laurie from Little Women, the gang from How I Met Your Mother, Michael Weston and Sam Axe from Burn Notice.

    1. SAME! Anne and Diana are the best. It’s been SO long since I’ve seen “You’ve Got Mail” and I don’t think I’ve ever seen “The Sandlot.” OHMYGOODNESS! YES. I would have loved to add Michael and Sam. They’re favorites – and definitely two I could use to start that eventual “part 2” list. :)

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