Taking a popular 80s movie story and gender bending it, The Wedding Date isn’t a famous comedy, but if streaming ratings are an indication, it does have a fanbase.

The Wedding Date (2005) Film Review

Hoping to appear confident and most of all not wanting to be alone, Kat (Debra Messing) is about to attend her sister’s London wedding. Her nerves are haywire over the prospect of going minus a plus one. This because her ex, the one who broke her heart, is best man. This inspires Kate to hire someone to play her date.

Her date-for-hire is the self-assured, charming and good-looking Nick (Dermot Mulroney). Unlike his usual dates, there is something about Kat that draws Nick in, only trouble is, their relationship is a business contract which means there’s rules to follow.

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A 2000s era comedy that isn’t as famous as some of its peers, The Wedding Date often feels like one of the forgotten movies. Whether its well liked or not I don’t know but it has its moments. Like anything in the genre, it has questionable morals and issues. Using Pretty Woman as a kind of inspiration only this time with the man being the one receiving payment, the concept is familiar.

What makes this one work is the cast. I think Messing and Mulroney are good together and there are these rare sweet moments that make us appreciate the film. I think the film’s big flaw, speaking solely of the production, is there is really no set up. The film just begins and asks us to know things already. Most of all, I really like the film demonstrating that everyone (expect one) learns something. Whether they do or not isn’t the point. This is fiction and within those confines, we can see them all living better lives as a result. The Wedding Date isn’t the brightest of its genre, but it’s still cute.

You can stream The Wedding Date, at publication, with Netflix


'THE WEDDING DATE’: CONTRACT ROMANCE REVEALS TRUE LOVE. Debra Messing stars in the 2005 comedy. © Rissi JC

Content: there’s lots of kissing and caressing. One scene is a man “feeling” and caressing a woman. Two people sleep together. We see them making out and removing clothing. The next morning, they’re lying together, sheets half covering them still naked. One extended shot shows a man nude from behind. Talk of affairs and cheating is part of the conversation. Nick is referred to as an escort and prostitute. There’s British slang like “shag” and others. We here other more common and standard PG-13 profanity.

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  1. I liked Pretty Woman (though morally not quite the best), so this movie intrigues me. Thanks for the great review, Rissi! I’m going to go watch it! :)

    1. I know what you mean, Alison. And I’ve seen Pretty Woman a few times. Definitely not the most moral movie, but it has its really charming moments and I like that it has reflections (the makeover aspect) of “My Fair Lady,” too. I watched that SO many times as a kid.

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