When it comes to reading, I find I have patterns. As a pre-teen and young teen, I was kind of obsessed with reading to the point of blocking everyone out and burying my nose in a book. As an adult, I cannot focus for lengthy periods of time without becoming uncomfortable (not sure I’m ready to admit this may be because I’m getting old) in a mental sense or losing interest. It’s not because (or at least not in a normal case scenario) I’m not enjoying the novel. Rather I think it’s more because I have routine and a time to start my day and when it’s that time, my mind starts to think about all that needs to be done in that day. Whatever the reasons are, simply put, I’m here to chat why I’m not reading as much.

Normally my reading tapers during the seasonal months of November and December. That’s just fact, but usually, things pick up after that and this year I was hopeful because I’m not working on the INSPY program. But this brings us to the truth of my reading: it’s terrible right now. If you watch my rambling book haul videos, you know this is true, and it’s kind of a problem. Or at least that’s what my I-must-read-more-books mental headspace tells myself.


I’m not entirely sure I can completely answer the why of my tapered reading. It just happened. It’s been something growing through the years because I like to do other things. I like to cook sometimes. Other times I want to (like would be a gross mischaracterization) go on a 3+ mile walk. Certain days I want to binge favorite TV shows (something that I enjoy; but this is also something my mom and I like to do together, and these things are important to me). Then there’s the day when I get to have good conversation (a far more important pursuit). I have content to create and things to write for this space. All of these things, like reading, take time. Some if not all of these things mean something, and I want to invest time in them.

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One thing I have been doing for likely five years, is requesting less from publishers. At first, I think this was hard because getting a book in the mail from an author or publisher is exciting. But when I request a book, I also believe it’s my obligation and polite to review the book in a timely manner. That just isn’t something I can always give to a book right now. As a result, I’m selective with the books I request and accept.

Sometimes people assume I’m not a reader because I don’t read many books.  That’s ok. That’s their opinion.

Sometimes people likely get annoyed with my remarks on reading slow. That’s ok, too. This is how I read.

I know that I do get enjoyment from a book. Sometimes that may look different than everyone else’s reading habits, and it may even be drastically different from my prior habits. But this is ok.

Life changes and with it, we too are bound to change or if not change, our lifestyle changes. I know that reading has undergone drastic changes through the years. Whatever the reason, I still enjoy the activity; I just don’t read as many books. Through these years, I’ve also worked really hard to hone in on what I best enjoy.

As I learn this about my reading habits, I’m trying to adopt the quality over quantity lifestyle. I’m learning that I’d rather read two books (a month) and thoroughly enjoy them versus reading 14 books and forget their names or the characters. It’s a learning process but one I’m happy to be on.

Perhaps in the near future I’ll start to read more books in a month or maybe I’ll remain in this pattern, but whatever the number, it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment.

What are your thoughts or opinions on reading less? Have your habits changed? Let me know in the comments.


QUALITY OVER QUANITY: WHEN YOU DON’T READ AS MUCH. Talking about my new height of "turtle reading" & why I'm not reading as much. All text © Rissi JC

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  1. The last couple months my reading has really slowed down. It feels weird to take more than a couple days to read a book, but that’s ok. Readers are readers whether we read 12 or 100 books a year!

    1. For sure, Angela! I’m having to teach myself that just because I only read 40-50 books in a year (vs the 100+ I see many read) doesn’t mean I don’t still love reading. :)

  2. I’m a fast reader. But there’s a drawback to that. Some times I finish a book and a week later, I can’t remember details about it. I don’t really get to savor the story.

    1. I get that. Sometimes if I haven’t read a book (for several days), I’ll forget what just happened. There’s definitely pros and cons to both. I have ZERO idea how some of these readers read 20+ books in a month! My hats off to those who do, but I’m coming to realize that just because I don’t doesn’t mean I don’t still love books. It just means that’s how I read and enjoy. :)

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