CBS debuts a new sitcom in 2021 that’s all about ghostly things. All while hoping it’s a friendly experience, helped by a friendly cast of quirky characters. ghosts season one

Ghosts, Season One (2021) CBS TV Show Review

Moving out of the city is something Sam (Rose McIver) thinks is a good idea. This idea fueled by the house she inherits from an older relative. Her husband, however, doesn’t. He’s even less enthused when he sees the dilapidated old home. Sam envisions a bed and breakfast while Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) vehemently opposes Sam’s hopes. He wants to sell this place that will cost them far more than they have, all while both are unaware the house is also home to some unwanted visitors.

After a near death experience in the house, Jay changes his mind realizing how close he came to losing her, and Sam returns to the house to discover she sees ghosts!

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This is one of those cute shows that has lots of quirks and “fun,” but also one I’m trying not to fully invest in considering most TV shows today disappoint more than entertain. Still, most of the characters are fun. There’s the free spirt, hippie chick Flower; the straight arrow (but really not) Isaac; former Viking Thorfinn; and the prim and proper former lady of the house Hetty, played by Mentalist recurring guest Rebecca Wisocky. Plus, of course, there’s Sam and Jay, both of whom I like so far.

If I had to compare this show to something, it’d be similar to Pushing Daisies (though that one is far more heartwarming and sweet); or even, if you liked McIver in her last TV outing iZombie. I haven’t seen the most recent episode, but did enjoy the ones I’ve seen. For now, I’m just trying to be conservative in my thoughts because I tend to want to like something that often disappoints. I miss quirky TV like Pushing Daisies because it has this unique ability to creatively tell a story while also tugging on the heartstrings.

If you want to give something new a chance that’s not a crime show, you may enjoy Ghosts. Fun fact, the two men who developed this for U.S. TV (this is originally a British comedy) also had a hand in producing shows like New Girl or the short lived Fam. This one isn’t perfect, but there’s a sweet kind of charm in certain moments and the cast is mostly fun characters.

You can find Ghosts with a Paramount+ subscription, or with Hulu (at publication)


‘GHOSTS’: THIS IS ONE EARLY IMPRESSION OF THE CBS COMEDY. Rose McIver leads the cast in this 2021 CBS comedy. All text © Rissi JC

Content: so far, there’s lots of sexual innuendo and crude terms. A man asks a woman not to correct his peers when they use a sexual term (unaware they are) because it’s “all I have.”  There’s other minor profanity, but nothing terrible. The whole theme is about ghosts, and it’s implied at least one character is homosexual (there’s several crude references to support this).

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