All of the Pretty Book Covers that is Autumn’s Splendor


The colors of autumn are some of my favorites in the way of creativity. This is why creating lists of books with stunning autumn-hued cover designs  Though I’ve done this list for two (or three??) years, I’ve decided to go ahead and put another together, and am going to try to find a few books I didn’t feature from year’s past. Though to be honest, I cannot promise this since I tend to set a limit for myself, meaning all the books have to be from my bookshelf. This all said, let’s talk about the pretty autumn book covers.

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As I said, you’ve probably seen plenty of these on lists like this here, but sometimes when a book cover is pretty, well one has to re-hype it – at least a dozen or so times. Sometimes covers are so pretty you want to frame them (though I never have), and sometimes we hesitate unhulling a book just because it’s so aesthetic. Enough said. Here’s some of the pretty autumn book covers from my bookshelf.

Pretty Autumn Book Covers: 2020 Edition

1: Far from the Tree, Robin Benway

I mean, the leaves on this cover art scream autumn splendor! Amazon | Goodreads

2: Autumn’s Shadow, Lyn Cote

Read this one years ago. Someday I should give it a re-read, just because. Amazon | Goodreads

3: Practically Married, Karin Beery

Don’t think I finished this one, but it’s a cute almost-marriage-of-convenience contemporary, which is quite unusual. Amazon | Goodreads

4: Meet Me on Love Lane, Nicole Bocci

I don’t mind admitting, I totally just bought this one while putting together this list. Yes, I’m bookish crazy. Amazon | Goodreads

5: Patience, Lori Copeland

I don’t own the re-package of this one (which is the cover featured here), but still feel as though the old cover fits, plus I still own it. Also, did anyone else read any of these old release western novels?? Amazon | Goodreads

All of the Pretty Book Covers that is Autumn's Splendor. Talking pretty autumn book covers. All text © Rissi JC
6: What Happened to Goodbye, Sarah Dessen

No idea the season of this one, but just look at those autumnal tones! I should also note, nope, still haven’t read a Dessen novel. Amazon | Goodreads

7: The Trouble with Cowboys, Denise Hunter

Had this one on my list from three years ago, but decided to re-add it because a: it was in black and white and b: there’s going to be repeats, and c: it’s a cuuute autumn-esque cover. Amazon | Goodreads

8: Glass Girl, Laura Anderson Kruk

This has been on my shelf for forever, but despite the praise I heard of it (back at its release), I never read it. *sigh* Yet another lingering book on my bookcase. Amazon | Goodreads

9: The Bronte Plot, Katherine Reay

Using this one because a: Katherine’s books are lovely, and b: the colors remind me of autumn! Amazon | Goodreads

10: As Easy as Riding a Bike, Bell Renshaw  

Cannot remember the season in which this takes place, but it has that pretty autumn-y vibe. Amazon | Goodreads

11: From the Start, Melissa Tagg

Yes I feature this one on probably any and all of my autumn- Amazon | Goodreads

12: My Stubborn Heart (Re-Issue), Becky Wade

This re-issue edition of Becky Wade’s debut novel is ideally perfect for this season. I mean, look at how pretty it is!! Amazon | Goodreads 

All of the Pretty Book Covers that is Autumn's Splendor. Talking pretty autumn book covers. All text © Rissi JC
13: Just Like Home, Courtney Walsh

This recent release is just stunning on its own, but I also think it has a very seasonal appeal to it. The pose, and the bokeh effect is charm personified (oh, yeah, and swoony too). Amazon | Goodreads

14: You Don’t Know Me, Susan May Warren

This one has all the perfect fall vibe-ing looks with its walking-through-the-leaves picture it presents. Amazon | Goodreads

15: Fame, Fate and the First Kiss, Kasie West

Had to sneak a Kasie West book on here. Amazon | Goodreads

BONUS! More Pretty Autumn Book Covers [On My Shelf]

All of the Pretty Book Covers that is Autumn's Splendor. Talking pretty autumn book covers. All text © Rissi JC

What about you? Do you have any books on your shelf that still look or seem relevant to today’s popular cover design? Are any still “trendy”? Tell me all about your favorite types of cover design or any cover love comments.


All of the Pretty Book Covers that is Autumn's Splendor. Talking pretty autumn book covers. All text © Rissi JC
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    1. It is cute, isn’t it? Ironically, I think the first time I saw that cover was on Jana’s website. Felt right to add it in to this year’s list. :) Thanks for stopping by, Christopher.

    1. Robin’s is pretty ideal for this week’s topic, so I totally understand you almost choosing that one, Anne. Thanks for the visit.

  1. A couple of these made it to my Top Ten Tuesday list, and I’m kicking myself for not adding You Don’t Know Me! It is pure fall!

    And great minds think alike with that series from Lori Copeland, although I picked a different one. I remember reading the old covers. ?

    1. I read Lori’s SO many years ago; sometimes I wonder if I should pick up some of my teen reads just to see what I think of them today, but then I also don’t want to taint the good memories I have of them. :) Thanks so much for the visit, Christy.

    1. So fun! I love those kind of posts. It’s always neat to look at comparisons of favorite cover designs. :) Thanks for visiting, Vee.

    1. It sounds like a really good read; I should try to read it during the autumn season, but who knows if I’ll make the time for it. :) Thanks for the visit, Dedra.

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