The Mystery and Romance of Nora Roberts’ Movies – Ranked!


Years ago I watched most, if not all, of the made-for-TV films based on novels by prolific author, Nora Roberts. After years of sitting on my shelf, we pulled them off and re-watched each one in the stack. This inspired me to write a Nora Roberts movie ranking list, which I hope will be fun.

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There are three I didn’t re-watch, and in the interest of being thorough, I learned there’s an old title I never even saw (Sanctuary, 2001). The three I didn’t re-watch are, Angels Fall (Heather Locklear); Midnight Bayou; and Tribute in which Brittney Murphey stars. I remember not liking the conclusion of ‘Midnight,’ but don’t remember much about the other two.

Either way, what surprises me most about this re-watch fest is how different my thoughts are given my impression of them. Let’s take a look at how all of this shakes out.

Nora Roberts Movie Ranking

Listed from least to most favorite

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6: Blue Smoke (2007)

This was the first of my re-watch picks, and I’ll be honest, I thought I really liked this one. It features Alicia Witt (who many will know from Hallmark) as an arson investigator, and the plot is good, but how it executes everything is a little annoying; it relies too much on flashbacks, and the entire opening that flashes backwards is long and if I’m being honest, a bit boring. You can find Blue Smoke on DVD.

5: Carolina Moon (2007)

The Mystery and Romance of Nora Roberts’ Movies – Ranked! Sharing this Nora Roberts movie ranking list (just because!). All text © Rissi JC

This might be the one film I hadn’t seen until I re-watched all of the movies. I was sure that I had, but the Claire Forliani led mystery isn’t one I remembered as the plot unfolds. It follows a woman with a past that shuns her when she returns to her former childhood hometown. There she is ill-treated by the people who believe her father is responsible for the death of her best friend. You can find Carolina Moon on DVD.

4: Northern Lights (2009)

With once-upon-a-time music superstar LeAnn Rimes, this one features her as a pilot in the Northern atmosphere that is Alaska. The plot brings a new deputy to town, and naturally, sparks fly between the two. Trivia fact: this is also how LeAnn met her current husband Eddie Cibrian. You can find Northern Lights on DVD.

3: Carnal Innocence (2011)

I have a soft spot for this one because it features Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice and Colin Egglesfield who appeared a handful of times in Rizzoli and Isles. The plot stacks up the body count as the mystery unfolds, but it’s still a solid mystery even if the end is bittersweet. You can find Carnal Innocence digitally on Amazon Video or on DVD.

2: Montana Sky (2007)

I’ll confess I’m waffling between my top two picks, which is odd because I did not remember liking Montana Sky as well as I do this time through. Ashley Williams co-stars with John Corbett in this drama about family and of course, romance.

1: High Noon (2009)

high noon (2009)

Overall I think this is my favorite. (But ask me tomorrow, and who knows.) Emilie De Ravin (of Once Upon a Time) stars as a hostage negotiator and single mother. The personal lives of the characters are interesting, and I like that this romance, though full of sparks, takes more time in putting the would-be lovers together. Makes their relationship more real; same can be said of Montana Sky, which has an already establish friendship (of a sort) between the lovers. You can find High Noon (2009) on DVD.

*Note, while some of these feature Hallmark stars, these are all very adult films. Each has sexual content, adult themes, and some profanity. All receive a TV-14 rating.

Your turn. Have you seen any of these? Which did you like or dislike? How would you rank these titles? Comment all the comments down below.


The Mystery and Romance of Nora Roberts’ Movies – Ranked! Sharing this Nora Roberts movie ranking list (just because!). All text © Rissi JC
The Mystery and Romance of Nora Roberts’ Movies – Ranked! Which of these have you seen? #Movies #MoviestoWatch #Romance #Suspense #NoraRoberts Click To Tweet

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