Featuring some unusual elements with a cast we might not pair up, Love Again is inspired by a novel but makes its own story.

Love Again (2023) Film Review

Letting go of the love of her life is hard for Mira Ray (Priyanka Chopra Jonas). She cannot imagine moving ahead without him by her side, and yet, two years later, this is what her sister insists she do. After hiding out at her parents’ country home, her sister pesters her into returning to their shared apartment in the city, where Mira has deadlines and work to confront. Yet all she wants to do is tell John about everything she’s feeling, doing, and wanting…

Struggling in his own work, Rob (Sam Heughan) doesn’t really want to be a music critic anymore. At least not in print the way his boss continues to assign him work. He wants to host a podcast. His boss, however, isn’t so keen. Instead, he tasks Rob with writing a profile piece on international star Celine Dion. The singer is about to go on an American tour and the New York paper wants her featured. Half-hearted Rob tries to write the story only to impress no one including the subject of his piece. Then, something quite unexpected changes him…

🧡❤️💛‘LOVE AGAIN’: A CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE THAT’S QUITE HEARTWARMING💛❤️🧡 Review of the 2023 drama with #PriyankaChopraJonas and #SamHeughan. #Review #Reviews #MovieReview #MovieReviews #Movies #Romance #Adaptation #CelineDion Click To Tweet

This is one of those movies that you tag as “unusual.” This is just for the fact of how large a role producer Celine Dion plays. Much of the film is set against her iconic music and her self-played character is also a big part of the story. This is what feels most “out of place” and curious in a film of this genre. Regardless, there is still something about this film that allows it to stand out from its recent peers. Imperfect, yes, but somehow better than I assumed.

Based on the German novel Text for You, the book was translated into English and even has a foreign adaptation from 2016. While this does depart quite a bit from the novel, and the film doesn’t capture quite the same mood of the novel, I think the film does “enough” to still be the essential story. Everything is different down to names, relationships, and careers, but there’s still enough of the same.

Part of this is owing to, I think, the cast. Sam Heughan is of course best known now as Jamie Fraser in the popular Outlander show. How I know him is from a role before his household name status as a prince in a TV film, so it was quite fun to see him play in a contemporary like this. Likewise, I’m very impressed with Priyanka Chopra Jonas in this role. She plays it well. There’s emotion and sorrow and guilt, all while she additionally taps into a more playful side that makes her Mira fun. I also adore the banter between the leads. It’s just the right comingling of confidence and nerves which I think is more honest and endearing than most romances. Additionally, this has one of those “I like you” moments which for some reason I love.

Finally, I love the way Rob loves Mira. Not necessarily the “how” of it all, but just the way he cares, and shows her he really likes her. His reactions and actions towards her. I think it all just works, again, likely because of its two leading stars. Between cooking disasters (so cute), comfortable footwear, and plenty of kisses, somewhere along the way, Love Again is a very suitable romance.

At publication, you can stream Love Again with Netflix.


🧡❤️💛‘LOVE AGAIN’: A CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE THAT’S QUITE HEARTWARMING💛❤️🧡 Review of the 2023 drama with #PriyankaChopraJonas and #SamHeughan. #Review #Reviews #MovieReview #MovieReviews #Movies #Romance #Adaptation #CelineDion

Content: there’s an implied sex scene (we see them lying in bed together, sheets strategically placed). A woman makes a bet that if she wins she can “have her way” with someone. Other sexual jokes crop up like the use of suggesting someone get some “vitamin d” in reference to having sex. There’s lots of making out and a man makes out with a woman in a car, running his hands everywhere. There’s a use of the F-word and several of shit. Someone dies in the first ten minutes; we don’t see, but we hear it and see the reaction of a witness. The film is PG-13.

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Rissi! My daughter and I wanted to see “Love Again” in the theater, but missed seeing it before it left. So glad that it came to Netflix! We REALLY enjoyed it. Both lead actors played heart-felt and endearing roles. It was a sweet love story with a winsome twist. I enjoyed seeing Celine Dion in the movie as well. She had some fun comedic moments. This may be one to buy for our movie archives, :)

    1. I really enjoyed this one, too, Alison! Something about it is just so heartwarming in a way that is rare to find in today’s cinema. :) I too enjoyed the leading characters and it was fun hearing so many of Celine’s popular and beloved songs as a backdrop to it all.

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