Friday Favorites the First: This is about Some Random Favorites


This week, for booktube, I decided to publish something quite different (at least for the channel). I’ve seen variations of this on other channels, and as I planned the rest of my year on booktube, I thought it seemed like a fun idea, and so a ‘Recent Favorites’ video was filmed. Though it’s a bit lengthier than it should be, I have this notion that I might like to publish something like this once in a while (hopefully shorter!), and so with that said, I thought I’d cross post the fun over here with the first “Friday Favorites edition one” publication.

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Today I’m just going to go through some of the things I talk about in the video (though I talk about additional things in said video) and share where I got them from, here hopefully, I’ll be a bit more concise in my thoughts. This is the goal anyway. With all that said, let’s get to sharing these random, recentish favorites.

Friday Favorites Edition One


I really like fashion, but apart from inspo I see or things I read, I know nothing about it when it comes to description, fabrics, etc. But one of the trends I do like is the delicate jewelry trend. There’s someone I follow on Instagram who is about to launch a fine jewelry line, and so I am toying with the idea of purchasing a few pieces here and there since chains and small earrings are more “classic” than some of the fun, funky, brightly colored jewelry that comes and goes.

Friday Favorites Edition One: This is Some of my Random Favorites. Sharing some of my favorites like jewelry and skin care! Text © Rissi JC

With that said, on Amazon, I purchased this set of Dainty 14K Real Gold Plated Necklace set as a kind of “test” to see what I might like (lengths, looks, feel, etc.) if I’d purchase some quality pieces. I love this look and feel like it’s one (whether you layer or don’t) that will have staying power in the world of fashion.

Energy Drinks

Something I indulge in way too often is the Bubbl’r Energy drink. For me, if I’ve drank water all day long, it’s the perfect way to treat myself at the end of the day. Plus, they also do give me that little boast of energy (because of the “natural” caffeine) if I’m feeling a little sluggish. There’s lots of flavors, but my very favorite (and pretty much the only one I drink) is Cranberry-Grapefruit. If you want to amp up the flavor more, the best addition is slices of lemon and lime. Trust me, it’s good.

Friday Favorites the First: This is about Some Random Favorites. Sharing some of my random – #skincare & more, favorite things to use or indulge in. What are some of your favorites? #Tula #Bubblr #RandomFavorites #FavoriteThings Click To Tweet

Skin Care

This is a category I know zero about when it comes to the science of products. Instead I read about skin care, and try to find things that I feel will work ok for me. I’ve been on the hunt for at least two years now to find some skin care that I feel works best. At the same time, I also try to find quality skin care that is, bonus, also CLEAN. I’ve tried brands like Everyone (which is supposed to be good and clean) and Andalou, which does contain probiotics, something skin is supposed to need. These lines are typically anywhere between six and twelve dollars, though Andalou does have some serums that are a bit pricier. More recently I decided to try the even pricier, Tula Skin Care.

This is a brand that says it’s clean, is packed with probiotics, and “effective” so naturally it’s something I’m hopeful will help my always irritated and problematic skin. The item I tried first from them is their ‘Face Filter’ blurring primer, a product I never used but am recently aware that probably I should. I like this product, more so when my face is having a good day because it does have a tint to it (it comes out white, but when you blend it, it has this pretty shimmery, almost “sun kissed” look), and so I feel comfortable wearing it solo. Also, I pretty much always wear it solo just because I haven’t really found a solid foundation that is a “ride or die” pick.

Another product I more recently tried from them is their purifying facial cleanser. This is their ‘Cult Classic’ and something that seems to be endlessly well loved. I haven’t used this as long but am hopeful it will help my skin; it’s benefits should clean your skin really well as a purifying wash, something that feels like a big pro to me! I haven’t used it that long, but so far I don’t feel as though it’s made anything worse. The only thing I’m not big on is that it contains fragrance. I did just order their gentle cleaner, so maybe that will be the better option.

See more of my rambles on Tula (including an exfoliator and eye balm) in the video. (I do have a referral link in the video description if you’ve been curious about the brand. To take advantage, you have to order through the link which will get you a percentage off your order, and send me a code for a % off a future order; but it does not up your cost or add on any fees.)

Ok, that’s a wrap for this first ‘Friday Favorites’ publication. There’s more in this week’s booktube video, if you’re curious. Tell me, have you tried any of these? Do you have a favorite skin care line or foundation? Favorite “treat” drink? Comment all of your thoughts – pro or con, down in the comments.


Friday Favorites the First: This is about Some Random Favorites. Sharing friday favorites edition one aka jewelry & skin care! © Rissi JC

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