One thing I am is very much a supporter of the military and law enforcement. Today is not just a new day, but is Memorial Day. So, the question what does this day mean to you? Memorial Day is a day to honor and remember those who, as one Instagram quote say, remember those who did not make it out of their uniform. And what a privilege it is for us to do this. What a gift it is for us to be able to do this. Today, I want to, in some small way, share this, a letter of gratitude.

Dear Soldier,

A LETTER OF GRATITUDE. Sharing thoughts on this Memorial Day 2021 and sharing gratitude to our soldiers who continue to stand for America - for US. Text © Rissi JC

It’s Monday May 31 2021. This, for many us, may be exciting or something to anticipate. It’s a day that I personally am excited about because something I’ve been anticipating is launching. It’s a day for many of us to have a holiday off and allow for a three-day weekend. The day is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor you, and your comrades for the sacrifices you’ve made.

Though it’s not enough, if I could say something to you, I’d say this.

I don’t personally know the pain of saying good-bye to someone about to deploy nor do I know the pain of missing the next hello. That is a life I don’t know and I can never fully understand.

My life is normal and simple. Sure some days are a little tough, maybe I do something that makes me uncomfortable, but in a day to day kind of way, life is fine. Through the years, there’s been laughter and good times, some tears but mostly good. All things that don’t matter in the life that is separation, difficulties, every day fear, training and sorrow.

I hope you know that I, my family and thousands like us, stand by you. We honor your sacrifice. We remember.

What I do know is that, forever, I am eternally grateful.

I’m grateful that, all those years ago you stood by the country to uphold and protect its Founding. Gratitude that extends beyond just today.

Thank you for standing up for America yesterday, and to all those continuing that legacy today, thank you.

I’m grateful today and every day for this.

With sincere gratitude,

A Grateful American

Happy Memorial Day

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From the Union Army defeating slave owning confederates, to the Greatest Generation and her Allies vanquishing the Nazis or our special operators hunting down the perpetrators of 9/11. We count the names of each fallen solider lest they be countless. They are the good guys. They run to the sound of gunfire. They know pain and suffering we never will. – Chris Pratt


A LETTER OF GRATITUDE. Sharing thoughts on this Memorial Day 2021 and sharing gratitude to our soldiers who continue to stand for America - for US. Text © Rissi JC

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