When it comes to the specifics of my childhood, I don’t remember all that I loved or read. However, I do know one thing I was obsessed with is American girl. From the dolls to the books, I was obsessed with them, and enjoyed the American Girl books. Now it’s more about the favorite reading memories that we hold onto, which is, quite conveniently our topic of discussion today.


When I do think back on childhood reading, these are some of the books I think most about. Of course, there are others as well which is why I’ll share three “seasons” of books from my childhood reading life. The first of which being American girl because let’s be real, they do hold a special place in my heart.


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One of my fondest memories about this company is the American Girl catalogs. (Yes, that used to be a “big deal” kind of thing.) These weren’t just small catalogs either. They were PACKED with new things, classic things and almost life size images of the dolls. Each and every time I’d get one in the mail, I’d pour through them, and at a certain point in my childhood, one of the things we did was save our pennies with the eventual outcome of buying something out of the catalog. It was, needless to say, fun times. Something I didn’t have to save pennies for were the books the company published since there were frequent gifts at Christmas or birthday’s.

Probably the first stories I would have either been read or read myself from the company were books like Meet Samantha (which I’m realizing just now that the first books about the doll is no longer a “meet” book), Meet Molly (box set, book one)or Meet Kirsten (box set, book one). Later that would transition to books that were mysteries about characters who were not dolls, and some mysteries that were about the dolls like Kit, Samantha or Felicity. Needless to say, I spent many hours with my nose in an American Girl book.


These books by C.S. Lewis were not books I read when likely most other people did. In fact I was probably closer to legal “adulthood” than not. Still, they have fond memories even if not in the prime of childhood because I remember being so impressed with the first novel, and then being further impressed with how the film adapted that novel, and of course, they’re special because the fam and I read them.


When it comes to “adult” books, probably the first I read were Janette Oke. Books that are, basically, by and large prairie romances with little to no “adult” subtexts. However, if we’re talking more “adult,” I think that would have to go to historical romance author Lori Wick.

Wick wrote multiple different time periods within the historical fiction genre including regency and World War II. She wrote an English Garden series that, at the time, I loved and also a regency series (the Kensington Chronicles, book one) that had all of the swoony romance in the stories – and naturally, I was here for it all.

love comes softly 40 years later

While Oke’s books don’t have the same appeal to me now, in terms of their genre or storytelling, I do have nostalgic feelings for them because at one time I loved the simple prairie romance stories. Additionally, some of them were books I read with my family and so of course, those memories mean a lot and have a special place.

What about you; what are some of your favorite reading memories of books or as a reader? Did you talk about events you went to? Authors you met? Books you read? Have you read any of these? Did you like any of these? Comment all of your comments down below.


FAVORITE AMERICAN GIRL BOOKS AND OTHER READING MEMORIES. Remembering my younger days of reading! All text is © Rissi JC

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  1. I actually never got into American Girl as a kid, I’m not sure why! And I didn’t read The Chronicles of Narnia until I was an adult, but I do love that series!

  2. When I first got into the American Girl books, there were only three girls: Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. When I was like 11, Felicity arrived. I loved those catalogs, and even saved a few! So many good memories of scrutinizing them. I wasn’t able to have one of the actual AG dolls, but I got a different (much smaller) doll I named Samantha and made many, many dresses for.

    Now, my kids all love the American Girl books too! We’ve read so many aloud together, and they’ve delighted in the newer ones as well.

    1. I loved these catalogs SO much, Rachel. I poured over them as a kid. I used to have the catalogs in an OLD dresser drawer, but I think I finally threw them away. There’s only so many things I can hang onto – and I still have my dolls/clothes/books from the company, so… :) That’s so neat that you can re-share the books with your kids now. Special memories for sure.

  3. My daughters loved the American Girl books, too. I remember being irritated with the library that they sorted the books by author instead of my theme. My daughters had to run around looking all over the place to find the next book in a doll series because all the books weren’t written by the same author. Obviously I’m still upset about it. Ha! Some bookish moments

    1. Oh, no! That is annoying! Especially when most readers probably only knew the books by the titles. Hope the library changed that system. ;) Thanks so much for visiting, Anne.

  4. I love Narnia so much. And that’s awesome about the American Girl books. We have several of them and I’ve always been impressed with them.

  5. I loved the American Girl books when I was a kid too! I used to love getting the catalogs as well. I had the sets about Molly, Felicity, Samantha, Kirsten, and Addie. They were definitely favorites. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

    1. Oh, those American Girl catalogs and the MEMORIES! They used to make my days as a kid. ;) I had (actually still do) the sets for all you mention too… I think. I cannot remember for sure. But that sounds right. Thanks so much for the visit!

      1. I had my sets until recently. I gave them to a friend’s daughter who loves reading. (My boys like to read but the American Girl series didn’t interest them! :) )

        1. Aww! That’s awesome. Love that there’s another reader out there enjoying them. I feel this way about the books I didn’t care for or won’t ever read. I hope that SOMEONE will find them and love them. :)

  6. My mother-in-law introduced my older daughter to American Girl dolls and she became OBSESSED. She loved the dolls, all the accessories, and the books. My younger daughter could not have cared less about them! I still have several large Rubbermaid tubs of their AG stuff in storage. Someday, I’ll make the girls either sell all the stuff or pass them on to their own kids.

    Happy TTT!


    1. My grandmother spoiled me with birthday and Christmas American Girl gifts. It was a super special thing she did and she would also make the clothes from the patterns. :) Hope your girls pass them on. It’s a fun memory. I’ll have to someday make a decision about all of my stuff too. It’s stuffed in my closet for now. Thanks so much for visiting, Susa.

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