If you think this is something that sounds familiar and as if you’ve seen it years ago in a nostalgia kind of way, chances are, you’re thinking of the novel by the same name. And yes, Along for the Ride is based off that novel.

Along for the Ride (2022) Netflix Film Review

Pushing herself to be someone different, someone her high school graduating class wouldn’t recognize, Auden (Emma Pasarow) decides she’s spending summer with her father (Dermot Mulroney). This all in the hopes she can reconnect with a father she doesn’t really know. The thing is, he’s remarried with a new baby and he’s writing a book. All this means there’s little time for the two of them. Auden keeps to herself mostly, letting her guarded and awkward personality guide her, and instead throws herself into helping Heidi (Kate Bosworth) both with her baby sister and Heidi’s store.

Then Auden meets Eli (Belmont Cameli). Cute and a little bit reckless, something about Eli pulls Auden to him. Maybe it’s just that they’re both insomniacs, but whatever it is, she finds, with this boy, perhaps the thing that’s been missing.

🚲‘ALONG FOR THE RIDE’: THE PERFECT END OF SUMMER ROMANCE ADAPTATION🚲 Review of the 2022 #Netflix adaptation of #SarahDessen's novel. Click To Tweet

It was last year when first I read a novel by Sarah Dessen, and this is the one I read. I know many readers adore her novels, and it’s actually kind of strange I never read anything by her since I do love contemporary fiction. While the novel was fine and the story equally fine, I didn’t fall head over heels for the book. When the film dropped I did intend to watch it, but why do that when you can put off doing so until another year?

From all that I remember, Netflix does a good job with this as an adaptation. It “feels” very much like the novel with likely some changes. There isn’t as big a deal made about Heidi and how that relationship came to be. Similarly, the explanation of Auden being out at all hours isn’t as prominent. I think the film and director, screenwriter Sofia Alvarez still captures the essence of the story. While not always the most mature (because of age), I do enjoy these young adult adaptations. They’re (most the time) quite fun and the kind of silly and light-hearted viewing we need sometimes.

What I do like about the film outside of its obvious and very fun summertime effect, is that the characters are a little bit older. It makes their choices and what they do a little less annoying because they aren’t juniors in high school. I also think Auden is someone universally easy to relate to. At least I hope so. How she second guesses or scolds herself post social interactions just feels so easy to get. Like I’ve been there and while not fun, hopefully we do grow from it. This also makes cheering on the joy she finds so much better. Those who enjoy adaptations of young adult novels or just cute and easy viewing summer movies will enjoy Along for the Ride. It’s one you can turn off your brain power for, and thoroughly enjoy.


🚲‘ALONG FOR THE RIDE’: THE PERFECT END OF SUMMER ROMANCE ADAPTATION🚲 Review of the 2022 #Netflix adaptation of #SarahDessen's novel.

Content: There is some teen “partying” though none of the scenes last too long. A girl makes out with a boy and there is speculation about them “hooking up”; jealous girls watch when she leaves. There is other make out scenes, but none are terrible. The film has a TV-14 rating and feels more authentic to that than most with the rating. There is one character who is interested in another person the same as their sex. There’s a use of the f-word.

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