Like anything I’ve seen recently from this filmmaking era, this one is funny in parts but doesn’t always use its story the best.

Fletch (1985) Film Review

Working on a big story about drugs, Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher (Chevy Chase) is keeping busy and trying to meet the deadlines his boss has. But what he doesn’t expect while working on a drug ring story is the wealthy businessman named Alan Stanwyck (Tim Matheson) to make him a proposition. All he’d have to do is murder Stanwyck, for money and a first-class ticket, of course.

This proposition intrigues him, but what Stanwyck doesn’t know is Fletch is actually a reporter. This sets him on a course to do what he does best, investigate the businessman and find out, why he’d hire someone to kill him.

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The premise of this film is both funny and interesting. Its primary is comedy, but it has just enough mystery to keep the viewer engaged and guessing about what’s around the corner. I will say, I don’t think the film sets up in a way that allows it to showcase its potential. We kind of just meet Fletch and it feels more like we’re supposed to know exactly what he’s doing and who he is. That can work, but I don’t think this one does it well.

Still, for the most part, this one is fun. I like the humor and the fact that this was a film made without the same tiptoeing some movies use today, and I think Chevy Chase, if you like that sort of humor, is his usual funny shelf. What is most fun about the films is the many names and professions Chase takes on as Fletch in order to investigate his story.

Mostly this is one of those movies you can watch, laugh at, turn off and forget about. It’s not something you need to ponder or wonder over its bigger picture messaging or try to pull some sort of meaning from. It’s just fun and has those hints of mystery that keep the viewer entertained. Plus, if you’ve seen Virgin River, it’s also fun to see Tim Matheson in one of his early roles.


‘FLETCH’: ANOTHER COMEDY FROM THE 1980S. Review of the 1980s Chevy Chase comedy. All text is © RissiWrites.com

Content: there is the implication of a married character sleeps with someone else. Ther’s a few “winking” type innuendos but nothing terrible. Some of the humor or jokes may annoy, but overall, I think this one isn’t terrible “bothersome” in the content. There’s talk of murder for hire. We learn someone is has two lives with two families.

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