One of the 2022 movies to debut on Hallmark, Moriah’s Lighthouse has one unique factor, but then falls into the usual tropes.

Moriah’s Lighthouse (2022) Hallmark TV Film Review

Someday is the resounding promise Moriah (Rachelle Lefevre) makes to herself. Someday she’ll own and restore the lighthouse that was an important part of her family’s life. Until then, she works as an artisan designing furniture and restoring pieces. All this she does while being happy and content in the small French village she’s lived nearly her whole life. Emotions run high and things grow complicated when American architect Ben (Luke Macfarlane) arrives in the village with some contracted plans that could change things…

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This film has, like anything, plenty of cute things and scenes going for it, not the least of which is its setting. I do really like that this takes place in a French village which I think is fun and more interesting than small town USA. I also have seen and like the actors in their respective and various prior Hallmark roles. However, this is kind of where my enjoyment for this one ends.

I don’t really like our titular leading lady. Her creativity is unique and it’s cool to see that part of her, but beyond this, I think she’s immature. Her feelings for wanting the house and lighthouse have validity, but I think the way she reacts is immature and I also think the eventual story of wanting this makes her reactions even less credible. The film also really plays up over-the-top romantic dramatics, which is not my thing. I’m not sure if this is because they think it fits with the French setting or the writers just wanted to, but whatever the case may be, that part is too much.

For most, I am sure this will be a charming watch. It has all of the same elements (romance, family, misunderstandings) that make these films recognizable. And that is likely reason why most everyone will find this one another enjoyable journey to go on.


🌊🐚⛵‘MORIAH’S LIGHTHOUSE’: A VILLAGE WHERE HISTORY MATTERS🌊🐚⛵ Luke Macfarlane stars in this 2022 film. © Rissi JC

Content: nothing to note outside of the usual TV-G rating. There is talk of a man (in the past) falling for someone before he married, and there’s a few kisses.

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