Creativity is one of my favorite things. It’s where I find work and hobby joy, and I find myself always wanting to explore something “new” in the creating space. This may be putting together unusual colors or “stacking” textures and seeing what backdrop it makes. All things you can do without needing a reason on spaces like Instagram. But lately, those places are less about creative and conversation and more about complaints and account holder censorship. One of the songs I listen on to on repeat made me think and wonder where kindness on social media has gone.


When I started to care more about what my Instagram page would look like, I started to post book themed flatlays. Now I just post graphics which aren’t the “cool” or wanted thing on the platform.


A few weeks ago on my Instagram I asked the question, WHY can’t we be kinder? The lyrics that inspire this is from Tim McGraw’s song ‘Humble and Kind.’ As I listened to the song, the images that form are of learning from grandparents, chasing dreams and feeling the pride, never taking life for granted, and through everything to always stay humble and kind.

On Instagram (or insert any social media platform), I’m seeing so much human scolding. By this I mean, in people, not news cycles. It’s in the bigger communities of influencing and now, even the relatively small bookstagram communities. It’s terrible. I said it in my post and I’ll say it here (and time again), I am not a person who believes in peace as in “let’s all agree.” This is not the world we should want. But I’m genuinely curious, where has kindness gone?

WHERE DID KINDNESS GO? THOUGHTS ON THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Chatting about the lack of kindness on social media. All text © Rissi JC

Recently, with the sudden influx of accounts popping up to hold influencers “accountable,” I’ve had conversation with the account about how I disagree with what they’re doing and their assessment of an influencer. I also find some of their conclusions to be sort of passive aggressive. (Additionally, I think some of their source material potentially unreliable.) However, though I disagree with how they go about this version of accountability, the two of us in DMs had calm and rational discussion. They shared their perspective and process and in turn, they were also kind to allow me to share my opinion. I don’t think either of us felt the other was being disrespectful in our conversation. Sure we disagree, firmly, but that’s okay. We still had good conversation and though I didn’t change my mind, I appreciate that they had the conversation.

Why isn’t there more of this on Instagram? Or just kindness on social media anywhere.

My answer is simple. Everyone should be kinder. Don’t lash out at someone you disagree with. If you want to have a conversation with them, HAVE it. Take a moment and open conservation, in a respectful way. Or simply NAVIGATE away from their page. That unfollow button is a BEST friend on social media. I’ve used it recently without sending the person some sort of “how dare you say this; that’s wrong” message. If you cannot do any of these, then there’s perhaps something we should check about ourselves.

Cliché though it may be, we should all be kinder. We shouldn’t lash out over something or at someone we don’t agree with.

If we cannot be nicer, than I’m more sorry about humanity’s state than I already am.

No matter what culture says, kindness is never overrated.

What are your thoughts on the topic of kindness on social media; do you agree, disagree or don’t know yet? Do you see anything positive on social media? Is there a movement that is all about support for bloggers or creators? Comment all of your thoughts below. Let’s chat about everything!


WHERE DID KINDNESS GO? THOUGHTS ON THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Chatting about the lack of kindness on social media. All text © Rissi JC

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  1. I have to admit, I don’t see a lot of meanness on social media – I avoid Twitter, and my IG is pretty small, so it doesn’t attract a lot of attention! But, I know it’s there and I wonder the same thing – why do people always feel the need to say the nasty comment or just be rude? Like, who is that helping?

    1. Well said! I agree, “who is that helping?” Twitter is 100 kinds of mean. Or what I observe it is. I’m seeing lots of it right now on Instagram and it’s so unpleasent. I’m not sure why I’m so heavily invested since it’s not directly aimed at my account or anything, but I just feel like it eventually affects everyone, and no one should have to deal with that in their life. Unfollow the person if you don’t think they’re being honest or you don’t agree with their beliefs, and move on. I think we’d all be happier if we did. :)

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