New Girl, Season One and Two: A Cheery Sitcom Full of Smiles


Once in while you see something on Netflix, take a chance, and hit that ‘play’ button. One of my latest risks is New Girl, a since-cancelled TV show that currently resides on streaming services for the re-watch pleasure of viewers. new girl season one and two

New Girl, Season One and Two TV Show Review

Though she tries to be cheerful and make the world a better place with her outlook, Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) is anything but right now. Today is a low point for Jess. After years together, her boyfriend decides he’s into someone else. This not only leaves the blissfully-happy Jess with a broken heart, but also without a place to live.

This leads her to a loft in need of a roommate. Her would-be roommates include Schmidt (Max Greenfield), a want-to-be career professional who thinks he’s something of a Casanova; and eventually, there’s Winston (Lamorne Morris), a former basketball player. Then there’s Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), the third roomie. Nick is a bit of a mess and without the promise of a good job in his future, he’s the least responsible of the bunch.

But together with Jess’ bestie CeCe (Hannah Simone), this group of misfits just might be what she needs to find her happy again.

New Girl, Season One and Two

Since I never watch shows as they currently air, the same can be said of Fox’s New Girl. I knew of its existence, but didn’t think it was something that would be a good entertainment fit. Plus, for no particular reason, I don’t tend to watch half-hour comedies. Then one day while I was in the mood for something nonsensical and fun, I finally pressed play in the hopes New Girl would be just this.

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Fortunately, it is. Like its titular character, this show is a breath of fresh air albeit one that comes with flaws. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of procedural dramas. Nonetheless, sometimes as a TV watcher, I’m still look for something that tackles the lighter sides of life.

As a character Jess is a little ray of sunshine. She’s hilarious, and because of her upbeat nature, she makes the viewer what to view life more positively. Plus, we relate to her wonderfully awkward self. The way she encourages her housemates, and students (as a teacher) is infectious. Speaking of those housemates, each one is a great deal of fun to hang out with. It’s the friendship that builds between these four characters that keeps its viewer invested in them, and the humor that keeps us hitting “play” on the next episode. Something I indulge in a bit too frequently.

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Though I haven’t seen season three and beyond, the first two seasons are full of humor and heart. The cast is also quite good, and each characterization is unique. Whether it’s Schmidt’s annoying know-it-all aptitude or Nick’s slacker personality are the contrasts needed for Jess’ bubbly outlook. Not sure where I’d place Winston, but I still love him. new girl season one and two

Over two seasons, we watch friendships blossoms, arguments that tear some apart, secrets, new romances, and a will-they-or-won’t-they tease. There’s also lots of familiar guest stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Dermot Mulroney, and Justin Long.

If you want something happy-go-lucky that doesn’t dive into the world’s drudgery, consider starting New Girl. Only be warned, you’ll want to binge this half-hour ray of sunshine.

Content: there’s plenty of sexual innuendo throughout the series. Everyone sleeps around, and goes from partner to partner; CeCe and Schmidt have a very casual view (as does everyone really) of a sexual relationship. There’s some profanity and various other crude comments.

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  1. I really loved the first two seasons of this show, but lost interest after that. Sadly, I don’t think the following seasons were nearly as good. I recently started watching a new thirty minute comedy series, Bless this Mess. that I’m liking so far about a New York couple who move to a rural Nebraska farm. It’s clean and so far without political agenda. I miss the days of good comedy series.

    1. Bummer! Season three is where I’d need to pick up again (and I still plan on it, but I told myself I couldn’t watch anymore until I wrote my thoughts for seasons 1 and 2; sometimes you have to give yourself rules. ;D). I like where S2 ends, so I may wish I’d stopped there… we’ll see. Sometimes the longer I go without seeing characters/something, the less interest I have.

      Aww! Bless this Mess sounds and looks so fun! I remember giggling over its trailer, but haven’t tried it. YES! No political agenda!? That’s SO rare. :)

  2. I am SO excited to hear you decided to give this show a chance, and it paid off. New Girl has occupied a Top 5 Place on my list of favourite sit-coms ever for years, and won’t be budged anytime soon. The brilliant combination of genuinely funny humour, and sincerely heart-warming relationships is pure gold; I can watch an episode I’ve already seen maybe 10 times before, and laugh just as hard as the first time.

    And while I agree that the second half of Season 3 and first half of Season 4 aren’t quite as good as the first two, I personally believe the rest are still worth watching.

    Oh, and also, I love your review; you summed everything up beautifully!

    1. Right!? Same here, Kristy. I SO enjoyed the first two seasons. Haven’t gone back to it yet (made myself write these thoughts before I could move on – gotta have writer boundaries! ;D), but I still plan to pick it up in S3. Glad to here the show is worth keeping up with even through it’s not-so-good times. I love hearing that. Thank YOU very much for reading! I appreciate it. :)

    1. This one is SO much fun, Tracy, and like you, I always love a good upbeat show. What I’ve seen of this one, it’s upbeat and then some! :)

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