‘Mean Girls’ is the Super Quotable but Silly Comedy


One this day, October 3, I randomly decided, why not publish a review of the cult classic, Mean Girls? Why does this make sense? Well, because ‘October 3’ is part of its most famous quote lines.

Mean Girls (2004) Film Review

Homeschooled for most of her life, while her parents work in Africa, 16-year-old Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) is coming back to the states. The greatest culture shock of all is attending public high school where she ends up becoming a part of the A-list “Plastics,” led by the ruthless Regina George (Rachel McAdams). All is well and good until Cady begins to take an interest in a cute boy (Jonathan Bennet) who happens to be Regina’s ex.

This sets into motion a new kind of rivalry between the eager to fit in Cady, and the queen bee, along with her posse.

This film has never been a favorite of mine to be honest. I don’t think I’ve seen it that many times, but it’s always been entertaining enough, just not all that memorable. That said, what is fun is to see all of the people I frequently see in films today. Stars like Rachel McAdams (who plays characters I always end up liking); Lacey Chabert (a popular Hallmark star); Amanda Seyfried; Diego Klattenhoff (The Blacklist); and director Mark Waters, who also directed Freaky Friday. mean girls

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‘Mean Girls’ is the Super Quotable but Silly Comedy. A review of the 2004 comedy with Lindsay Lohan. #October3 #MeanGirls #MovieQuotes #Movies Click To Tweet

Beyond this, the story is similar to many other high school dramedies, but also kind of funny. There’s a lot of “bully” tactics, which never ceases to amaze me considering all of the inclusive speak and information so many preach, that somehow only seems to apply to anyone who is a little bit different than what the others preach. This is true of the way they portray Cady’s prior schooling, which is, if I remember right, made fun of. Something I can also recall not appreciating. But, I’m getting off track, and this subject is for another day.

If you look at this surface level, it can be fun. If you look at the number of reviews (and the average star rating!) on an outlet like Amazon, you will see, this is a fan favorite for many viewers. While fun to see so many popular stars in their younger years, and this one is super quotable (there’s lots of popular movie catch phrases), this isn’t a film I watch over and over again. That said, I find it fun for certain reasons, even if they are unpopular ones.

I prefer similar titles like What a Girl Wants, Clueless, The DUFF, and others, but Mean Girls has its attributes. There’s some good scenes, a cute romance, and of course, a girl finding her way in a very unfamiliar place.


‘Mean Girls’ is the Super Quotable but Silly Comedy. A review of the 2004 comedy with Lindsay Lohan. All text © Rissi JC

Content: there’s at least one use of the f-word, along with other commonplace profanities (like b*tch, etc.). There is also plenty of sexual content [implications and suggestive comments, including references to a teacher having a relationship with a student] and other related humor. There’s teen drinking/parties, as well lots of bullying thematic elements. The film is PG-13.

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