With each new block of programming from Hallmark I find myself curious to rank the titles and see where they wind up in my ranking of favorites. This year I’ve been keeping up decently with the new titles and so I’ve been ranking them in the year they air rather than doing a bulk list for previous years. As it just past February, our rankings this go round include the five titles they debuted in the month and so we begin our 2021 Love Ever After rankings.

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Of the five titles set to air this past month I had one in particular I was the most excited for, and then some other titles that I was more excited about than others. Needless to say sometimes my idea of a new favorite doesn’t exactly pan out as being a favorite. Regardless if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my many years of watching this network, you’re always sure of a cute movie. Some of these work better than others, but they are all indeed quite cute.


Listed from least to most favorite

5: Playing Cupid

NEW FEBRUARY 2021 HALLMARK SCHEDULE: ‘LOVE EVER AFTER.’ Sharing the five new (to Hallmark) movies airing in February! Text © Rissi JC

This is one I thought I’d like more than some of the others. Its bright promotion and premise made me excited, not to mention its reference to Jane Austen. It’s not bad at all, but there’s something missing that I just couldn’t shake while watching the title. (Plus I think the production is less impressive.)

4: Beverly Hills Wedding

Another one that has its flaws and almost seems as though it may have worked for a ‘June Weddings’ title, but nonetheless, seeing Brooke D’Orsay play her usual organized self is always fun and this almost feels like a story that hints at some Emma plots, one of Jane Austen’s most rom-com stories.

3: Mix Up in the Mediterranean

In all honesty, this and ‘Beverly’ are probably essentially tied. The one thing that MAY edge this one out a bit is its setting. I always love to “feel” like I’m in some place that is completely foreign to me!

2: It Was Always You

I liked… but also didn’t like this one. It’s got a good premise, but again, something seems to be holding it back from being AMAZING! I love Tyler Hynes, so I don’t think it’s that. There’s just something that didn’t endear this (which I feel like Hallmark hyped as their “feature” in this line up) title in the way I wished it did.

1: Valentine’s Again (2017)

As a film from several years ago that until now didn’t air on Hallmark Channel, I did not expect to enjoy this film. Add in one of my least favorite tropes (the same day over and over again) and I wasn’t hopeful. But this film is sweet. It’s got the perfect balance of romance and realism (this part of the film “feels” way more accurate as it ends on the promise of “something”) and while some things are a tiny bit repetitive it holds the audiences interest.

Your turn! How would you rank these titles? Do you have a favorite? Or did any of these titles surprise you? Comment all of your thoughts below; I’d love to chat with you.


RANKING THE 2021 ‘LOVE EVER AFTER’ HALLMARK ROMANCE. Looking at all five of the 2021 Love Ever After rankings. © Rissi JC
RANKING THE 2021 ‘LOVE EVER AFTER’ HALLMARK ROMANCE. Looking at all five of the 2021 Love Ever After rankings. #LoveEverAfter #Romance #Hallmarkies #Hallmark @HallmarkChannel Click To Tweet

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