No secret is ever made of the fact that I respect and appreciate the sacrifice and nobility of those who wear the uniform. It’s something I hope they feel from the majority of America, from the people they continue to protect. As we’re in the middle of the Memorial Day weekend, something else was planned for today, but at the last minute, I realized the weekend cannot go by without posting something more in line with the weekend we’re celebrating, and hopefully, reflecting during. So as a bit of reflection, and mostly fun, let’s look at 8 fictional military characters. Partly because I love a good uniform, but mostly because of what they represent.

LIST | 20+ of the Movies to Binge-Watch & Celebrate Armed Forces Day
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These names certainly aren’t ALL of the characters I’d put on a list such as this, however as this isn’t my most organized publication, I’m keeping things smaller. Plus, we also know that part two lists are pretty popular here as well. That said, let’s get to our weekly subject.


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From: True Devotion, by Dee Henderson

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the characters of this military series – at all. That’s just how long its been since I read the books. However, I do know that the books always evoke good memories and thanks to a fellow reader, Charity, I’m reminded that these characters deserve a spot. Find on Amazon


From: Acceptable Risk, by Lynette Eason

Don’t remember all of the specifics of this novel, but do remember that this guy is a pretty dang good hero! Find on Amazon


From: The Mentalist

I’m not sure why I’m adding this character because, honestly, his former military service isn’t played up. That said, I just love this character and as I’m re-watching The Mentalist, adding his name is like an uncontrollable TV fangirl compulsion. Plus I do like, despite the rule-breaking (usually for a good cause), that’s he’s a really good guy and find his backstory interesting, too. Find digitally on Amazon Video


From: NCIS: LA

THE BRAVE! 8 OF THE BEST FICTIONAL MILITARY CHARACTERS. Putting a spotlight on a *few* of my most favorite military characters. All text © Rissi JC

For some reason I always forget that Sam served in the military. Perhaps because he isn’t active duty? I don’t know. Either way, Sam has been (up until last I saw him) one of my most favorite characters on TV. Hope that will continue. Find on Amazon Video


From: JAG

Love this character a lot! Sure, he’s rather full of himself, but when it counts, I think he’s where he needs to be. Find on Amazon Video


From: Walker

THE BRAVE! 8 OF THE BEST FICTIONAL MILITARY CHARACTERS. Putting a spotlight on a *few* of my most favorite military characters. All text © Rissi JC

Perhaps adding Micki is a bit premature since anytime I make a character, I do like to know quite a bit about the character. Sometimes they disappoint me, but so far, what I see from this character, I like Micki. She’s spunky and I’m intrigued by her relationship with her now not-so-casual boyfriend. Find on Amazon Video


From: MCU

Cliché or not, I’m likely always going to include Steve on any military theme list. He’s, without question, one of my most favorite military characters (and just fictional person in general). Fellow fangirl, Charity agrees! Find on Amazon Video


From: The Tox Files, by Ronie Kendig

I’m breaking my own rule including Cole because I haven’t met him yet. However, Nicole gave him a shout-out on Instagram (when I asked last week) and so I’m including him because a: I trust that he’s a great guy and b: he’s from a Ronie Kendig book! He cannot be anything but good. Find on Amazon

Thanks to Charity and Nicole for the names and shout-outs for Steve, and Cole as well as the Dee Henderson series.

To our military, thank you for stepping up every day. We’re grateful. No amount of gratitude will ever come close to showing how much, but all I can say is, thank you. I haven’t forgotten your service or sacrifice.

Ok, let’s hear your thoughts! Which military characters are your favorites. Any REALLY good ones I neglected to feature? Drop their names below so I can meet them! Which of these have you met, and like (or dislike)? Comment all of the things below.


THE BRAVE! 8 OF THE BEST FICTIONAL MILITARY CHARACTERS. Putting a spotlight on a *few* of my most favorite military characters. All text © Rissi JC

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