Every year, though I do not know why, I publish a post like this. I’m not sure if it’s just for fun (more likely) or a means to hold myself more accountable for the things I still need to accomplish (less likely) in this most wonderful, but more hectic, time of year. As I sit here sipping a cup of hot tea (at an hour of the night where I shouldn’t be engaging my brain because let’s be real, sleep is important) and doing a bit of Christmas shopping (ok, so yes, right now it’s looking for something I’d like), I’m trying my hand at multi-tasking. On tonight’s agenda is the hope I’ll find some things as inspiration for gifts, watching more of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (because writing project) and you guessed it, writing this Christmas 2020 to-do list.

LIST | The 2020 Hallmark Christmas Romance: How I Rank Them (So Far)

One positive change on this list in comparison to other years is that I don’t think I’m going to have as much on this list, and I’m TOTALLY fine with this. I made the decision not to send out cards this year which sort of breaks my creative heart, but on the other hand the choice to make 50+ cards (and I know this doesn’t sound like all that much) is a chore. So taking a year off feels… right. Plus, sadly, Christmas cards seems a lost art and as my family doesn’t receive any (the number is maybe… five?), I often wonder if receivers even want to get a Christmas card. Is that weird? Anyway, back on topic.

It’s time to take a look at the things I do have on this year’s checklist (and what I’ve actually accomplished; I’m betting next to nothing).


A GOOD KIND OF CHRISTMAS TO-DO CHECKLIST. Looking at the Christmas 2020 to-do list of tasks! Text © Rissi JC
A GOOD KIND OF CHRISTMAS TO-DO CHECKLIST. Looking at the tasks of this Christmas 2020 to-do list is made of! #ChristmasToDo #ChristmasGifts #ChristmasMovies #Christmas Click To Tweet

1: Bake Christmas Cookies

Still haven’t done this, but I’m pretty sure it’s on the Sunday/Monday agenda. Here we go!

2: Decorate Christmas Cookies

This really should be under the same heading as baking, but I tend to do my cookies in “steps.” So part one is really measuring of ingredients (helpful the day/night before baking), then bake and the following day, we decorate. I have done everything on one day, and of course it can be done, but sometimes it’s nice to do the task in steps so as not to feel “stressed.”

3: Buy (ALL) the Gifts

Yeah, this still isn’t all done. *sigh*

4: Decorate the Tree and House

I’ve mostly got the tree decked out (I mean, don’t we all add things here and there), but the rest of the house is pretty bare. Which in some ways is how I like it. I’m more of a minimalist décor-ing girl. If I can get away with it, I just think it’s more elegant, and prettier, too.

5: Pull out the Tiny Room Tree

Still haven’t done this, but I did decorate a shelf up there, so there’s that I suppose.

A GOOD KIND OF CHRISTMAS TO-DO CHECKLIST. Looking at the Christmas 2020 to-do list of tasks! Text © Rissi JC

6: Shoot some Festive Bookstagram Photos

This is something I REALLY do need to try and accomplish since I’ve basically ignored the heck out of my Instagram page in these past many months. I become increasingly more disinterested in social media the more I see what it’s doing to my tiny little page and the more read what they’re doing. All in all, it just doesn’t feel like a “good” or certainly not an authentic (speaking of the techno aspect, not the people) place to hang out.


Ok, so this really isn’t a “to-do” thing since it’s about fun, but yeah it’s definitely a part of my season. What have you seen this year?

8: Wrap all of the Presents

Gotta’ get the presents wrapped in their own festive-ness!

Pretty sure I am missing some tasks, but there we have it. What about you? What’s on your annual Christmas to-do checklist Anything big, little, new? Favorite traditions? What’s your décor style like Comment all of your tips and ideas down below!


A GOOD KIND OF CHRISTMAS TO-DO CHECKLIST. Looking at the Christmas 2020 to-do list of tasks! Text © Rissi JC

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