‘Queens of Mystery’: One of the Most Fun Acorn TV Shows


Mystery series are my jam. Whether it’s the proper period dramas that pair best with that perfect cup of tea or cozy contemporary series, they have as yet to outstay their welcome on my TV screen. The latest find, Queens of Mystery, is an Acorn TV original about a young woman named Matilda Stone (Olivia Vinall). Mystery has followed Matty since she was three years old when her mother mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Raised by her three aunts, Matlida follows in their footsteps as a Detective Sergeant in their local constabulary.

You see, Matilda’s aunts, Cat (Julie Graham), Beth (Sarah Woodward) and Jane (Siobhan Redmond) are all mystery fiction writers. Only trouble is, on her first case living in her hometown, Matlida finds she must name her aunt Beth as a suspect when an author in competition with her for an award is murdered.

Queens of Mystery (2019) Acorn TV Review

Everything I’ve seen from Acorn so far is top-notch quality. Sure, some hook me from the first moment whereas others don’t really appeal to my preference when it comes to story, but what I cannot argue is the superior production merits. Queens of Mystery is one of those series that I didn’t know about (or only in passing) until browsing my options on the TV screen. The fact that it was a mystery and British meant I clicked “watch” and settled in.

This 6-episode series is broken into three mysteries that works out to a 2-part per mystery pattern. It works really well, and keeps the audience more invested (I think) by leaving the primary cast the same, but then rotating in new guest players throughout the three mysteries. Many of whom you’ll recognize from iconic British productions or more recent fan favorites.

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‘Queens of Mystery’: One of the Most Fun Acorn TV Shows. A charming Acorn original mystery series not to miss. #QueensofMystery #TVShow #British #AcornTV Click To Tweet

This makes everything more fun to watch and guess where everyone is from, plus the primary cast is wonderful. Vinall is a new face, but she plays the role very well, and the more veteran actresses who play the aunts are as funny as they are good in the roles. There’s also a super cute little would-be romance that is “barely there” but is something we’d like to see play out. Or at least I would.

To support the cast and their respective characters is the small town village life setting. Everything from the quaint homes to Matty’s small work office, there’s all kinds of cute things about this Acorn original. This one is another winning production that is for me impossible not to enjoy. The beat of the drama has a kind of quirky affect that brings everything together in a neat and ideal charming production. queens of mystery


‘Queens of Mystery’: One of the Most Fun Acorn TV Shows. A charming Acorn original mystery series not to miss. Text © Rissi JC

Content; There’s some violence, but nothing worse than any other mystery series like this. There is also some innuendo; implications of past affairs, and one woman prefers same-sex relationships. The show is TV-14 or -PG depending on the episode.

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