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Of the network stations, the one three letter network I like most consistently is CBS. This is speaking of their procedurals and nothing else since I don’t watch the new or reality TV (with exception to Dancing with the Stars). Just for fun and “because,” I’m going to rank CBS shows that I watch.

CBS is the one network I watch the most TV from and therefore the one that impresses most consistently. Their shows seems to have this way of using headline stories and finding the truth “between the lines,” all of which they do in a way that is respectful of the heroes the actors represent.

DISCUSSION | Faces of a Romance Adaptation: The One All About Emma.

This list will not take into account shows like FBI, SEAL Team or S.W.A.T as I haven’t watched enough to know my thoughts on either, but I will say, what I saw of the former really impressed me. These rankings are based on least to most favorite, and will only include current shows. Let’s take a look.


8: Bull

Seasons: 5

Michael Weatherly stayed at CBS when he moved from NCIS to this, and it’s good. I do enjoy this one, but despite its multiple seasons, it hasn’t gripped me in the way other shows on this channel do. TV-14

7: NCIS: New Orleans

Seasons: 6

I do really like this fourth (one didn’t make it) NCIS spin-off, but this past season something happened that changes all of the dynamics and makes the show feel a bit “empty.” That said, it’s still a really good show and once I’m not going to quit watching. TV-14

6: MacGyver

Seasons: 4

This may have been further up on the “favorites” list were it not for its last season. It’s very unlike the normal MacGyver story-telling (being one big seasonal ARC story vs. separate stories each episode). Shows are SO much stronger when they don’t devote entire seasons to one storyline, or worse MULTIPLE-seasons like Arrow did. Either way, I still love these characters and hope next season returns to doing what MacGyver does BEST! TV-14

5: Blood & Treasure

Seasons: 1 (a second season was ordered)

Ok, so this is the only show on my list that’s a summer feature, but it’s such fun. My mother and binged it a couple of months ago, and while I liked it more than her, we both loved the chemistry between the leads, and found the best friend character hilarious. Plus, I appreciate that this hero didn’t fall into stereotypical patterns. If you like things like National Treasure, you’d enjoy this.TV-14

4: Magnum P.I.

Seasons: 2

This re-make of the 80s classic is really quite fun. Between the changes in how Higgins is a part of Magnum’s world and the strong bonds between the service members (Magnum, Rick and T.C.), the show has something good going. I’m just hoping it stays in this format. TV-14

3: NCIS: Los Angeles

Seasons: 11

rank CBS shows | NCIS: LA, CBS

Still enjoy this second spin-off. The cast is strong, and with exception to a few changes here and there, the main cast is still intact unlike so many of its other peers. Plus, the LA “vibe” is just cool.TV-14


Seasons: 17

There’s a reason this show has so many seasons. It’s the original Naval Criminal Investigative Service TV show, is one of the good ones. In fact, this one could in first place as easily as the show I put there. It’s just that good.TV-14

1: Blue Bloods

Seasons: 10

rank CBS shows | Blue Bloods, CBS

This show… I love it. It’s proof that a show doesn’t need to end with a cliffhanger or feature any tangled web story lines that interweave through multiple seasons to be good. The family dynamics and the episodic stories are always fabulous. TV-14

What about you? Do you watch CBS dramas? How would you rank CBS shows? Which are your favorites?? Comment all of the thoughts down below.

This is How I Rank the Best CBS TV Dramas [That I Watch]. Taking a look at how I rank CBS shows, and which is my favorite. Text © Rissi JC
This is How I Rank the Best CBS TV Dramas [That I Watch]. Taking a look at how I rank CBS shows, and which is my favorite. #TVShows #CBS #WhatIWatch #WhattoWatch #CBSAllAccess Click To Tweet

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  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea and a really fun post; as major fans of crime procedurals, CBS is my family’s main go-to portal as well!!

    Except for the fact I haven’t yet managed to bring myself to watch Magnum P.I., overall I’m in agreeance with the majority of your rankings & opinions (particularly on Bull, Blood & Treasure, & MacGyver). I also LOVE that NCIS: LA made it to your Top 3; while I’ve been aware of it for years, I really only started watching it last year, & ended up blitzing through the first 8 or 9 seasons in about a month or so… and my adoration for it is only about 85% because of Deeks, haha!

    If I were to make my own list, the only additional show I would include is SEAL Team, which is, for the most part, all kinds of brilliant, & I would definitely recommend continuing with it!

    1. Hi, Kirsty! Thank you. I had this random idea because I watch MOST of my shows from CBS. Trying to decide what to “rank” next. ;)

      I LOVE NCIS: LA, and yes, Deeks is a HUGE part of this. Of course, I also love Eric and Nell, and really… everyone. I do wish G would find someone though. I mean I get why the writers DON’T put his character with someone, but I’d also like to see him find some happiness and “settle” a bit. :) Magnum is REALLY good. My dad didn’t really like it as well in the beginning but I think he’s liked it better now, at least what he’s seen.

      Thanks! Good to know about SEAL Team. I watched the pilot, but nothing else. Maybe I’ll give it a chance next time I’m ready to start another show for my one-show-a-night ritual. Right now I’m playing catch up on Murdoch Mysteries. :)

  2. We actually really like Magnum P.I., too! Sure, the stories are a little ridiculous, but it’s fun. We also like the two FBI shows, I think they’re on CBS anyway!

    1. Magnum P.I. is nearly (for me) impossible not to enjoy. It’s just so fun. :) Yes! The FBI shows are CBS. I watched a few episodes of the original show and really like it, but don’t feel I’ve seen “enough” of them to rank the show. Ideally, I’d have liked to watch the first season to consider it. Glad to meet another CBS-show fan. :)

  3. I totally agree with your #1 and #2. It is hard , I would put them as a tie. We still watch NCIS LA and NOLA. But they have recently shown some irritating elements. Have not watched either remake: Magyver or Magnum. We prefer the originals. Bull was pretty good at the beginning, but we stopover watching for some reason. Guess we need to check out Blood and Treasure.
    Thanks for this list. CBS has been our favorite network for many years. ( if you don’t count PBS Mysteries) We stream other shows.

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