‘Burden of Truth,’ Season Three: More Solid Storytelling


One of the Canadian shows that is easy to binge-watch, the show returns with a third season with a case that reminds of season one’s unwinnable lawsuit. burden of truth season three

Burden of Truth, Season Three (2020) TV Review

It’s been over a year since Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) returns to Millwood for the one man who’s ever managed to sneak beneath her emotionally protective layers and see her. Now, along with Billy (Peter Mooney), the pair run a boutique law firm called Crawford and Chang in the city. They’re a new firm with few to no clients, and to add insult to injury, they lose their first case. Joanna is unhappy to have lost for the first time, all while unaware, Billy is keeping a secret of his own, one that will affect them both.

Coinciding with all of this is an invitation from Joanna’s old friend Diane (Nicola Correia-Damude). She wants Joanna and Billy to return and attend their school reunion, an event that also reunites Joanna with her childhood best friend, Kody (Sera-Lys McArthur). Troubled in her teens, and through the early years of her own kids’ lives, Kody is now clean. On the same night, an anonymous tip leads to the apprehension of Kody’s children, and from there, they go into foster care. This keeps Joanna in town, and gives her an unexpected new crusade.

TV FILM REVIEW | ‘Burden of Truth,’ Season One: A Good Legal Drama
‘Burden of Truth,’ Season Three: More Solid Storytelling. Reviewing the Canadian CW transplant with Kristin Kreuk. © Rissi JC

I don’t know much about the vision behind this show. However having watched these three seasons in relative succession, I can say, it’s a solid drama. It’s unlike most legal dramas I’ve seen, and it’s certainly a character driven (at least in part) show; especially with Joanna’s stifled emotional capacity and the respective terrible pasts both she and Billy have. We continue to sift through all of this, even three seasons in. Plus, this season begins approximately a year after season two.

I really do love Billy and Joanna together (still) despite all of the emotional damage both cannot get past. Billy is like a tonic to Joanna, and with exception to her sister, he’s the only one who can calm her or really understands what and when she needs something. Most everyone from the cast is back including Luna (Star Slade); Owen (Meegwun Fairbrother); Sam (Paul Braunstein); and Taylor (Anwen O’Driscoll). The writer’s do a good job of making them all fit in this story (which lasts the entirety of the season), though I will say, season four really does need to get new bad guy.

Despite the fact that a fourth season is airing, this season does end in a hopeful and almost conclusive way. It’s moving and heartwarming and for those of us who like it, a happy way to end. That said, so long as the writer’s don’t mess with this image, I’m always ready for more with these characters; they’re flawed and broken in so many ways. Still to their credit the writers do offer them healing throughout this season, and I love it. Plus, the romance between the leads? It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and all around, fabulous. The writers have a good grip on what a relationship between these two would look like, and it works.

The mystery part of the story (or the legal case) does wrap up in an almost anti-climactic way, but I’m fine with this because it allowed the writers to create that more emotional conclusion. If you like legal dramas or anything you’ve seen with these actors before, watching Burden of Truth, season three should be on your list of potential binge-watching. It’s another solid installment in this TV series.

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‘Burden of Truth,’ Season Three: More Solid Storytelling. Reviewing the Canadian CW transplant with Kristin Kreuk. © Rissi JC
‘Burden of Truth,’ Season Three: More Solid Storytelling. Reviewing the Canadian CW transplant with Kristin Kreuk. #TVshows #GoodTV #GoodShow #KristenKreuk #DaretoDefy Click To Tweet

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Content: this one is a pretty clean TV-14 show. There’s some minor profanity here and there; addiction is a part of season three, and there’s some minor innuendo. There’s details of corruption.

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