The Mystery and Romance of Nora Roberts’ Movies – Ranked!


Years ago I watched most, if not all, of the made-for-TV films based on novels by prolific author, Nora Roberts. After years of sitting on my shelf, we pulled them off and re-watched each one in the stack. This inspired me to write a Nora Roberts movie ranking list, which I hope will be fun. nora roberts movie ranking

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There are three I didn’t re-watch, and in the interest of being thorough, I learned there’s an old title I never even saw (Sanctuary, 2001). The three I didn’t re-watch are, Angels Fall (Heather Locklear); Midnight Bayou; and Tribute in which Brittney Murphey stars. I remember not liking the conclusion of ‘Midnight,’ but don’t remember much about the other two.

Either way, what surprises me most about this re-watch fest is how different my thoughts are given my impression of them. Let’s take a look at how all of this shakes out.

Nora Roberts Movie Ranking

Listed from least to most favorite

6: Blue Smoke (2007)

This was the first of my re-watch picks, and I’ll be honest, I thought I really liked this one. It features Alicia Witt (who many will know from Hallmark) as an arson investigator, and the plot is good, but how it executes everything is a little annoying; it relies too much on flashbacks, and the entire opening that flashes backwards is long and if I’m being honest, a bit boring.

5: Carolina Moon (2007)

The Mystery and Romance of Nora Roberts’ Movies – Ranked! Sharing this Nora Roberts movie ranking list (just because!). All text © Rissi JC

This might be the one film I hadn’t seen until I re-watched all of the movies. I was sure that I had, but the Claire Forliani led mystery isn’t one I remembered as the plot unfolds. It follows a woman with a past that shuns her when she returns to her former childhood hometown. There she is ill-treated by the people who believe her father is responsible for the death of her best friend.

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4: Northern Lights (2009)

With once-upon-a-time music superstar LeAnn Rimes, this one features her as a pilot in the Northern atmosphere that is Alaska. The plot brings a new deputy to town, and naturally, sparks fly between the two. Trivia fact: this is also how LeAnn met her current husband Eddie Cibrian.

3: Carnal Innocence (2011)

I have a soft spot for this one because it features Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice and Colin Egglesfield who appeared a handful of times in Rizzoli and Isles. The plot stacks up the body count as the mystery unfolds, but it’s still a solid mystery even if the end is bittersweet. nora roberts movie ranking

2: Montana Sky (2007)

I’ll confess I’m waffling between my top two picks, which is odd because I did not remember liking Montana Sky as well as I do this time through. Ashley Williams co-stars with John Corbett in this drama about family and of course, romance.

1: High Noon (2009)

high noon (2009)

Overall I think this is my favorite. (But ask me tomorrow, and who knows.) Emilie De Ravin (of Once Upon a Time) stars as a hostage negotiator and single mother. The personal lives of the characters are interesting, and I like that this romance, though full of sparks, takes more time in putting the would-be lovers together. Makes their relationship more real; same can be said of Montana Sky, which has an already establish friendship (of a sort) between the lovers.

*Note, while some of these feature Hallmark stars, these are all very adult films. Each has sexual content, adult themes, and some profanity. All receive a TV-14 rating.

Your turn. Have you seen any of these? Which did you like or dislike? How would place these titles in a Nora Roberts movie ranking? Comment all the comments down below.


The Mystery and Romance of Nora Roberts’ Movies – Ranked! Sharing this Nora Roberts movie ranking list (just because!). All text © Rissi JC

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