One of the early 90s movies that I had never seen, this unusual comedy has some funny humor and is the perfect late summer night kind of movie. dont tell mom the babysitter’s dead

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991) Film Review

Summer stretches ahead of her with little responsibility. For Swell (Christina Applegate), this is the best part of her mother leaving for two months. The bad news is, she’s being pressured to attend college and Swell has no idea what she wants to do in adulthood. All she plans to do is enjoy summer and let her younger siblings look out for each other. Things start to go wrong when first her mother hires an older woman to be their babysitter, and the woman has some strict rules. Next, the babysitter turns up dead!

When the five kids learn they’re alone and have zero money, things are going to have to change. But the question is, how are they going to survive?

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This is one of those comedies that will be fun for some and others will find ridiculous. I’m in the former camp. It’s definitely hardcore 90s style with its humor and of course the fashion, but it’s a good time and best of all, is a film that has conversation and connection over texts and digital messages. There’s a sweet scene with Swell and the cute guy who crushes on her that’s all about some conversation which I love. Primarily, this film is just fun. You won’t like it if you don’t like films like Second Act. Just because, the primary focus is a character lying.

There’s some good humor and furthermore humor that is actually funny because it didn’t have that startling ring of truth that affects today’s culture. The whole husband-and-wife-but-actually-brother-sister fight scene is actually quite funny too, and the actors play it well. Christina Applegate is good in this and I like the direction her story takes, especially since I didn’t expect it. You’ll also see Joanna Cassidy, plus young David Duchovny and Josh Charles.

I think this one is lots of fun. It’s not the best progression, but I appreciate that changes it shows in the characters and how they grow and realize what they have to do. It shows them learning some responsibility and certainly finding some maturity. This is something happy to see since it helps us enjoy the characters more and feel as if they kind of shed some of their bratty aptitude. If you want something entertaining, this film is sure to provide this.

You can see Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, at publication, with Hulu.


Content: there’s several scenes of teens smoking drugs. A much older man tries to woo (terribly and comedically so) a woman much younger than him (he just doesn’t know how much younger). There’s some making out and kissing. There’s a mention of having sex and some crude humor. A child falls of a roof and injuries himself. There’s various shenanigans playing for laughs like moving a body and stealing money. There is an f-word and other common profanities. The film is PG-13.

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    1. It was SO fun. Made me laugh throughout. Plus it’s always fun to see an actor I’m used to seeing in a “famous” role or something different in one of their early roles. :)

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