Certain subjects are scarcely spoken of on this space. This is by choice. A choice I am 99% of the time completely comfortable with. One of these things is “hot topic” issues. Despite the claims that this suggests a person is “tone deaf,” I do not subscribe to that belief. I have opinions; I’m aware of current events, and I speak on current events. I just choose the who I speak to about these things. That said, today I do want to write about social media, not so much on opinions (I’m doing this next week), but more on where you can find Finding Wonderland on social media.

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To understand why I’m writing this, I should give some perspective, but since a full publication on the “why” behind my social media opinions is coming, I don’t think being repetitive is helpful. What I will say for now is my disillusionment of big tech social media has been happening for a long time now, longer than its big explosion in recent weeks.

That said, I’m just writing this as a collective place where you can find the places Finding Wonderland is currently on (especially since I cannot figure out – it won’t work the way the theme’s instructions tell me, how to change and/or update my links with this theme; does anyone know how to do this?? If so, let me know!). Every platform Finding Wonderland was on is still currently out there. I haven’t deleted any page… yet. Here’s a breakdown of where we’re at, and what it may be in the future.

SOCIAL MEDIA STATUS AND WHERE TO FIND FINDING WONDERLAND. Talking on where to find Finding Wonderland on social media. Text © Rissi JC
  • Facebook: I do have plans to delete my FB page. I’ve wiped its posts, but am leaving it while I decide if I want to keep it up purely for the sake of the name, and leaving it with my explanation/opinion post for anyone who visits there.
  • Gab: I have some friends who really like this platform. I do have an account, but haven’t used it much because every time I go on, the little circle dial keeps, well, circling and I cannot do anything on the platform. That said, who knows. In the future, if things even out, I may use this more, which I wouldn’t be opposed to. Gab is a Twitter alternative.
  • Goodreads: I haven’t used Goodreads much for a long time now. I still try and make sure I’m publishing reviews there, but usually it’s in batches so that when I go on their page (which by the way is owned by Amazon), I am submitting multiple reviews that I’m behind on sharing.
  • Instagram (@FindingWonderlandBlog): This is a more recent page I added specific for Finding Wonderland. It may stay in play for now, but I haven’t given it much thought.
  • Instagram (@Rissi006): I’ve been falling farther and further away from this page for MONTHS now. Anyone who follows me there knows I post less and less as the weeks go by. Makes me sad because I used to LOVE this as a creative outlet, and while I still love chatting with the people here and conversing about books and fun things, I don’t like where Instagram (owned by Facebook) is going; and their privacy policies continue to be more invasive.
  • MeWe: So far, I’ve been on this social media space (of the newbies) the most. I quite enjoy it thus far, and am liking the conversation WAY better. The book community is small, but I also like the idea of being newbies over there and seeing the numbers grow and shape a book community over on this space. MeWe is a Facebook alternative.
  • MeWe (Reader Group): On MeWe, I created a Finding Wonderland Reader Group, and again, it’s been fun. We’re small, but I’m loving that and having way more fun with it than ever I did on FB. If you’d like to join or are thinking about it, please do. I’d love to converse about bookish things!
  • Parler: Of course, as likely anyone knows, Parler was shut down after Amazon refused to host it. It’s not back, but seems as if it’s still undergoing a few changes.
  • Rumble: I don’t know that Rumble will be a “permanent” home for Finding Wonderland’s videos, but for now this is where I’m housing my 2021 videos. Rumble is a Youtube alternative.
  • Twitter: Still pretty active here although I don’t use the desktop Twitter anymore because I am NOT here for their “trending news.” Either way, right now, if you’re on Twitter, I’m still here and trying to be more “present” chatting with people because that’s my favorite.
  • Youtube: I just published a video saying I will not be on Youtube any longer. It’s a decision I thought about a lot and I was nerve-wrecking to create a video saying this, but at the end of the day, this is what feels right and genuine to me.

I also do want to state that, again, these are all things I’ve thought about continuously for weeks now. It wasn’t a waking one morning and being like, I’m no longer going to use x, y or z social media. No, this has been on my mind for a LONG time. Some platforms longer than others. But I’m no longer cool with their privacy policies. I still want to talk about FUN things, and the SAME things, so moving for any other reason isn’t motivation. But again, I’ll get into more of that in the follow up post.

For now, I just wanted to share where I’ll be, and hope to chat with you on some of these places. In the meantime, comment your thoughts down below. I’d love to respectfully chat with you, whether we agree or not.


SOCIAL MEDIA STATUS AND WHERE TO FIND FINDING WONDERLAND. Talking on where to find Finding Wonderland on social media. Text © Rissi JC
SOCIAL MEDIA STATUS AND WHERE TO FIND FINDING WONDERLAND. Talking where you can find the website on #SocialMedia. #Youtube #Twitter #Alternative Click To Tweet

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  1. I love your statement on choosing who you speak to about current events, etc. I agree. I think discussions are better done face to face with people one cares about. Social media opens the door for speaking without love.

    1. Well said, Beckie. I agree; we should care where and who we talk about in regards to these things. I also hesitate talking about current events (in addition to MANY reasons) because I know how I feel when that’s ALL I see everywhere. I like to think this can be a place where, if someone wants that, readers can visit without being bombarded with current event topics, preached at, or seeing unkind things, etc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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