We all know and recognize those Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp and even The Hutchback of Notre Dame, and we most certainly know all about the remake of The Little Mermaid. But what about those movies that do have that recognizable Disney opening, but maybe we have forgotten about them or we didn’t even know about them? Recently while I was putting together something else, I was reminded of all of these Disney films that, long, long ago, I watched and enjoyed at the time. This brings us to today’s list of forgotten Disney movies.

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This isn’t, like anything here, some sort of comprehensive list and I know I’ll miss some I kick myself over later, but these are some of the titles that fit this topic. There are also countless Disney movies I know nothing about because they’re of the older genre and I haven’t found them anyplace or been introduced to them. But what I love best about these I am collecting is that most are movies that were just that, movies. They didn’t try to fits x, y or z agendas or stir the feathers of one side or the other. That alone earns them browning points. Most if not all are television films that aired as part of the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. So let’s get our research hat on and dig into which ones fit in nicely with this topic, and which ones you can still find on the Internet.



The musical one of the bunch, this one has Victor Garber as Daddy Warbucks in this heartwarming classic story about the orphan Annie who dreams of her parents finding her.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this Raven movie, but have heard of it and now many enjoy this one. Find, at publication, with Disney+


This 1997 version may be lesser known, but unlike some of these titles, I do think this one has a passionate following. I saw it years ago, and cannot remember details though I’m sure I liked it at the time (because I went through a whole fairy-tale phase) and I’m sure if I were to watch it again, I’d enjoy, while also recognizing some of its flaws. Find, at publication, with Disney+


Years later, I did see this one again, but when I first saw this film, the young me was quite enchanted with it. The older me isn’t as much so, and I also recognize how simple it is from a production value, but still, if you like fairy tales, this one is a more unique perspective on the Cinderella fable. Not readily available; search Youtube or obscure streaming sites for a video version, but if asked to pay, steer clear


A starring vehicle for sisters Aly and AJ Michalka, this is one of the comedies I watched years ago. It’s silly, but also something I’d revisit if I wanted something minus any substance that would require I think about what’s going on. It follows the sisters’ playing sisters who lose their privileges and must work for the things they want. Find, at publication, with Disney+


The third and final initial film under Lindsay Lohan’s three-film Disney contract (beginning with The Parent Trap), Get a Clue features Lohan as a teen who becomes an amateur sleuth. Find, at publication, with Disney+


Alyssa Milano stars in this as a woman who takes on the gold rush in a world dominated by men, and the many struggles she encounters along the way. Not readily available; search Youtube or obscure streaming sites for a video version, but if asked to pay, steer clear


Did anyone else see this movie as a kid? It follows two dogs and a sassy cat who make a trek across the country in order to reunite with their family. It’s a cute movie if you don’t mind movies about animals (which sometimes I don’t).


It’s been so long since I’ve seen this one I cannot remember details. But it’s one I have on VHS so that should tell you all there is to know.


Another one I have never seen, this one features the Lawrences (Joey, Andrew and Matthew) playing cousins who get stranded on an island. Find, at publication, with Disney+


Before pink became the cool thing this summer with Barbie, Disney produced this TV film featuring Tyra Banks as a doll who comes to life, all with the goal of helping a girl who’s emotionally hurting. Check online obscure streaming sources for a free place to stream, but if you are asked to pay or download, don’t use that site.


Perhaps wanting to bank some on the whole twins thing, this TV film featured Maggie Lawson as two girls who share a striking resemblance and decide to swap lives. Not readily available; search Youtube or obscure streaming sites for a video version, but if asked to pay, steer clear


This is one of those movies that is, like most of these, really sweet and cute. It’s about a boy who meets a cute girl, gets the date and then realizes the girl, well, she lives at the address of one very important big white house. Not readily available; search Youtube or obscure streaming sites for a video version, but if asked to pay, steer clear


Likely with the idea they’d produce more, the Disney brand produced this single film also featuring Maggie Lawson in the titular role. In this one, the usual suspects appear, but Nancy is a college student, and she has more flirty time with a detective than she does Ned. Not readily available; search Youtube or obscure streaming sites for a video version, but if asked to pay, steer clear


Before she was Elizabeth Swann, Kiera Knightley plays the feisty daughter of Robin Hood in this entertaining flick. You’ll also recognize Stephen Moyer.


Hayden Panettiere stars in this film as a girl with a broken parent relationship. Find, at publication, with Disney+


Kirstie Alley stars in this film about, as the apt title would suggest, a woman who must live as a tooth fairy!


I’m not sure I ever saw this one, but I think I want too. It’s about a woman who performs daring acts and if I had to guess, deals with some challenges along the way. Find, at publication, with Disney+

How many of these did you see? Did you grow up watching any of these? Which ones should I re-watch or watch for the first time? Let’s talk about all of these and see which ones we like best. Fill up that comment section.


DISNEY MOVIES YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT (OR HAVE FORGOTTEN). Talking Wonderful World of Disney + other forgotten Disney titles. © Rissi JC

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  1. I adore The Journey of Natty Gann and Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken! Both so nostalgic to my childhood. The actress from Natty Gann also performs in another obscure film with Tommy Lee Jones- April Morning, about the beginning of the Revolutionary War in Lexington. Oh, and you know who the drifter who helps Natty is? John Cusack!!!

    1. Isn’t it fun to watch these old movies and see these popular stars of today or our growing up years act in obscure roles?? I always find that part of discovering an older movie so fun. :) It’s been YEARS since I saw ‘Natty Gann’ and you’re making me want to re-watch it. Also… I need to watch ‘Hearts’ even if only because the actress in it starred in the TV show ‘Burn Notice’ which I watched back in the day. :)

  2. I was hoping you would say Model Behavior! I’ve looked for streaming a few times, but can’t find it, sadly. You didn’t even mention that guy in it 😂 he’s not dreamy anymore. Did you know it used to be a book.

    I also really liked My Date With The Presidents Daughter & Life Size.
    There’s this other one I liked I thinks it’s called Wish Upon A Star. Where the sisters switch place.

    1. I think “Model Behavior” is pretty hard to find right now. I do own a VHS copy though so that tells ya’ how long it’s been since I’ve seen it. ;) I think you can find some of these on obscure streaming sites so maybe there’s some luck there! I’ve seen “Wish Upon a Star,” too!! I think that one has Katherine Heigl, right? Always so fun to talk about these and realize the people in them are popular stars of today.

      1. I recorded Model Behavior the first time it was on TV, lol! It was a cute movie, I’ve wondered if I similar premise would work today in a book. Instead of a model she’d be an influencer.

        Yes, with Katherine Heigl. It was a fun movie.

        1. I like your premise for a “Model Behavior” of today! It might be fun to see Disney either give some of these a wider release or remake some of them. Or even somewhere like Netflix. Either way, so much fun to revisit some of these. I started (re)watching Katherine Heigl’s movie a while back on Amazon but haven’t finished it! Now you’re reminding me I should. :)

    1. I should re-watch Life-Size somewhere because that one is fun! Did you ever see the sequel? I never watched that one. So many of these were fun and made me realize how many of these were favorites. :)

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