Sometimes, much as I adore the comforting, lighthearted movies, a good thriller movie is in order. Crisis Point might not be the best thing I’ve seen, but it’s also not bad.

Crisis Point (2012) Film Review

A degree in criminal psychology makes Cameron Grainger (Rhona Mitra) something of an expert when it comes to dealing with the criminal mind. It also makes her the top hostage negotiator for the Detroit PD. Today her case involves a teenager who has three hostages and makes plans to rob a small convivence store. Cam talks him out, only something goes wrong and this becomes the case that haunts her.

Liam  McNeil (Marc Menard) is the one detective who tries to encourage Cam to return. She good at what she does and he knows, just as she realistically does, out of all the cases they work, there’s bound to be a bad ending. She still needs time and so she takes it; both from being a negotiator and teaching the skill to students in her university teaching job. Instead she spends time with her sister and tries to figure out what comes next. Things go bad when she’s pulled back into hostage negotiating in the most personal way.

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If you’ve ever seen any of the Lifetime adaptations of Nora Roberts’ novels, this reminds me of those, specifically High Noon. (Which is likely due to the heroine’s sharing a profession.) This is one of those low budget kind of films that you go into not expecting much. Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty good if you like these types of films. The kind that put their viewer on the edge of their seat.

Basically the film takes place in two “big sequences” or moments, if you will. Because of this, it moves a bit slowly with little else to break it up. That said, it’s also a pretty emotionally charged film considering its reasoning for these “big” things and not to be underscored is the cast. I don’t know any of them in the sense of recognition, but they’re all quite good in their respective roles. Mirtra has an “edge” to her acting that makes her good in this kind of role and Menard plays off of the energy well. Basically everyone is good.

Those of us who like a thriller kind of movie sometimes may find Crisis Point to be a good option. My mom, who’s an avid mystery story person, really liked it and while the pace could pick up here and there, the intensity of the cast and interesting story makes it work any flaws.

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‘CRISIS POINT’: AN UNEXPECTED & UNDERRATED GOOD TV THRILLER. Review of the 2012 Incendo films title. Text © Rissi JC

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Content: There may be some minor profanity (nothing bad). One person is shot and killed. There’s multiple tense situations.

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